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The founder of the Heaven's Army, the first transcender, the original God, the childish guy that ran away from home. This was Yu IlHan's recollection of who God was until now.

"But that is not the case, you say?"


Yu IlHan took out the strange angelic being that the others had brought him. Not a single ounce of mana could be felt from it. It was a being that was on a different scale to every living being that Yu IlHan had encountered until now.

"Well, it's true that no one other than God could make something of this level, but……."

Yu IlHan thought as he thought back to what Kang MiRae had said. He couldn't really grasp it. Mana was a failure? Erase everything and start from scratch? That sounded like he back story of a last boss from the 90s.

Was that really God? Then he really had to kill God? A being that spouted such a stereotypical line?

"I thought last bosses would go at least 'Both are right but both are wrong!' or 'This is a battle for the fate of all worlds where we defend one's own sense of justice!' or some other cool scene, but… this guy's mental level is too childish."
"It really is like you to be surprised at such junctions."

He felt as if he was just insulted but decided to ignore it.

"Thanks for talking about it with me, Miss MiRae. However, there are too little materials for me to come to a conclusion. Moreover, there's no way what he said to you is the complete truth."

"That's true. In any case. I found a hint. I think I understand how to put up countermeasures."

Kang MiRae did not know at all what hint Yu IlHan had found. She just thought that Yu IlHan would be able to succeed since it was him and just made herself comfortable. At that moment.

"Miss MiRae. Please excuse me."
"Sorry? Kyak."

Yu IlHan placed his hand on Kang MiRae's head. He would have left her alone if he didn't know that she had met with God, but now that he did, there was a need to look at her closely.

"There's still a connection left. To think that it held out even after you finished evolving into a higher existence, pretty tenacious alright."

"Didn't you say that he contacted you through your records? That's a trick that only those who have mastered the Record skill can do. The reason the leaders of each faction can enact absolute influence is because they could freely read a being's records and manipulate them at will……."

Kang MiRae could not understand. Even though she ruled over mana, she didn't have the slightest clue about the Record skill. Yu IlHan shrugged his shoulders and finished his simple explanation.

"While in contact with you, he left a thick trace of himself on you. To simplify, you could say he laid out some magic trigger on you."

"I discovered that and took it away from you. So it's' fine now."

Even though his mentality was like a little kid's, his moves were quite high-levelled. The magic that he had planted in Kang MiRae, especially was hidden very well, and if not for Yu IlHan's power that revealed all hidden things, he wouldn't have found it so easily. The more he thought about it, the more shameless this God was.

"In any case, it's clear that he's someone I should beat to death. Fu, I have so many people to beat up in the future……."


Kang MiRae's eyes glistened. Perhaps because she was reborn into a dragon, she felt as if she was more proactive than before. Though, her 'too' glistening eyes, or her no longer passive aggressiveness that cause her to extend her hands to grab his hand were some elements that made Yu IlHan very uncomfortable.

"Please do your best in the future too, Miss MiRae."
"You too."

With dimensional magic, and free control over mana, and a level that was 6th class, she would be able to achieve many more things in the future!

"Then I'll be going then."

Yu IlHan saw as she unfolded two pairs of wings on her back and flew upwards and turned around with a sigh.

The strange angelic being was still there. The lightless halo and the wet-cloth like wings were quite impressive.

"Well, then. Let's start for real."
[I have something I want to hear before that, my lord. A life that rejects mana…… can such a thing be possible?]

As expected of a dragon, Echjar reacted sensitively to topics related to mana. Yu IlHan laughed and shook his head.

"I also wondered about that, but now I know for sure. This is not life. It will be rather proper to see it as a golem."

"All worlds experience the Great Cataclysm after reaching a certain point, and mana will be naturally generated during the process. Mana is nature itself. This thing rejects mana, which is nature itself, so there's no way it can be life, could it?"

"That makes him a tyrant that wishes to overturn nature and make a garden full of dolls. ……The problem here is that he has enough power to do that."

"Fine, you're da best okay?"

Erase everything that possess mana and start from scratch, eh. It wasn't like the scenario was a complete nonsense.

The God that ran away from Heaven after feeling tired of acting as a leader for Heaven's Army, had made an army that went against mana in a world unknown to anyone. The Heaven's Army did not know anything about that and was waiting for God to return, while the Army of Brilliant Light realized that and took up arms against him. Doesn't that sound persuasive?

Then, it was not so surprising that the one called Satan welcomed the rise of a new faction. Heaven's Army didn't help at all, while the Destruction Demon Army were just a group of greedy pigs that ate everything, while the Garden of Sunset stood on no one's side and did their own thing! Satan probably hoped for the new transcender to help him go against God.

In other words, to follow the plot, Yu IlHan had to go to Satan to resolve their misunderstandings now and reconcile with him and prepare to fight against God together. In that process, they would slice up the other factions properly, recover Earth, and defeat God together to come to a happy ending…… or so it would go, but.

"Whoever planned this scenario is really badly mistaken if they thought that I could befriend a complete stranger and join them in an alliance."

[Master is cool!]
[He's not cool at all!]

He had to walk a path of thorns just to protect his own people, but now he was supposed to cooperate with a complete stranger? No one could force such a thing on him. No one! Yu IlHan would do it just with the people in Dragon's Nest. As he always did!

"So, I need to analyze this thing somehow…."

In the end, he came back to the beginning - the analysis of the strange angelic being. Since it was something that rejected mana, the Record skill didn't work that well, and he didn't even know where to begin analyzing. At that moment, Eternal Flame burned from his hand and transmitted her will to him.

[I'll try, master! I will melt it!]
"……Okay, I was about to ask you anyway."

Eternal Flame was now no different from Yu IlHan's clone, so activating through Eternal Flame was easily done. Although just the Record skill was insufficient, wouldn't he gather enough materials if he recorded the process of Eternal Flame melting and dissolving the entire body?
It should probably be insufficient with just one body, but Kang MiRae, who had sent their body parts to other worlds through tens of thousands of warp gates had recollected them all and restored their body before giving them to Yu IlHan, so the sample was sufficient.

"Good, then let's try."

Even while Yu IlHan was watching, the strange body kept giving off faint noises. The moment Eternal Flame spread onto the body, an intense spark was released. Yu IlHan and Eternal Flame simply ignored that.

"How dare you resist."
[I'll increase the temperature!]

Eternal Flame's temperature rose. It kept rising more and more! The flame from Yu IlHan became completely translucent before turning a pitch black.
The energy remaining within the body resisted but there was no way it could endure the Yu IlHan's power, when he was the leader of Dragon's Nest, and used the Manifestation skill in a world he ruled.

It eventually started melting. Yu IlHan shared his senses with Eternal Flame to record the structure and records that was revealed while it melted. His head ached and mana went berserk, but that was just the start.

The information in a realm that was not in contact with any kind of information he had encountered before was pouring into his head.

[The skill, Declaration, has become level 31.]

[Master, I think I know!]

[That function should be there to prevent other rulers to read records off it, correct?]

Yu IlHan nodded his head. Once it was done like that, the other leaders would not be able to analyze its composition much less the structure of it. The magic formation was constructed in a way that it destroyed its medium automatically to the most basic particles once it sensed an external influence trying to damage the body.

However, this didn't apply to Yu IlHan and Eternal Flame. He hadn't become the new Creator after the original Creator for nothing. He could analyze and separate the composing materials without difficulty!

"Hmmmmmmm. It's not entirely made of stuff that I don't know."

"The probability that this God is the God of Heaven's Army is a lot higher now. Because the materials that compose this thing are mainly harkanium, fecinom, and el hazra. Though, harkanium and fecinom are alloyed in this case."
[What are those?]

Echjar only asked back in wonder after Yu IlHan said that but if Erta was here, she would have been shocked.

Harkanium, fecinom, and el hazra were materials that mainly composed the Traps of Destructions, used to imprison monsters in dungeons.

"These three metals are minerals that only appear in worlds that have undergone a lot of Great Cataclysms like Heaven. It's also the reason why Heaven is Heaven as well. It's the reason why Heaven's Army claim to manage all worlds…… this is becoming interesting."

The Heaven's Army goes to all worlds that have undergone the Great Cataclysm and scatter Traps of Destruction. With those, the monsters in the world are trapped in dungeons, unable to roam the world. Those three minerals innately had the characteristics that restrained and trapped mana, and that was what made the Traps of Destruction possible.

But now a mixture of the three was made into a golem that nullified mana itself? God is quite capable alright! Moreover, were these three minerals (el hazra was a liquid metal like mercury.) purely used to nullify the effects of mana? That weighed on Yu IlHan's mana as well.

"I still have some parts that I haven't analyzed yet. And if it was me, I would have put another function when I created these golems."

"There's only one thing, isn't here? Resonance."

This was only an estimate. It was only a delusion that only flashed by Yu IlHan's mind momentarily, and its implementability was incalculable.
However, what if it was really possible for the golems to resonate with the Traps of Destruction, and could bring about a change to the Traps of Destruction that were scattered across all worlds? What if, just what if it was possible to sacrifice the monsters inside those dungeons to make Traps of Destruction into those golems?

[You mean he can quickly and efficiently screw up all the worlds under the management of Heaven's Army?]


However, that was correct. The Traps of Destruction remained in all worlds, whether it was the Netherworld or Elo Katra, the main headquarters of two factions. Of course, Dareu and Earth weren't exceptions.

[That's…… scary.]
"Yes, it is."

Yu IlHan muttered with a gloomy voice, that still contained a hint of expectation.

"Perhaps, there may really be…… a 'Harmageddon' soon."

Author's notes

Will Yu IlHan be able to efficiently screw up God? Would the readers still remember harkanium and the other metals that came up at the very beginning of the story?

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Translator: Chamber
Proofreader: Koukouseidesu

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