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(Translation changes: Lemiel -> Ramiel)


Liera was taken aback. Yu IlHan shrugged his shoulders and repeated his words.

"I said it seems like God ran away from home."

"From Heaven."

"I don't know, since Ramiel didn't know anything either."

Liera seemed to be in thought for a moment. Erta looked like she saw this coming, and Helièna only made a faint smile.

"From when?"

And Liera asked. This was probably the most important question. Yu IlHan felt that what should have come had finally come and replied with a strange expression.

"A little before the Army of Brilliant Light formed."
"That's eons ago!"

Liera ended up screaming.

"That's before I was even born! And probably before humanity even appeared on Earth!"

"I didn't want to see you amazed by something like that! Uaaaaaa, I feel like I became an idiot, a huge idiot! *cries*."
"There, there. I know you must be feeling sad."

Liera ended up letting out streams of tears while in Yu IlHan's arms. Yu IlHan understood her well. Rather than just that, he could almost understand the defectors from the Heaven's Army.


Erta looked at Liera with a jealous gaze but still sighed.

"Is it because of the absence of God that there were so many traitors within the Heaven's Army? Thinking about how the Army of Brilliant Light may have seized control of the central parts of the Heaven's Army is horrifying……."

"Perhaps the Heaven's Army had long since split into two sides, just that us lower ranked angels never noticed it. If so, just what kind of foolish things were we doing until now……."

Erta's sighs deepened. However, Helièna's expression instead became brighter.

[Isn't it interesting? Thanks to the fact that the gate to the Netherworld opened that day, the Army of Brilliant Light received attack from all other factions. Heaven's Army would have gained some room to breathe……. If you look at it another way, Heaven's Army was saved thanks to darling.]
"…… That makes me feel uneasy."

That was as if Yu IlHan had been playing on top of God's palms all this time. And this was about a God that had deserted his place too! However, Helièna giggled and rejected his opinion.

[Don't you already know, darling? The ruler of the Heaven's Army is not omniscient nor omnipotent. If so, there would be no need for him to create an army and command the angels. And no traitors would have been possible, nor would there be a rise to any other factions. So don't worry about it too much. Perhaps someone may have prophesied your birth and growth, no one can know exactly what path you're walking. That is solely up to you. Right?]
"…… Yes. That should be the case."

Helièna's words were probably correct. Her firm words made Yu IlHan relieved. Really, Yu IlHan rather reluctantly appreciated her consoling him with the words that he really needed.
Yu IlHan became scared the more his emotions towards her changed for the better. Succubus Queen was great alright, achieving something against him that had the max level Unshakable Heart.

As if understanding what he was thinking, Liera asked him with a slightly worried gaze."

"…… So IlHan, what are you going to do from now on?"
"Well, I'll need to think about it."

Yu IlHan creased his forehead. However, from the moment he killed Ramiel and absorbed his records, what he had to do next was pretty much set in stone.

"I'll need to hold off attacking the Heaven's Army for a while. It seems like I need to solve this matter about the Army of Brilliant Light first."

Hearing Yu IlHan say he'll 'resolve' the matter concerning an entire faction, Liera ended up bursting into laughter.

"IlHan, you play big."
"From the point Heaven's Army and the Army of Brilliant Light are trying to use me as a tool, I find these two very spiteful, but at this rate, the Heaven's Army may be swallowed by the Army of Brilliant Light. And that, is not a good thing."

Yu IlHan's eyes sank deep. The hair that extended out from his helmet grew longer and emitted heat. His hair was now covered in fire, affected by his emotions. This was proof that he was slowly escaping the realm of physics.

"If I attack the Heaven's Army now, then I'll only be doing a favour for the fallen angels. Even though they're the most dangerous of the bunch……."

"No, to be exact, I need to weed out the traitors in the Heaven's Army first. The Army of Brilliant Light will come next."
[Darling, are you…….]

Helièna read the confidence in his words and asked him while narrowing her eyes.

[……able to discern the traitors of Heaven now? Before they become open about it?]

[…… So cool.]

Unlike Helièna who just exclaimed, Liera and Erta shouted out in shock.

"How? Just how!?"

"I think the leaders of each faction will be able to differentiate them, but that's none of my business, and anyway, since it's possible for me, I can only say that I can do it."

Replied Yu IlHan as he finished dealing with this world. Still on Yumir's back, the two synced their breathing as they arranged the mana of this world. The group thought that these two had changed from before and just quietly watched.

And in fact, he was indeed different from before.

'I feel like I can see ahead a little now.'

After the fight with Ramiel, he felt that there really wasn't long until he reached the realm of higher existences now. According to his predictions, he would be able to ascend into a higher existence that can command a faction once he mastered the Dimensional ruler skill and the Record skill.

"Though, nothing fits me worse than an 'organization'……."

"……Yes, I also think so."

He replied to his mother with a bitter smile, and scanned through his forces on the two fortresses. Then, he nodded his head in satisfaction and gave a glance to Kang MiRae.

"Miss MiRae. I have something to ask of you."

Having predicted what he was going to say, Kang MiRae made a fed up expression.

"You'll say you want to split teams again right! You're being too harsh!"

"You're being too harsh. You're the one who always does the dangerous things……"

Kang MiRae's eyes were filled with worry. Yu IlHan let go of Liera who was still in his arms, then arrived in front of Kang MiRae after sliding through the air.

"Please. I can't slack on this matter."

He told her in a serious tone while grabbing her hand. Facing Yu IlHan's eyes that glowed in red due to thick mana, Kang MiRae could not say anything. How could she refuse? This man was really evil and sneaky!

"…… Okay. But I'll be angry if you get injured."

"Really…… Kyaak."

Yu IlHan transmitted the records to her while replying playfully with his true heart. Transmitting records to others so naturally was also a part of the grown Record skill's power. Kang MiRae was surprised at the newly etched records in her mind, but still accepted all of them while clenching her teeth.


"Yes. My head aches a little but…… it's done now."

These records couldn't be received by just anyone. She could probably accept them since she already wielded dimensional magic. Of course, the God-ranked circlet on her head should have played a large role as well.

"Good, thank you."

Yu IlHan once again grabbed her hand before letting go and stepped back. He decided to pretend to not see Kang MiRae's disappointed expression, and spoke to Helièna that was staring at him.

"Helièna. Please protect them."
[…… Oh?]

Helièna reacted sensitively. Her eyes were smiling.

[You're leaving me? With these kids?]

[But weren't you unsettled until now?]

Hearing Helièna's sharp remark, Yu IlHan was silent for a moment before he revealed the true reason.

"…… I need someone to protect them just in case."

He didn't like Helièna that much since she acted as if she knew everything about him. Her  warm eyes didn’t sit well with him either. He stuck out his tongue at her and turned around, but he was annoyed since she looked like she even found that joyful.

"Liera, Mir. Let's go."

[Got it, dad!]

Liera was one that he could trust his life with, and Yumir was his partner that should become the answer to his path to a higher existence. From now, these two were enough. Any more than this would only affect his concealment, but to Liera, the fact that she was chosen was the most important.

"Bleh. Bleeeeeeeeeh."

"In Lady Leytna's name, I hope she gets hemorrhoids."


Yu IlHan smacked Liera on the forehead as she was teasing the others, and hopped back onto Yumir's back again.

"Then see you later."

"Got it, mom."

He lightly waved his hands towards the others and activated the Warp skill without any regrets. He traced the tracks of the traitors that were recorded in Ramiel's records.

[The skill, Warp, has become level 66.]

"Wirepa…… this is quite a big world, you know, IlHan?"

"Yeah. I also stayed here a lot. This world is also considerably important since it's gone through the 6th Great Cataclysm as well……. Don't tell me you?"
"Correct. There's a traitor here."

Yu IlHan created a flaming spear on his hand and threw it without hesitation. The spear that was flung so hard that it left his field of view, disappeared completely after leaving behind its achievement on Yu IlHan's retina.

[You have earned experience.]
[You have earned the record of Lv 366 Mita.]

"Good. One down."

Liera was shocked at his mutters.

"You killed him? Just with a simple throw?"

"I really can't accept this!"

Soon the other side of the world became noisy. That was probably not just because an angel had died, but also because that angel was a 'traitor'. Liera sweated cold sweat, but traitors were to be killed on sight even when she was an angel so she had less objections  now when Yu IlHan killed angels.

"Are we going to the next world now?"

Yu IlHan cooly replied and threw his spear once again. It impaled and incinerated the heart of a traitor without fail, and Liera was frozen on the spot.

"…… There are that many traitors?"
"Just watch for a moment, Liera."

Replied Yu IlHan as he created three more spears.

"I'll show you that the Heaven's Army is in dire straits, much more so than you think."

The three spears thrown from his hand killed yet another three traitors. At that point, all the angels residing in Wirepa had realized that an unknown entity was punishing the traitors.


[My God.]

The traitors trembled, but they couldn't do anything since they knew that they would be attacked by angels as soon as they did something strange. Yu IlHan didn't miss a single one and killed all of them. Murky grey blood scattered in the sky.

[Traitors…… there are so many traitors.]

[Is it the four Great Archangels……?]
[Don't move from now on! Anyone that moves is a traitor!]

The many branching roots of the Army of Brilliant Light started being pulled out one by one.

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