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 ­ Overflow 3

It was like a storm of blood.


[Kwek!] (T/N: ‘Kwek’ is like croaking… they just die)




Whenever the dark spear, which absorbed even the scorching rays of the sun, blood scattered through the air and monsters’ heads flew into the air.


[That human is too strong!]




It wasn’t easy to find Yu IlHan before and after the battle.


However, as the battle was ongoing right now, Yu IlHan was moving flashier than anyone there. It was because blood was scattering on his path.




[You have earned 432,729 experience.]


[You have become level 44. 2 Strength, 1 Agility, 1 Health, 1 Magic increases.]

“Wow, they’re popping out endlessly.”


Yu IlHan lightly shook his spear to throw away the Flame Lizard’s corpse and shook his waist to accurately put the corpse into the cross bag at the same time. The cross bag didn’t match with the cool design of his armor, but its power of taking in anything was impressive.


[It’s not the time to kill them one by one. Yu IlHan, the basics of Overflows is to defeat the leader first than to exterminate the small fries. There must be an entity which proactively makes the environmental changes occur. If we don’t kill that, then the monsters will keep generating.]



“Yeah, exterminations sounds so easy in this environment.”


Even while sighing, Yu IlHan moved his body according to Erta’s words. As the Flame Lizards didn’t differ too much in strength individually, if there was a leader, then it would clearly stand out from the rest.


The problem was…


[Kwek! He’s here!]


[We have to kill him first!]


[Record, strong human’s record!]


…that Yu IlHan’s mob aggro tactic finally saw the light and they were gathering towards him!


“Ahhhh fuck, annoying things!”


Yu IlHan held his spear with one hand and swung it widely to sweep away the ones approaching him in one go, and he ignored the lumps of flame flying at him and kicked off the ground. No, he just received the lumps of flame with his spear and struck!


“I said get lost!”


[Critical Hit!]




The spear strike at the same time as his thunderous roar became a fatal hit and blew away the two heads of the two approaching him. It was very contrasting to the other ability users’ parties confronting Flame Lizards with difficulty.


“Get out of my way!”




It was to the extent that the people watching him were refreshed. He was the guy who raised morale and reduced enemy morale by just his presence alone!


If they knew the fact that Yu IlHan couldn’t wield mana yet, then they would all exclaim in shock.


“Fuu, haap!”


The moment the monsters all lost their lives and fell onto the ground, Yu IlHan kicked off the ground and leaped high.

With just pure strength, and to the height that it would be unimaginable to think that he was carrying the cross bag with enormous weight!




“It’s a cool skill, but can he really use it properly?”


The only man who jumped several tens of meters into the air in a battlefield where flames and magic flew around all over the place! He attracted all the gazes of the humans and the Flame Lizards instantly. There were no Flame Lizards who weren’t trying to attack him with a flame.


However, in the short moment Yu IlHan stayed in the air, he scanned all the humans and the Flame Lizards who were battling on the ground. He ignored the monsters who were proactively participating in the battle, and found the culprit which was changing the normal city into rocks!


“Found it.”


Yu IlHan whispered lightly and smiled. Immediately after that, his body started falling down due to gravity.


He weighed several tons right now if considering the cross bag! However, he balanced his body and put strength into his spear to control the falling angle, when he struck his spear to the Flame Lizard on the ground which was right in front of him.


[You have earned 411,118 experience.]


Thanks to using the power of gravity, his spear sliced the Flame Lizard in half like cutting tofu. Due to the frighteningly destructive strike, the monsters around him shivered.


[Don’t your legs hurt?]


“Mhm, I transferred all the weight into the spear so I’m alright?”


[Your methods of controlling strength……]


…has surpassed the bounds of a lower existence – Erta suppressed those words.


No, she couldn’t make her arrogant. If she said that and made Yu IlHan place a limit on himself, Erta wouldn’t be able to handle the consequences.


Instead, she praised him nonchalantly as always.


[if you become able to wield mana, then it might be worth looking at.]


“I mean, when is that.”


[It won’t be long. Definitely.]


“Yeah, yeah, whatever. Hap!”


Yu IlHan grumbled and kicked off the ground again. He had already grasped the location of the enemy. So he set his path to the shortest possible route and ran straight while slashing all the Flame Lizards on his path.


The death god’s black spear was efficient in both slashing and piercing. If a delicate hand movement was added on top of that, there was no choice for the monsters other than losing their lives without knowing how they lost their lives.


[You have become level 45. 1 Strength, 2 Agility, 1 Health, 1 Magic increases.]


“Hey, I’m doomed. I really won’t be able to wield mana before my 2nd job.”


[If it’s you, you will be fine until level 100!]


The moment they exchanged words, something flew towards him. Flames? No, it wasn’t a child’s toy like that. It was a big part of a building.


“Hey, dodge! It will explode if it makes contact with the enemy!”


Someone warned him. It will explode when it makes contact with the enemy? Yu IlHan looked back.


Coincidentally, he saw a few Flame Lizards not too far away.


“Get Over Here!”(E/N: hehe Mortal Kombat)




Yu IlHan forcefully grabbed the Flame Lizard, which was trying to resist by spitting flames, and threw it towards the lump of the building. One splash, two splashes, three booms!


Boom! Boom boom!


The moment Yu IlHan threw the 3rd one, the building couldn’t endure the shock and exploded. As the power of the fragments was considerable even though Yu IlHan was standing far away, the thrown Flame Lizards would be gone without a trace.


“Wow, there was such a method.”


“Good kids don’t do that.”


While the humans were dumbfounded watching it, Yu IlHan was mesmerized by the grand explosion and muttered.


“Wow…… Art is an explosion.”(E/N: naruto reference right there)


[I knew you would say that.]


Due to the huge explosion, the lump of the building, the obstacles around, and the Flame Lizards all disappeared without a trace. Thanks to that, Yu IlHan could meet the clean battlefield.


The first thing he found was a huge monster which was in a different league with the other Flame Lizards. With the height of about 3m, the scales covering all his body were threateningly pointing outwards.


It was probably that which threw the massive lump of building at him. It was snorting while looking towards him and it was funny that its breath became flames and spread around.


There were also monsters guarding it. Although it was unknown how many of them died during the battle, there were 5 guards right now.


They were all a head taller than the ordinary Flame Lizard, and they even had a dangerous looking weapon, such as axes or greatswords, each. Moreover, despite being lizards, they were even wearing armor.


“Hey, is that better than Metal Hearts?”


[You’re even thinking about stealing monster’s armor……]


“You crazy? It’s not for me to wear. I’m gonna melt them down and process them.”


It wasn’t only monsters in the middle of the environmental change. Ability users numbering less than ten were also confronting the monsters.


Although he noticed the moment the man’s warning came, there indeed were some people who were trying to take out the source of this problem.


“Wow, that’s a full plate HaJin-oppa! Full plate! So cool!”


“Don’t be so excited, YuNa.”(E/N: TMM readers, is this a reference?)


Although he was surprised that there were some Koreans amongst them, as he covered up his identity using his armor, there was no need to mention that he was from the same country, so Yu IlHan shut his mouth and approached.


“These guys are strong. If we approach any further, then we’ll be considered enemies!”


“What nonsense are you talking about? We’re already considered enemies.”


Yu IlHan chicly replied to one of the people’s warnings and approached another step.


However, at that moment, a rock pummelled up from his foot. The end was sharp, to the point that it would skewer a human!




[What? They used environmental change to attack!?]


Erta shouted in shock. However, that wasn’t because she was worried for Yu IlHan, but due to the shock at the monster’s intelligence to attack with the Overflow’s effects.


Of course, the situation where Yu IlHan became a human skewer didn’t happen. He was balancing himself on top of the sharp point of the risen rock. There was no way a mere rock would pierce the essence of the Big Metal Hearts!


“This is laughable for me who even fought against waves to kill the Moby Dick!”


[Stop acting cool!]


However, the next moment, the risen rock exploded and Yu IlHan couldn’t joke around anymore.


“That idiot!”


“Tch, when it’s making something explode, it can’t move. Although it’s a pity that he died, we have to atta……ck……”


The humans who sighed in pity lost their words at the next moment.


It was clear what they saw, as they stopped their reaction after thinking that Yu IlHan was dead.


They saw Yu IlHan.


He was clearly alive, and made an unimaginable result!




[That shout is strange as well!]


Yu IlHan didn’t like to joke around at moment where he needed to be serious. Although the problem was that there weren’t many occasions where he needed to be serious, he was able to control his emotions according to the situation.


So, as long as he joked around, the situation wasn’t that serious.


It was the same now as well. As he had already seen a building exploding right in front of his eyes, it wasn’t difficult for him to predict that the rock would explode.


As he had already seen the explosion once, it wasn’t difficult for him to calculate the power of the explosion, the aftermath, and the ratio of energy transfer.


As such, it also wasn’t difficult for him to use that force to drive himself forward.


At that moment, he took out the pile bunker which was loaded to the ‘4th stage’ and aimed at the leader of the Flame Lizards. This was as easy as pie. – Meaning, a little difficult.


[Flashing Insane Pile bunker]

[Rank – Unique]

[Attack Power –

1st stage: 1,400

2nd stage: 2,100

3rd stage : 3,300

4th stage : 4,500]

[Options – 20% increase in loading speed and attack speed, 20% increase in attack power]

[Durability – 1,341/1,350]

[A weapon made by a peak master smith using Shadow Leopard’s bones, teeth, and tendons. Although it is truly amazing that he had implemented such device without the use of magic or gunpowder, it’s definitely a disadvantage that it’s not easy to carry around. With the modification using the Metal Hearts, the disadvantages, and the advantages were magnified.]


The pile bunker, with the latest ammo, was aiming towards the Flame Lizards’ leader. The guards which realized the situation too late and threw their bodies, but it was impossible for them to block Yu IlHan who use the force of the explosion to approach them!


Although the leader had the power of explosions, it didn’t have the power of instantaneous movement., so it was impossible for it to block Yu IlHan’s attack.


Yu IlHan didn’t allow it to dodge and struck the bullet into its head.




“What in the world… Is that……?”


“What the hell? Is that a pile bunker?”


“Fuck, just what other world has that kind of weapon!?”


He didn’t even mind the surroundings, and just shot the pile bunker!

Author’s notes

I played a game called ‘Cyphers’ a little, and there was a character whose skill was to jump and strike the spear while falling onto the ground. I wanted to portray such a cool scene but the mob was a small fry…. T^T
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