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Chapter 94: You, I, Strangers – 13


After creating Aegis, Yu IlHan proceeded to enhance the dragon-hunter tools. Although he couldn’t make new Giant’s Rubber Bands without the Eternal Flame, he installed the dragon-hunter tools with what little rubber bands he had before strengthening them with the newly acquired dragon bones and leather.
Amongst those, what Yu IlHan focused on the most was the dragonhunter ballista, rather, it was more like a huge crossbow.

[Dragonhunter’s Frightening and Sturdy Dark python Ballista]

[Attack Power – 6,500]
[Options –

50% increase in attack power against dragonkin 40% increase in penetrative power Endures momentarily even if receiving shock beyond durability]

[Durability – 7,988/8,100]
[A large weapon optimized to hunt dragons. The sharpened thick and big dragon bones are used as the arrows, and up to 15 shots can be shot out continuously.]

There were a total of 6 ballistas he had made after investing 3rd class magic stones without holding back, and they could now shoot out continuously. To use them as soon as the barrier fell apart, he installed and fixed the ballista on the ground.

It was ridiculously difficult to load them even when he had deployed Superhuman Strength, but that wasn’t much of a problem since they would be reloaded automatically using the rebound force from when they shoot the arrows.

“Ignoring 3rd class ones, I need to start off by killing at least 6 4th class ones.”
[And you’re talking about 4th class ones here.] (Erta)

Yu IlHan attached ropes on each of the triggers of the ballistas and tied them up. This was for him to shoot all 6 ballistas at the same time when the barrier’s time was up.

“You think they’ll be able to survive with 15 big and beautiful dragon bones embedded in them?”

“Yes. But it’s alright. This is just the start.”

Each and every one of the dragons were monstrous beings that did not tire out even while endlessly casting magic and flying around. Would traps and landmines work on them? Not a chance.

There cannot exist a trap that can instakill a dragon. If it was possible, he would make around 30 ballistas and install them everywhere, but there were no more Giant’s Rubber Bands.

Then, what did he have to do? The answer Yu IlHan came up with was to give up on killing them and focus on tying them down in their places as much as possible.

Firstly, he installed the pillar & harpoon sets he made with Orochi materials around the place. Then, he went into modifying them. He focused on tying down the dragons as much as possible.

Naturally, he had invested the 3rd class magic stones on each of the pillars so that they wouldn’t budge even while the dragons rampaged around; the harpoons so that the dragons wouldn’t be able to pull it out even if they use all their power; and the ropes so that they wouldn’t snap no matter what the dragons did to them – whether it would be pulling, burning or freezing due to magic.

Such was the completion of the haunting ghost harpoon set.

“I’d tie them down with this, and kill the others.”
[I can’t even retort since your idea of tying 4th class dragons down with harpoons is too cool.] (Erta)

Was Yu IlHan’s mentioning of the Moby Dick all for this moment? – Erta ended up acknowledging him.

Embedding tens of pillars within the barrier area, Yu IlHan continued by creating grenades that worked through the explosion of magic stones, with the shrapnels of dragon bones he was left with after the crafting, and made quite a few pile bunkers that burst apart after a single shot in compensation for extremizing destructive ability, after considering that it was difficult to load them amidst of battle.

He did pour out 3rd class magic stones for all of that, but even that wouldn’t finish a dragon with a single strike. However, it would probably be enough to deal proper damage. Yu IlHan wanted just that.

Lastly, he made an insurance.

[Insurance?] (Erta)

It was unknown when a crisis may rise within battle. Now that he had already used the Hourglass of Eternity, shouldn’t he make at least one or two emergency escape bombs?

As such, He picked one grenade and one pile bunker and invested a 4th class magic stone on them. Even though they were consumables that would be gone after a single use!

[You are aware how valuable 4th class magic stones are, right?] (Erta)
“Of course, I do. But my life is even more valuable.”

The power within 4th class magic stones were incredible as he had expected. The destructive power of the finished grenade was near 9,000, and pile bunker was near 10,000. It was a pity that they would disappear after a single use.

It wasn’t that he hadn’t thought of making another set of equipment using 4th class magic stones and dragon parts, but not to mention his spear, as his armor had an increase in fire attribute option, it was specialized for fighting dragons.

To extract them, it was a loss since Orochi material were better than the dragon bones he had right now, and if he made a 4th class magic stone and other dragon bones to make a whole new equipment, its performance wouldn’t surpass the current ones even if they turned out to be epic ranked ones. This was the reason he had focused on making subsidiary equipment.

When everything was finished, there were 10 days left until the barrier time ran out. Erta checked the durability of the barrier before speaking to Yu IlHan with a nod.

[Now you’ve got every insurance you can make, right? There’s some time left, so get plenty of rest and simulate the battle.] (Erta)

[You want to use more 4th class magic stones?] (Erta)
“Not at all.”

As he didn’t know when he would be able to acquire any 4th class magic stones again when he went back to Earth, he had no thought on wasting them now.
Yu IlHan shook his head with a laugh, and spoke words that were incomprehensible to Erta, to an opponent that was incomprehensible to Erta.

“Orochi, you understand me, right? Why don’t we have a talk about the future?”
[Kroaaaaaaaaar!] (Orochi)

This was the moment when Yu IlHan commenced creating the ‘last insurance’ just in case.

When he finished doing everything he could, there was only one hour until the barrier time was up.

There was no meaning in training skills in that short time; wouldn’t it be better to just get some sleep?
-thought Yu IlHan while clearing up the furnace when he smelled a refreshing smell. It was something he didn’t feel until just a moment ago.

“What is it, Erta? Did you take out some food from your inventory? Don’t be stingy by eating alone and give me some too.”
[Huh, no. It’s that, I think you need to see for yourself.] (Erta)

To Yu IlHan who sounded like he was joking, Erta replied in a strangely concerned voice.
Now that he looked back, she had left Yu IlHan’s head and was flying around the place, and was now looking at the special material bucket that he had used to store dragon’s blood.

“That’s the bucket for the blood. I should clean this up and store it.”

“Over 900 hearts?”
[To be exact, it’s 965 of them.] (Erta)

Even while tilting his head at Erta’s stiff voice, Yu IlHan approached her and gave the bucket a glance.
There was a lake of transparent rubies.

“No, there’s no way jewels can become lakes.”
[Not at all. Your description is very suitable.] (Erta)

Yu IlHan rejected his own opinion on it, but Erta exclaimed at his expression of words.

It was exactly like that. Even though the dragon’s blood definitely looked black and unclear in the past, it had become a ruby-red liquid emitting light all by itself. It was probably the hearts that affected the blood, but there was no way of knowing the exact mechanism.
The aroma was from the liquid. Yu IlHan had no way of understanding what was happening.

“Please explain, Ertawagon.”

“You really don’t help, do you?”
[I’ve never gathered so many dragon hearts in one place before! I assure you that no other angels have done that either!] (Erta)

The retorting Erta looked so cute. If the Erta of the time when she just met Yu IlHan, saw this, then she would probably deny reality.

Yu IlHan patted Erta with a laugh, and neared one of his hand to the liquid that was emitting faint light. Erta became shocked when she saw that.

[Dragon’s blood is dangerous. It may perhaps have gotten even more dangerous.] (Erta)
“Don’t look down on my Extreme Poison Resistance I trained with the bloodrink.”

However, both Erta’s worry and Yu IlHan’s resolve were in vain. The liquid did not affect Yu IlHan’s hand in any way.

No, to be exact, there was a stinging sensation, but this was almost the same feeling as the bloodrink. Meaning, it was just extreme poison.
When his hand touched the surface of the liquid, a line of green text appeared on Yu IlHan’s retina.

[An alcoholic drink that was born after dragon’s blood was filtered and matured through numerous mana organs, which, as a result, had its poison neutralized, and had its life force and recovery power amplified. If one’s an owner of a body that is not affected by extreme poison, it becomes possible to recover health and a little bit of magic when consuming this. The dragons’ regeneration energy piled up through the years is plenty, so one would not need sleep.]

[You have created a drink that was never discovered before in any place! The skill, Cooking, increases by a large amount to level 49. The same cooking would result in better effects, and the possibility of thinking up a recipe by just looking at the ingredients, increases]
[You have created an alcoholic drink using the essence of dragonkin of at least 4th class. Although one would not be able to consume this without extreme poison resistance, its distinguished aroma and exceptional effects are all worthy of praise. You have the qualifications to name this alcoholic drink.]

Lightning flashed in Yu IlHan’s head. In fact, he didn’t understand exactly what had happened, but he might have discovered a good potion to replace bloodrink!

Yu IlHan and Erta named this alcoholic drink, ‘Breath’.
There was a total of 112 liters after the maturation process which concentrated the drink by tens of times. When he moved them all into cheer packs for ease of drinking, there was only 30 seconds to the end of the barrier.

[You’re ready, right?]
“Of course, this is a winning fight for me.”

Yu IlHan grabbed on the rope connected to the 6 ballistas, and retracted the barrier himself at the same time he pulled on the rope.

An explosive noise that sounded like the end of the world, ruled the space.


[Critical Hit!]

[The bones are…….. Khak!]

[Critical Hit!]

6 ballistas all spat out fire while attacking the dragons they were aiming for. Yu IlHan had a simple standard when setting the targets – ones that were close to him, and ones that were trying to cast magic.

His aim was not off even by a little bit, and the dragons fell to the ground helplessly after being hit by 15 continuous bone arrows without the chance to cast any magic.

[You have earned 1,099,384,055 experience.]

[You have……]

6 dragons instantly met their deaths and text blurred Yu IlHan’s vision but Yu IlHan didn’t care about it anymore.
After activating the ballistas by pulling on the rope, he immediately started throwing harpoons before the dragons that were sent out due to the barrier pinpointed his position. His movement was something that was impossible if not for the fact that he was sure of the results of his actions.

[Kyaaaak! You!]

[How can it be… Did he deceive our eyes!?]

Yes, please keep chatting on like that! Regardless of whether the dragons were panicking at the sudden change in situation or not, Yu IlHan did not stop until he threw all the harpoons he had set up beforehand.
Reta, who hadn’t entered the barrier, realized what had happened by then.

[You activated the barrier!] (Reta)

The dragons who panicked due to the sudden change in situation also finally seem to realize what was happening by the time their bodies were riddled with harpoons, as they tried various methods to cut the rope, or pull out the pillars in the ground, but if they were pulled out so easily, then Yu IlHan wouldn’t bother making them in the first place.

[His health has recovered! Just what happened just then!?]

[Like I said, we can’t kill him!]
[Dammit, cut this rope for me!]

The dragons were literally in a pit of chaos. A portion failed in their magic as their target instantly switched places, and another portion was struggling due to the harpoons, and some were casting magic in order to help those dragons, and caused team-kills while doing that!

[That’s foul play!]

Even within this chaos, never did Yu IlHan aim for a 3rd class being. They were just minor mobs that would be swung around according to the dragons’ movements. Even getting hit by them didn’t hurt so much, so he just ignored them.

He focused only on killing the dragons!


A harpoon thrown by Yu IlHan pierced a dragon’s left hip. The dragon rapidly decelerated while charging forward so it crashed into the ground, and into its own kin.

[Critical Hit!]

Dealing a critical strike using Spear of Untraceable Trajectory just before the dragon crashed on the ground, Yu IlHan ran away from the berserking dragon and threw yet another harpoon. This repeated several times, and the battlefield was falling into a chaotic mess due to the tied up dragons and the flames that they were spitting out.

If they had regained their rationality, they would have fought Yu IlHan more calmly, but Yu IlHan had driven the battle situation into the extremes by messing with their minds with the help of the ballistas and the harpoons.

The problem was that he was moving around while getting hit by all the flames that the dragons were shooting out, so he looked like he was about to die at any moment.

The hot-headed dragons fell into an illusion that they could kill Yu IlHan quite soon if they undertook a little more damage, and kept going overboard, and as a result, they were all tackled by harpoons and crashed into the ground.
Even though the person in question, Yu IlHan, was recovering his health while sucking on the Breath-filled cheer pack!

“Dang, this has high alcohol content.”
[Just what happened within the barrier?] (Reta)

Asked Reta dumbfoundedly after seeing a dying human playing around with tens of dragons.

However, Erta had no words to answer her. Even she didn’t expect this situation.

All she saw was that Yu IlHan worked on metalworking, and installing pillars connected to harpoons and installing the ballistas. Never did she think that all of that had been done with the help of meticulous calculations.

However, she was wrong. Even while metalworking, Yu IlHan simulated the battle many times, and deployed the harpoons and the ballistas according to those simulations, and meticulously controlled his movements after the barrier was dispelled in order to lead the situation to his predictions.

The two months that Erta thought about, and the two months that Yu IlHan had experienced were fundamentally different compared to each other. If she thought about recharging and enhancing equipment, Yu IlHan had created a sure-victory battle tactic.

He was now the ruler of the battlefield.
His innate talent and a millennium of hard work, shined for the first time through the body that had evolved through level ups!

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