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EER Chapter 32

The less than 30 Traps of Destruction that Yu IlHan made were installed in various places throughout the world, and changed the properties of the already existing Traps of Destruction which were installed on Earth by God and the Angels, but could not efficiently attract monsters, to fit the property of Earth.

When thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dungeons activated in order, no matter how many years the monsters endured and developed specially on Earth, they couldn’t hold out.
Like that, the monsters which were in cities or highways, and such utilities used by humans, started disappearing. Now the world was stabilizing.

[Several countries in Asia, following Korea, Japan and China are stabilizing.]
[In other news, there are reports that restrictions have started to appear on the quests that could be received in other worlds. The higher existences, as said by the other worlders, are seemingly……]

It was troubling for Earthlings to only do quests in other worlds, when monsters are now trapped in dungeons on Earth, and even new monsters, which weren’t seen on Earth, were now appearing. The higher existences, with God as the center, were probably limiting quests in order to make them return to Earth.

It was very effective, and even now, it was making the number of returnees increase.

“No wonder it’s so noisy.”

Yu IlHan turned off the TV and muttered. Even now, he could hear some noises outside the workshop. It wasn’t the small noise made by military police patrolling. This was a noise made by lively human interaction.

“I wonder if my mother and father have come back yet.”

Erta nonchalantly replied, seemingly not interested. It was no wonder, as she was focused on the equipments that he had just finished making now.

[Did the options attach?]
“Yeah, probably. I was half sleepy so I couldn’t confirm, but I think the message was quite long.”

In fact, the reason he turned on the TV was to put off his sleepiness, other than information gathering. Erta wasn’t a person to chitchat.
The reason he was tired? Simple. It was because he hadn’t slept a bit after he came out of the dungeon.

Now that the work with creating Traps of Destruction, had ended, to celebrate(?), he concentrated in blacksmithing with the Metal Hearts’ and the Big Metal Hearts’ hearts. To be more exact, he couldn’t stay still due to his body being itchy for work.
No, to be more exact, now that the creation of the Traps of Destruction was finished, he didn’t know when the angels would come for the blacksmithing tools he had, so he hurried even more.

Anyway, as a result, before the angels came for the tools, he safely completed all work.

“It might have been even better if there was a magic stone.”

“It’s easier for an option to be attached too. right?”

“Nah, just give me the rest of the rewards.”

Yu IlHan retorted while grumbling and checked the things he had made.

First, the most important thing was the defensive equipments. From a helmet to a pair of boots, to make a fullplate armor that covers his entire body, he invested almost all of the hearts of Big Metal Hearts.
Befitting of a higher metal, they were horribly hard and were terribly hard to melt, however, Yu IlHan had experience in handling harkanium, which far surpassed Big Metal Heart’s heart by several levels. The Big Metal Heart couldn’t resist against the perfect harmony of Yu IlHan and the Eternal Flame, and was instantly melted and processed.

The next was a weapon. The steel spear, which suffered a lot until now, should rest. Leaving aside an entire Big Metal Heart’s heart for his spearhead, he invested Metal Heart’s hearts without restraint and made a spear entirely made of metal. Since he was at it, he also made a greatsword, and a warhammer.

He wanted to make a single weapon of every kind he could use, but it wasn’t like the hearts of Metal Heart were abundant in quantity so he restrained himself after that.

He also made new ammo for his pile bunker. He made the bullets by sharpening monsters’ bones, which he had plenty of inside his workshop, and he covered the points with metal to make their piercing powers increase. Using all of the bones he had, he made close to 100 bullets.

He made ammo, so could he leave the pile bunker body alone? He wasn’t able to dismantle everything, but he touched some inner mechanisms and underwent an additional processing, only able to be done with metals, an awesome weapon was finished.

In fact, he wanted to make a new set of blacksmithing tools to replace the current steel anvil and the hammer, but as Erta held him back, he refrained from doing so. He had a guess as to why she restrained him.

“Anyway, I’m done with all my work now? I didn’t miss anything out, right?”

“If you’re saying that, then everything’s done, eh. I should wash up and sleep.”

“I’ll do that after I wake up. I don’t think anything will enter my head right now. Leave the rewards for then too.”

Yu IlHan placed the hammer he held for over 24 hours on the anvil and softly wiped the top of it. As he had been with this tool for over one month, he was too disappointed to be apart from it.

“Wait for me, I will definitely bring you back from them.”

“You know me too well.”
[I said you were just too simple.]

Yu IlHan dropped his attachment to the hammer and the anvil and stood up. He had already placed all the equipments he would use in the future into the Cross Bag. (T/N: I think I will capitalize Cross Bag from now on)
However, as he was about to gather all the equipments, steel spear included, which he would never used later, he suddenly could see the obedient Eternal Flame flickering.


Yu IlHan lifted the leather armor up thinking ‘what if’. The Eternal Flame emitted a strand of flame outside the fireplace as if sticking its tongue out.

“Do you want to eat this?”

The flame flickered. Yu IlHan asked Erta.

“Can I feed this to it?”
[The Eternal Flame is no pet… It’s alright to feed it. There is also experience and record dwelling inside equipments. At least, it won’t damage it.]

He had no people he knew, so he wouldn’t be able to pass this equipment on anyway. Yu IlHan immediately threw the leather armor into the fireplace.
The Eternal Flame burned, like a chick opening its mouth, and swallowed it, then it started trembling like it was excited. He then threw the weapons he made from monster bones, and those he wouldn’t use anymore to the Eternal Flame, and finally, he also unhesitatingly threw the steel spear at it. (T/N: !!!)

The Eternal Flame swallowed everything and seem to burn everything cleanly, when it burned while emitting a blue light at one moment.

“What the heck. Is it levelling up or something?”
[It’s similar. Didn’t I say that the Eternal Flame burns for eternity and grows. But to think it proceeded to the next stage already…]

It wasn’t like he wasn’t curious how and to what extent it had grown, but anymore was a limit to his consciousness.

Yu IlHan waved his hands about twice to the Eternal Flame, which shook its body as if it was delighted, then left the workshop to head home through the noisy streets.

He couldn’t see his parents yet. Did they not come back yet? He suppressed his worries and took a shower.
He wiped his body and looked at the mirror and thought useless things like ‘didn’t I become more handsome?’ and dived on to the bed to sleep.

When he woke up, the house was filled with the fragrant smell of a meal. At that moment, Yu IlHan inwardly heaved a sigh of relief.

[Both of them came back safely. Good for you.]

Erta seemed to have noticed his such thoughts as she said that. He smiled and put on his clothes. When he went to the living room, his father was already eating his meal.

“Why are you hurrying, father?”


Work as soon as the stabilization was done! and it was still night! To the frightened Yu IlHan, his father spoke with a bitter voice.

“The limits on the financial transactions have just disappeared. All the late companies will be left behind, and if I don’t go to work, this father will be left behind by society.”

At the conversation where households collapsed and society collapsed, Yu IlHan’s heart also collapsed.

“I heard that assistant manager Kim of our department decided to leave the company and was going to be a hunter since he had some talent in mana. Son, I’m sorry I gave you bad DNA, but please learn mana and become a hunter.”

“I barely got to 1st class. Those monsters are so scary.”

Yu IlHan felt that he might cry as he could feel his father’s sadness. There was one thing he could do to his father.

“Here, father.”

Yu IlHan gave his father a thin metallic inner wear that he made while making his own armor.
That was made from the heart of the Big Metal Heart, which was harder than any material on Earth right now, along with the essence of metalworking that Yu IlHan trained for more than hundred of years. If anyone checked the information, all the ability users and rich people would want to exchange it using mountains of gold.

“What is this? WHAT!”

Yu IlHan’s father also possessed enough intelligence to judge the worth of the armor through the information, so he asked Yu IlHan after he received it, seemingly in disbelief.

“Son, where did you get such a precious item? I lived for 10 years in Heishia and I haven’t even seen an Item like this.”

“You take it. Such a precious item, this father can’t receive it.”


Although he was a bit sorry, this was much more amazing than the one he gave to his father.
The one he gave to his father was in the end, a clothing he could wear under his clothing, to protect his life in emergency. However, Yu IlHan’s full-plate armor was designed to be mobile during battle, and also, ordinary shock would only tickle him – it was an armor for battle.

“Thanks, son. If you’ve earned 3 of these, you’ve long since gone past the level this father should worry about. It’s good. good.”

“Ok, thanks.”

While Yu YongHan was emotional, feeling proud that he had such a son, Yu IlHan’s mother came out from the kitchen. She was holding a dish in each hand, and they were both unseen on Earth. As if she had noticed that, his mother explained.

“This mother only received cooking ingredients as quest rewards. Sit quickly, son. You haven’t eaten yet, right?”

A housewife’s scale of quests were completely different. He had a lot of things to say, but as it was true that he was hungry, Yu IlHan obediently sat down and ate. The worry he had in his heart were cleanly washed away while eating the delicious food.

“I knew my wife’s food is the best.”
“Just eat and go to work. Take this opportunity now that the monster alarm isn’t going off.”

Yu IlHan ignored the married couple’s banter and ate his meal. Now that he was eating his mother’s cooking after all the cheese flavored jerky and the beef flavored jerky, he felt like he was dragged up to heaven from hell.

“I heard that the educational institutes including universities are restarting tomorrow. Son, are you going to go to school?”

However, at the point that his father was about to leave after finishing his meal, his mother’s attention was moved on him. At his mother’s sudden question, Yu IlHan fell into thought.

University, eh. There was a time he missed such things.


However, it wasn’t like that now.
The longing of a thousand years had already been solved. Now was the time to go forward rather than look back.

“I don’t think the things I need would be at that place in the future.”
“Ok, I understand. Do the things you want, son.”

His mother, who knew better than his father of his abilities, refreshingly nodded her head at his decision. Yu IlHan also replied with a smile.

While standing after his meal, he passed a protective armor made from the heart of a Big Metal Heart to his mother. However, his mother was more interested in the Cross Bag that he took the armor out from rather than the armor itself.

“That, is the best item for shopping.”(E/N: I can just imagine a Korean mum going on a rampage, robbing the whole shop)

Was she trying to rob an entire supermarket? Yu IlHan cut off his mother’s eagle eyed gaze on the Cross Bag and decided to leave the house as soon as possible. Now that he had decided to ditch university, he wanted to move actively and assure his parents.

Therefore, his first priority now was 2nd class advancement.

“First, shall I wear the armor and go to the workshop?”
[We’re finally checking the options. I was about to die from curiosity.]

It was the line from Erta, who bought Yu IlHan’s blacksmithing skills higher than his battle ability.
Yu IlHan took out the armor from the Cross Bag while smiling at Erta’s cute urging in expectation. At that moment, the item name appeared on his retina.

[‘Shiveringly’ ‘Hard’ and ‘Secretive’ Black Full-plate Armor]


Yu IlHan asked Erta in a small voice.

“Is there a case where three options appear?”

Erta replied positively. Then she sighed and added.

[From this moment on.]

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