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 Overflow (1)

[Shiveringly Hard and Secretive Black Fullplate armor]

[Rank – Legend]

[Defense – 4,800]

[Options –

40% increase in defense 30% increase in attack power when attacking in surprise.]

[Durability 2,550/2,550]

[A peak master’s masterpiece made with only Big Metal Heart’s and Metal Heart’s hearts. It’s a masterpiece whether in regards to defensive power, appearance and attack aids.]


This was the moment when Yu IlHan made the first legend rank item using his blacksmithing skills. This was a rank higher than unique!


Although the 3 options were shocking, the contents of those options were a bigger shock. Forget the higher defensive power compared to the leather armor he was wearing, there was even a surprise attack increase option!


As a Blurred Lancer, Yu IlHan already had the ability of his attack power increasing by 10% when in concealment. Attacking when concealed was obviously a surprise attack, so when he attacks in surprise, that meant a 40% increase in attack. If he used a spear? It nicely becomes a 50%.


[In my opinion.]


With the fullplate armor which had an absurd ability, in front of her, Erta opened her mouth.


[The ‘shiveringly’ alpha option must be increasing the effect of the other two options.]

“So it’s an option that increases other options’ effectiveness. So that’s why it’s possible for 3 options to get attached.”

[Who knows? In fact, I also don’t understand. It’s the first time I’ve seen anything with 3 options in my lifetime. Moreover, this armor had no mana crafting done to it!]


That was true. No matter how easy for items made with Metal Hearts’ hearts to get an option, it seemed that the fact that there were three options attached to an item which didn’t even have any mana crafting done to it, was quite a shock to Erta.


[Isn’t it that your title ‘Creator of Myths’ might have made the impossible surpass its limits to become possible? However, even though I’m saying this, I’m not quite sure of it myself. The future history will be made by you.]

“What the hell. That sounds so scary. I want to live a long, thin life.”
[Just who is saying that…… Rather than that, Yu IlHan, do you have any thoughts in selling the equipments you made to other peoople?]

“Well, a little bit.”


It was just that that only applied to when his customer could notice him.


[Never, ever, sell an item with 3 options to others. Exposing your ability anywhere is too dangerous. Okay?]


Then what if I get 4 options? – Yu IlHan wanted to lightly joke like that, but since Erta’s expression was very serious, he wordlessly nodded his head.

At the same time, he was touched that Erta had opened her heart to her to the point that she would seriously advise him.


[Three options… Uuu, to think there will be a day I will make a new word.]

“A new word?”

[……I declare that the third option will be called the gamma option!]


He looked forward to it a little, but it was a name without any surprises whatsoever. He tried his best to not tackle Erta’s words by opening the door to his workshop.


When he did, as he had expected, he saw that the scene inside his workshop had completely changed.


[……You don’t seem to be that suprised?]

“Oh, I’m sorry. I’m weak in pretending to be surprised. Should I do so now?”

[Fuck off!]


Of course, the originally lent items such as the hammer, anvil and such metalworking tools have long since gone. However, as if to replace it, tools made from a black metal which he didn’t recognize were inside his workshop, not the ones he himself had prepared.

Even the fireplace where the Eternal Flame was burning was changed to a bigger and more complex one.


[Heaven marvelled at your exceptional ability and the results. Heaven has decided to reward you with what you, who has achieved par to, no, surpassing all expectations, with what you deserve. The tools in this workshop right now are made from metals which only appear when Earth evolves two levels more. Although it can’t compare to the tools lent from heaven, even if you acquire harkanium, you would be able to process it with these tools.]



Yu IlHan was satisfied with the feeling he felt when stroking the new hammer and the anvil. No matter how hard he tried, he wouldn’t be able to make these kind of materpieces with the Metal Hearts he had. It was due to the limitations in material.


Seeing him like it, Erta also smiled and spoke.


[I thank you for your work from the bottom of my heart. Yu IlHan, the quest was completed sucessfully.]


[Quest from Heaven 002. Creating Traps of Destruction, mission complete!]

[All statuses increase by 5.]

[Since you have completed the quest surpassing all limits, additional rewards are rewarded.]


At that moment, a more delightful news could be heard.


[The rewards aren’t over yet.]


4 levels’ worth of status, refurbishment of his workshop, information of the Metal Heart Dungeon, Cross Bag that acts as inventory. Even though he might be treated like a thief, Yu IlHan was also feeling insufficient with just these.


When he looked at Erta with shiny eyes, she, with a serious face, took out an item from her inventory.

[Record of Extreme Poison Resistance Skill.]


“No way!?”


He predicted that it would be a skill the moment he saw that the item was shaped like a book. Even in games, skills acquired from external sources usually looked like books.


Yes, he wasn’t suprised because the reward was a skill. It was because the content of the skill was very shocking.


“Isn’t this very hard to learn!?”


He was expecting poison resistance to a certain extent, but this was extreme poison resistance!

When Yu IlHan exclaimed in shock, Erta laughed with a ‘fufu’ and spoke.


[So you do realize how much it’s worth. Not only is it hard to learn weak poison resistance, it’s extremely difficult to evolve it to extreme poison resistance. The difficulty rank of acquiring weak poison resistance is A rank; its training difficulty is about S rank.]


[At first, we were planning to give you weak poison resistance. However, as your abilities surpassed what we thought, it was increased to weak poison resistance, and as you succeeded in reducing the amount of harkanium needed, it had become extreme poison resistance.]

“Thank you……!”

[If you have extreme poison resistance, you will be able to ignore 4th class monster’s poison. Please notice its value.]

“Now I can chew troll meat without worries!”

[……Yeah, well, that isn’t wrong.]


Erta looked like she was a bit fed up, but Yu IlHan had no interest in that. He grabbed the book and closed his eyes in excitement, and his predictions weren’t wrong and the words [Will you absorb the essence of the record?] appeared on his retina.

When he expressed affirmation without hesitation, the book soon emitted light and gradually lost its weight.




[You have learned Extreme Poison Resistance Skill.]


Opening his eyes, there was nothing in his hand. Replacing that, a clear change occurred to his body. Now he had the confidence that he would be fine with the poison from monsters’ body. Now he didn’t have to be teased with [If you have resistance!] anymore!


Although the one to do that was Erta, now that he acquired Extreme Poison Resistance like this, he did feel that those were trivial.


“Erta, I love you!”

[Yeah, whatever. I knew you’d say that.]


Erta nonchalantly passed his confession like nothing, and continued speaking.


[Then, then, I will give you the last reward.]


In fact, it didn’t seem like she was entirely effected. Of course, Yu IlHan was already possessed when he heard that there were some rewards left and didn’t realize that Erta had bit her tongue.


[The last reward is also another piece of information.]

“Good, let’s go straight away.”


Yu IlHan gladly nodded his head the moment she said that. Erta was confused since she hadn’t mentioned a single word about the dungeon when Yu IlHan guessed correctly like it was nothing while he was checking the contents of the Cross Bag.


“It’s info about the troll dungeon anyway, right? So, where is it?”

[I really hate you…]


Erta grit her teeth while looking at Yu IlHan who had godly wits in reading the situation due to reading books for several hundread years. However, as he was correct, she couldn’t retort.

Now that it came to this, she just decided to obediently tell him the location. It was because this was the best comeback.


[Troll dungeon is in America.]



Dungeon location info attack was very effective!

Yu IlHan’s vision became black.


“That’s strange, I opened my eyes, but I’m not in the P*k*m*n center……!”

[The place you’re going to is not the P*k*m*n center but America!]


Erta grabbed Yu IlHan’s escapist mentality. Yu IlHan looked at Erta with the gaze ‘do I really have to go to America?’ but she just mercifully(?) smiled and nodded. He hated such smiles.


[We have to go to Arizona in America. Well, then. Let’s hurry up.]

“Wait, Erta.”

[What is it?]


To Erta, who really did seem confused, Yu IlHan replied with a faint smile.


“I don’t have a passport.”



Yu IlHan travelled all the world in several hundred years, and he had even visited Arizona before but he had no passport. Although it was more correct to say that he didn’t need one, even Erta’s two eyes blinked a few times at the unexpected situation.


[Making a passport and going to America will require at least 5 days. Oh my god, what are you going to do if the troll dungeon is cleared in that period? You’d have no choice but to wait for another troll dungeon to appear or for trolls to reproduce in there.]

“It’s alright.”


However, for some reason, Yu IlHan was very confident.


“Although I have officially neven passed through the gate, if it’s now, I’m full of baseless confidence that I can pass through the gate without other people knowing!”

[Bullshit baseless! That’s called illegal trespassing!]


Yu IlHan cleanly ignored Erta’s words. Sometimes, there comes a time where humans have to sacrifice small things, for example, their conscience or their morals, for something bigger.

This was Yu IlHan’s such moment!


[No matter how cool you wrap it with words, it’s still a crime!]


This was the moment when Yu IlHan’s stowaway plan had begun.


“I will be out for a few days.”


As he couldn’t honestly say that he would stowaway to America, Yu IlHan just said that. Although his mother was a bit suprised, she didn’t stop him.

It was because from the time he had declared that he would quit university, or perhaps even before that, she was vaguely aware that he was doing something.


“Yes, be careful on your trip. Don’t forget your meals too.”

“Don’t worry, mom.”


He couldn’t say ‘I have extreme poison resistance so I won’t die even if I pick something up on the street and eat it’. He even more couldn’t say that he was looking forward to which part of the troll meat tasted the best!


Yu IlHan didn’t do something like wearing his armor on the street. He just wore the same metallic innerwear that he had given to his parents, then hid it suitably with a leather jacket and black jeans. Finally, he perfectly his his identity with the direwolf skull mask.


[Even if you don’t do that, they don’t even recognize your concealment, just wear your armor.]

“You don’t know how I fell.”


With the outfit that felt like a boy in puberty might wear, Yu IlHan left his house and headed to the airport.


Although airways were open after the world had stabilized, not only there were very few flights, the price was also astronomical. That was because a few fighter jets would accompany a flight due to the danger of aerial monsters. They were ability users belonging to each government!


While reading a few articles on the internet related to that, Yu IlHan muttered foolishly.


“Just what bait did the government give them for them to go there?”

[Yu IlHan, please remember that what you may consider worthless may be very valuble to others. You will get hurt if you keep judging with your own standarsd.]

“Erta said something correct, wow…….”


To go to Arizona, one had to exchange flights mid way. The quickest flight stopped in Los Angeles, so Yu IlHan also decided to take that flight.

He succeeded in getting on board without problems.


“Amazing, modern inspection system can’t even recognize my concealment skill!”

[Even modern magic would probably not notice it……]


His stowaway looked very smooth. In fact, it was very smooth.

Yes, until he arrived in Los Angeles.



“It’s a monster army, a monster army is destroying the city!”


The moment he arrived at the airport, he heard something very bad. People were running around everywere, and the flights which were scheduled to fly were changing to delayed.


Yu IlHan quietly spoke after he looked at the people who ran around like the zombie apocalypse had happened.


“Erta, your next line is ‘I think there was a mistake’!”

[I think there was a mist…… Whoa!?]


Although he said that, Yu IlHan had no plans in blaming Erta. When everything happened as he had calculated, humanity would have never suffered in any way.


As God wasn’t omnipotent nor omniscient, there was no way that the angels under God’s command would be omnipotent or omniscient either. They did their best for humanity, so only humanity could bear the accidents that happen despite everything.


Yu IlHan wore his armor and held his spear.

Now was the time to overcome the first ‘Overflow’ on Earth.



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