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Chapter 34

After Ye Heng spoke to Ye Zhou in the evening, he was very understanding and no longer “harassed” him. On the contrary, it made Ye Zhou a bit uneasy, not knowing whether he should be disappointed or relieved.

The next day after lunch, Ye Zhou didn’t go back to his bedroom. Instead, he sat in the living room and absentmindedly browsed through the magazine in his hand. Because Ye Heng was home, Mother Ye turned a blind eye to him “not attending to his duties” like this.

Soon after, it was time for Ye Heng to depart. Ye Heng only came back for a day and didn’t bring any luggage. However, the Ye family still didn’t mind the trouble and insisted on sending him to the airport.

Since he’d promised Ye Heng, Ye Zhou no longer declined their invitation and followed them out of the house, making the Ye family’s parents completely astonished.

Listening to Mother Ye exhort Ye Heng along the way, Ye Zhou looked at the scenery out the window and couldn’t understand why Ye Heng wanted him to send him off.

At the airport, Father Ye began to nag Ye Heng. Ye Zhou stood to one side and suddenly had some sympathy for Ye Heng. It also wasn’t easy to be the treasure in their parents’ hands.

Ye Heng lifted up his wrist and, looking at the time, said, “Then I’ll go first. You take care of yourself at home. Don’t be too strict with Zhou Zhou. He’s an adult, and he can make his own decisions on a lot of things.”

Ye Zhou, who’d always been standing behind them, saw that Ye Heng was about to turn away and stopped him. “Brother, take care of yourself too.” This was the greatest concern that Ye Zhou could express right now.

Ye Heng was very pleasantly surprised. He walked in front of him a few steps, touched his hair and whispered behind their parents, “My work may be transferred to A City at this time next year. When I come to A City, take me to see your campus.”

Ye Zhou nodded and said, “Okay.”

Ye Heng forcefully rubbed Ye Zhou’s head before reluctantly withdrawing his hand. “Then I’m gone.”

Also not knowing whether Ye Heng’s words worked or not, after Ye Zhou returned home, Mother Ye didn’t tell him to read books and such. But Ye Zhou also knew that this was temporary. It wouldn’t take three days for things to revert back to the old ways.

The day before Lunar New Year’s Eve, most of the final grades came out.

Ye Zhou saw the news in the class group and couldn’t wait to log on the campus website to check it out.

On the other side, Shang Jin, wearing headphones, was playing in an instance. Suddenly, his clothes was yanked down.

“Big brother, candy.” The three-year-old little loli, Shang Youyou, had a candy in her hand and insisted on putting it in Shang Jin’s hand.

Shang Jin thought that Shang Youyou wanted to eat it but couldn’t open it. Then, he took the candy and opened the wrapper, putting the candy in front of Shang Youyou’s mouth.

Having the big brother she liked feed her candy, Shang Youyou immediately forgot that her original intention was to give her favorite candy to her big brother, opened her mouth and put the candy inside. Because she moved too fast, her mouth accidentally touched Shang Jin’s fingers.

“Youyou!” Qin Fei walked in, carefully looked at Shang Jin, picked up Shang Youyou and said, “How many times have I told you? Don’t bother your big brother when he’s busy.”

Shang Jin wiped his hand with a paper towel and picked up his headphones to put them on.

“Shang Jin, I’m sorry. Youyou is still small and not sensible, going into your bedroom without permission. She didn’t disturb you, did she?” Qin Fei, because of her pregnancy, only carried Shang Youyou for a moment before putting her down, pulled her hand and said, “Quickly apologize to your big brother.”

Shang Youyou pouted her mouth, her whole face filled with unhappiness. But she still whispered, “Big brother, I’m sorry.”

Shang Jin stood up from his seat, crouched down, touched Shang Youyou’s face and said, “It doesn’t matter.”

This was the first time Shang Jin had shown Shang Youyou intimacy. Qin Fei stared at Shang Jin in astonishment, and Shang Youyou was obviously very happy. Her grievances just now were sweep cleanly away. Even while her mother led her away by her hand, she kept looking back at Shang Jin.

The door already closed, there was still a soft sensation in his hand, which made Shang Jin’s heart soften as well.

In the past, the relationship between Shang Jin and Qin Fei had always been very awkward. When Qin Fei joined the family, Shang Jin was already sensible. As the only son of Shang Qingping, Shang Jin naturally became Qin Fei’s target to curry his favor. Despite Shang Jin already being an adult and Qin Fei also having her own daughter, her attitude toward Shang Jin was still very cautious, and was the same even when she brought along Shang Youyou.

Just now, why did he suddenly reach out?

Shang Jin failed to realize that it was simply Shang Youyou’s aggrieved little face that made him think of Ye Zhou in an instant. He still remembered the question that Ye Zhou had asked him a few days ago. Ye Zhou himself didn’t realize that inside his heart, he liked his older brother and cared about his brother’s opinion of him. Was Ye Zhou to his older brother like Shang Youyou to himself: wanting to get close but not daring to get close? And the difference in how Qin Fei treated Shang Jin and Shang Youyou, would it have directly or indirectly hurt Shang Youyou?

Questions that had never been thought of came to his mind one by one.

【Team】Lasting love song sung for a century: Where’s the person??

【Team】Bowl of chow mien coming dear: Goddess? Where are you??

【Team】Lasting love song sung for a century: Shang Zhou?

【Team】Quack: Xia Shang Zhou is really as rumors say, occasionally fighting and fighting, will disappear out of sight…

【Team】Lasting love song sung for a century: If you have her skills and equipment, we can also tolerate you being so capricious.

【Team】Quack: I didn’t say anything.

Shang Jin’s mind returned. Just as he was about to return to the team, he saw his mobile phone screen light up. The class group was saying that the final grades had come out.

【Team】Xia Shang Zhou: I’m going to check my final grades.

【Team】Lasting love song sung for a century: The final grades came out. Don’t check it now but do it later, it can’t run!! Can’t we finish before checking it again?

【Team】Quack: You don’t understand this. It’s related to whether you’d fail or not~

【Team】Bowl of chow mien coming dear: The first time I think that goddess is also a person, also need to take final exams.

【Team】Quack: If you’re a student, you can’t escape the clutches of the exams. The working party laughs without speaking.

Shang Jin switched over to the web page and opened the campus website. Checking his school transcript, he directly took a screenshot and sent it to Ye Zhou.

Compared with his own grades, Ye Zhou definitely wanted to see his more.

Have to say, Shang Jin once again guessed Ye Zhou’s mind.

Ye Zhou was hesitating whether he wanted to find Shang Jin and ask for his grades, when he saw Shang Jin had sent him a QQ message.

Moreover, without the slightest greeting, it was a simple and crudely taken picture.

Seeing the picture, Ye Zhou was discouraged. He still didn’t surpass the other in the tests. Ye Zhou reciprocated and sent over his own grades.

Shang Jin: Invite me to a meal when school starts.

Wasn’t their agreement that the one who did well would invite the other to eat??

Ye Zhou: Do you have poor eyesight?

Shang Jin: I really tried my best this time, but I wasn’t able to shake you off.

A possibility appeared in Ye Zhou’s mind: if he hadn’t quarreled with Shang Jin at the end of the term, would he really have surpassed Shang Jin this time?

This idea didn’t last long. Ye Zhou shook his head. Even if it were so, there was no point in beating a Shang Jin who didn’t try his best.

However, due to Shang Jin’s words, Ye Zhou’s heart swelled slightly. He raised his head and his hand flew a lot more briskly as he typed.

Ye Zhou: The eight major cuisines, order whatever you want to eat.

Shang Jin: Eat at the canteen.

Ye Zhou: You have no goal at all.

Shang Jin: The canteen is the closest.

Ye Zhou held his forehead. He thought of something and holding a lucky mentality, Ye Zhou tentatively tapped on the keyboard.

Ye Zhou: Did you cover the little pedicab?

Shang Jin: [Automatic reply] Hello, I’m not present right now. I’ll contact you later.

Ye Zhou: ……

The next semester of their second year started relatively late. The dormitory door usually opened two days before the school started. Even if Ye Zhou wanted to go to school first, there wasn’t that option. He could only endure through the Lantern Festival at home and only then, take his luggage onto the trip back to school.

Ye Zhou dragged his suitcase, carried his schoolbag and took a large bag of preserved fruit to get out of the car. Thinking about the distance between the school gate and the dormitory, he missed the small three-wheeler.

Left through the winter vacation, exposed to the sun, drenched in the rain everyday, and also going through several snowfalls, he reckoned that the Shang Ye number would have gone through a lot of great changes…

Great changes…

A lot?

After half an hour, Ye Zhou was fifty meters from the dorm when he glimpsed a brand new little three-wheeler in the shed.

He rubbed his eyes, walked in front of the three-wheeler, three steps becoming two. Circling around it once, this unconventional body, these two chic words “Shang Ye”: one couldn’t find a second car in the world like this. Clearly before he’d left, the Shang Ye number had accumulated a lot of dust, but now it was clean and shiny.

Ye Zhou incredulously said, “Could it be that Shang Jin’s character had changed??”

However, once back in the dorm, Shang Jin broke Ye Zhou’s delusion.

“Ah?” Shang Jin was unable to make head or tail of it and said, “How could I have done such a troublesome thing?”

Ye Zhou choked, put the luggage in the dorm and took another look from the balcony. “Then who was it?”

Liu Yutian kicked open the bathroom door and roared loudly, “I know who it was!!”

“Eh, Ye Zhou, you guys are pretty good, inviting a bunch of conscripts.” Liu Yutian hadn’t finished yet when Wen Renxu returned from the outside carrying a water bottle. “It was this morning. I saw some classmates carrying small buckets and cleaning rags to wipe the car.”


“It seems that they didn’t fail the exam, so they came over to fulfill their promise.”

“How can that be, troubling others so much!”

“It’s very good, avoid troubling ourselves.”

Ye Zhou and Shang Jin spoke at the same time. Hearing the other’s words, their faces were filled with disdain.

Before the two people argued, Wen Renxu hurriedly said, “Everyone is doing it willingly, and it could also be considered spiritual sustenance. You two don’t quarrel, don’t be noisy and don’t tear each other apart is the greatest thanks for them.”

Liu Yutian finally took up the thread and said, “Yes, but this is also very good. No one would dare to intervene between you guys, simply putting an end to the hidden danger of a third-party or a fourth-party!”

Ye Zhou snorted, completely not taking them seriously.

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