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Chapter 91: You, I, Strangers – 10


Those ‘Destruction Demon Army’ guys were madmen who were satisfied as long as there was chaos and destruction, and it seemed that they were the ones who urged the dragons lazing around Dareu to exterminate the elves.

[It may sound a little weird for a dragon like me to say this, but Destruction Demon Army and the dragons really get along well. They wanted destruction, and dragons enjoyed power. Dareu underwent a cruel era until the elves met their doom.]

[To me, and to a minority of dragons who were thinking the same things as me, the revelation from the Garden of Sunset came down. The revelation to guard the elves in order to preserve the potential of this world.]

Up to here, it was a story that could be found anywhere. A story where the good and the evil are clearly divided, and one that ends in despair but contains faint hope!

The problem was that Dareu ended up connecting to Earth. It was a horrible matter that made Yu IlHan think up of Hollywood, that created a brilliant first episode, and was trying to fit in a 2nd by force.
Even though the only ones that succeeded with a ‘2’ attached to the end was just Termin*tor and Die H*rd.

[The Destruction Demon Army also noticed that. Of course, the dragons became to know of it as well. They were waiting until a path was opened to Earth. Yes, the Dungeon Break.]
“So if the dungeon was left sealed, the Earth might be doomed. huh.”

When Yu IlHan smiled bitterly, the dragon also twitched its facial muscles. She seemed to make a similar expression to Yu IlHan.

[The Garden of Sunset first saw this as an opportunity.]
“Because the dragons will go to Earth if they wait? Because the Earth will be doomed, but Dareu may survive?”

The golden dragon momentarily was at a loss due to Yu IlHan’s direct words. She was too embarrassed.
However, when Yu IlHan nodded his head, gesturing her to continue, she spoke again.

[However, a variable occurred. It was you, the representative of Heaven’s Army.]

Seeing a monstrous existence that wiped out the dragon army that once brought destruction upon a world, the Garden of Sunset felt a possibility. And they judged that it was time to change their indirect ways into direct ways.

[Thinking about it, dragonkin are in the end, life forms of Dareu. Even if they bring destruction upon Earth, they might return to Dareu. They won’t like it very much if they find elves when they come back.]
“So they will feel like when humans accidentally leave their houses with their city gas on.”

They wouldn’t have such problems if they lived in X* apartment! (T/N: Lost in translation, Xi apartment is quite modern, and therefore, has advanced technology built in it, one of those prevents gas leakage.)

[However, a possibility arose thanks to you. The possibility to destroy the Destruction Demon Army’s subordinates completely, and return the world to the elves!]

[So, let’s get into a party.]

The story came back to the beginning. Erta couldn’t help but ask.

[What do the Garden of Sunset want?] (Erta)

[Is it really just that?] (Erta)

Said Erta in a sharp voice.

[I’m an angel belonging to Heaven’s Army, Erta. I also had a few occasions where I clashed with the Garden of Sunset. And they were all because of unknown reasons too! I cannot believe that you are purely moving in order to save lives.] (Erta)
[However, isn’t it sufficient for us to have an alliance with just the facts stated just now?] (Reta)

Unlike Erta, Reta, who owed her life to the elves, was quite optimistic about this dragon. Although, there was no way her voice would reach the dragon, as she was only a thought.

[I find it reasonable that you’re suspicious of me. However, I do not want much in return. You just have to cooperate with us until we execute all the dragons belonging to Destruction Demon Army. Isn’t it what you were going to do anyway?]

[I do not believe that I will survive the battle with the Destruction Demon Army, but if I’m still alive, then, I’ll face you as much as you want. However, you shall not attack the elves. That’s the condition for this alliance.]

The desire to live was the fundamental desire for all living things, but she could say such things? Yu IlHan couldn’t understand her, but it wasn’t that he had never seen these kind of people.
Cult fanatics sometimes were like this.

If he found something wrong later on, then it wouldn’t be too late to point his spear at them at that time. It seemed that it was better for him to get into an alliance with her at this time. Erta also didn’t get stubborn. If Yu IlHan could be safer, then she would also prefer that.

“Good, I’ll cooperate. As long as the elves don’t bear their fangs at me, I have no intentions of harming them either.”
[Thank you! You really are reassuring!]

The dragon raised its body. Yu IlHan collected the harpoons and the pillars using his remote collection function, and asked while looking up to the dragon’s enormous body.

“Say, who are the allied dragons right now. I have to at least leave them out, right?”
[That will be solved if you get into a party with me.]

She offered her front claw. It seemed she was gesturing for him to grab it.

It was possible to get into a party with monsters! No, well, can they be called dragons when they have intelligence?

It would be a lie to say that he didn’t hesitate, but it was a little weird to reject the parth offer when they were in an alliance. Moreover, even in the same party, as the experience was divided according to contribution, Yu IlHan wouldn’t really suffer a loss.

Yu IlHan finished thinking up to that point immediately, and grabbed the dragon’s offered front claw. The feeling of his hostility being erased, and the feeling of being within the same fence as her, was quite the marvel for him.

[You have entered a party.]

[You have acquired the title, ‘Dragon’s Ally’. Damage from all dragonkin decreases by 15%, and attack power will increase by 15% when fighting together with a dragon.]

It seemed that dragons really were quite an amazing race, as he acquired a new title from just getting into a party with them. Ignoring the second half of the option, decrease in damage from dragonkin was a really helpful option.
But somehow, there were more party members than he thought.

[220 of those are 3rd class dragonkin. There were a little more, but you killed them all.]
“I couldn’t help it. At that time, all dragonkin were my enemy.”

Yu IlHan was firm. In fact, he did feel quite sorry, but he didn’t show it. He would lose out in this alliance then.

[……In fact, there are some in this party that only helped out the Garden of Sunset because they didn’t like Destruction Demon Army, so you could say that the uncooperative ones were the first to die. Anyway, you can’t point your spear at the party members from now on, ok?]

Yu IlHan obediently nodded and turned around. The dragon panicked and grabbed him.

[Let us go together! We just became allies, so why?]
“It’s more comfortable alone. You guys fight on your own. I think it’s also better for you that way.”

The dragon widened its mouth after hearing words that seemed like it was from a true loner.

[That’s definitely true, but just how strong are you for you to be so… No, well, you did wipe out half the dragonkin in Dareu, I have to acknowledge that but…… Will you really be alright?]

If he moved with the dragon group from now on, then it may really be comfortable in the short term. However, if he moved with them, then the kill number he could get will decrease, and the class advancement would be delayed just as much. Moreover, they could easily become a target if they moved in groups.

In contrast, if he moved separately, the target for the enemy would be divided and there would be less pressure on both sides, and as Yu IlHan would move alone, he could kill more dragons. Then, he would be able to complete his class advancement quicker.

This reasoning was only possible since Yu IlHan had the confidence in surviving against anyone.

[You really are a dragon-like man.]

[You are infinitely arrogant, and have the power to go with it. And you even enjoy solitude, so if that’s not a dragon, then what else is?]

It really was an insult!

[I understand. If you say so, then we will go along with your idea. However, we will eventually end up fighting in the same place. The dragonkin who received the revelations of the Destruction Demon Army are also starting to gather.]

Yu IlHan was also thinking something similar. Going alone against hundreds of dragons was akin to smashing a rock with an egg.
As such, he had to decrease their numbers as much as possible using the hit-and-run tactic, and only after he felt that it was impossible alone, did he plan to cooperate with the dragons belonging to the Garden of Sunset.

“Okay, at that time, I’ll look for you guys.”

Just as Yu IlHan took out some 3rd class magic stones and began asking Reta to activate the formation, the dragon spoke again.

[My name is Lecidna. Can you tell me your name?] (Lecidna)

[Yu IlHan. That’s a good name. It’s splendid.] (Lecidna)

Lecidna seemed to have more to talk about, but Reta activated the formation.
Yu IlHan didn’t even look back to her and commenced the transfer.

…And activated the formation again as he met an ally dragon.

“Dammit, is there no function to filter out allies when activating the formation!?”

[Th, the next one won’t be! I will activate it immediately!] (Reta)

However, only after he used over twenty more magic stones could he strike a non-party dragon, and it was the last dragon that moved around alone.

[Killing 4th class 958/1,000]

“42 more.”

Collecting the dragon’s corpse, Yu IlHan bit on a bloodrink.

“So from now, it’s many vs 1.”

Even the enormous quantity of bloodrink had been reduced to just 50 liters. Even the shields numbered only around 200 right now, even after his spear arts had advanced. Although the rest of his equipment was holding out since he was repairing from time to time……

[Are you going to activate the Hourglass of Eternity, Yu IlHan?] (Erta)

Yu IlHan seriously considered it, but shook his head eventually.

“No, I will regret it if I use it now.”

“Reta, let’s go screw the dragons with the least number.”

“Is that really the best?”
[Yes.] (Reta)

If it was the best choice, then he couldn’t help it. Her firm reply made Yu IlHan helplessly grip the spear while urging Reta.

“Let’s go then. Let’s suffer marvelously.”

Reta activated the formation. Yu IlHan, having become used to the sensation of the activation of the formation, blinked his eyes, and arrived at an island surrounded by the sea. It was near the beach as well.

“I think this place is one that will never have something to do with me in my lifetime.”

Lifting his head up, the sun was shining brightly; there were no clouds; and the sea was emitting a sapphire-colored light, as if everything was laughing at Yu IlHan for working overtime. The aura of social butterflies that overflowed in this place even made Yu IlHan shrink back a little.
It was a consolation that this was a doomed world, and therefore, had no people.

Dumbfounded at Yu IlHan’s loss of energy, Erta asked.

[And what place will ever have anything to do with you?] (Erta)

[That damned Moby Dick!] (Erta)

[There are dragons in the air!]
“Ah, yeah.”

I should go to the beach when I go back to Earth! Alone, too! – resolved Yu IlHan while holding up his spear. He found a dragon that was flying in the air while flapping huge wings, and jumped with all his strength.

His figure shooting up hundreds of meters, nearly a kilometer, into the sky was quite the spectacle.

Mid-way, he sensed something that felt like alarm magic hindering him, but alarm magic installed by something of a dragons’ level couldn’t detect Yu IlHan, so it didn’t matter.

[When will it get caught?]

[Damned reckless human.]

Grouped up dragons really were different in some way. It seems they were flying too, in order to create a disadvantageous environment for Yu IlHan who was a human.
However, there were always people like this –

[I’m fed up with this. What the hell are we doing? How come the strongest in this world, us dragons, have to fear a single human!]

[I will go play around! I’m doing that now, but I will play around even more!]

One of the dragons suddenly descended at rapid speed and dived into the sea!

Looking at that, Yu IlHan naturally aimed the spear at it, and threw it.
Of course, weight transfer included.

[Critical Hit!]

The sapphire-colored sea colored red due to dragon’s blood.
When Yu IlHan’s figure appeared, the alarm magic which finally detected Yu IlHan spat out ear-screeching noise.

[H, human!?]
[Be careful, we cannot underestimate his hiding abilities!]

The dragons all shot out magic after noticing Yu IlHan. There was quite the variety, including physical damage magic to magic that tried to hold Yu IlHan in place!

Of course, as he had expected that they would all attack at once, Yu IlHan re-leaped as soon as his figure was detected, and dived downwards. His target was the dragon that had a spear embedded in its forehead!
A few magics chased him from behind, but he ignored them while believing in his armor and his title. What was important to him now was to decrease the number of dragons as much as possible.

[He keeps charging!]

[Damn, Caliana is under a state of shock!]
[A shock just because we allowed a human to ambush us? Weakling……!]

After they noticed that their magic didn’t properly kill the human, the dragons moved quickly, even while saying a few lines in panic.
One predicted Yu IlHan’s falling trajectory and tried to block Yu IlHan by using short-distance spatial transfer magic, while another made tens of magic formations around it in layers in order to attack him, and one even opened its mouth in attempt to devour him whole.

Naturally, countless team-kills occurred in that process.

[Who are you attacking, you bastard!]
[Because you appeared so suddenly, I couldn’t kill that human! You damned thing!]

“These guys have terrible teamwork.”

Within the countless insults and magic, Yu IlHan even succeeded in concealing himself again. He even thought that this may even be easier than fighting a dragon 1 on 1!

He safely descended into the sea and collected his spear using remote collection as soon as he saw the spear, before taking it out again.
Now that he arrived near the dragon who just came to itself and was shaking its head, he inserted the bloodied spear into the same place again!

[Critical Hit!]


The dragon’s scream resounded across the sky. How could it be fine after getting two critical hits with a spear specialized in killing dragons?

[Khk, Khaaaaaaaaaaa!]

When it screamed while rolling around in pain, the dragons that looked down at the injured Caliana felt fear.
One that reads the movement of dragons, who wouldn’t die after getting hit by a dragon’s magic, dodges the majority of the magic, and even conceals himself among the dragons so comfortably.

[He, really is……]
[Hunting dragons.]

When Yu IlHan twisted his spear and transferred the weight, the dragon died with just that.
In fact, he had attacked twice using Spear of Untraceable Trajectory, but there was no way the dragons would know that as they didn’t know the secret to the skill.

[You have earned 1,022,948,305 experience.]
[Killing 4th class 959/1,000]

“41 left.”

Muttered Yu IlHan. Then, he looked up to the stiff dragons watching him from the air, before smirking.
It seemed he had the upper hand in morale.


“Good, let’s see who dies in the end!”

Of course, he would run if things seemed bad, but he didn’t say that and leapt!
After he had collected the dragon’s corpse, that is!

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