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There was a month and a half left until the barrier made by the Hourglass broke. Yu IlHan did everything within his power to prepare for war. With 'Everything in his power' referring to spending all of his piled up materials to create items - from personal equipment to disposable weapons and munitions used in war!
He upgraded all the equipment that his party members had, made backup weapons, and added additional equipment to the already terrifying Flying fortress and the Guardian fortress, long before he had time to check his own skills and stats.

[Yu IlHan(Human?)]

[Sub Class - N/A, Dragon Rider, Dimensional Traveler]

[Strength - 827 Agility - 766 Health - 635 Magic - 1,238]

[Passive skills - Dragon-man resonance Lv87, Dismantling Lv Max, Blacksmithing Lv Max, Record(Language) Lv82, Magic engineering Lv Max, Excavation Lv Max, Spear of Untraceable Trajectory(Spear mastery) Lv98, Great Cosmos-severing Spear(Spear Mastery, Physical combat mastery, Blunt weapon mastery, Sword mastery, Whip mastery) Lv86, Absolute accuracy(Throwing, Shooting) Lv Max, Cooking Lv Max, Unshakeable heart Lv Max, Dimensional adaptation Lv59, Fleet command Lv 66]

The first thing his eyes saw was the sub class - at first, Yu IlHan had the sub class 'Angel's Partner', but as the contracts between all his previously partnered angels were cancelled, he lost the qualifications of the sub class. And it took another half a year for the class to completely disappear.

There was a time he thought that he would be able to acquire a new sub class once that one disappeared, but it seemed like not everything went his way. The Akashic Record had kept its silence on that matter.

This wasn't something that happened often, so there was no one that could advise him about in either, and in the end, Yu IlHan could only leave the sub class blank for the time being. This wasn't something that he could solve with his effort. He could only wait for another opportunity to arrive.

"But my skills really grew a lot."

He had used the Hourglass of Eternity ten times before that, so the amount of time he spent inside it would amount to about 15 years. Breaking that up, he spent 30% of his time soaking in the Cradle of Miracles, and trained with the Great Cosmos-severing Spear in the majority of the remainder, so his Great Cosmos-severing Spear had reached level 85 now. The growth of his other skills weren't that far behind either.

It wasn't only that. In the process of awakening his dragon powers, his stats uniformly rose, and the more he got used to manipulating the power of fire, his magic stat increased as well, so now, he would be on par with 6th class beings based on pure stats alone.

Yu IlHan thought that he might not be able to call himself a human anymore after he checked his status. Though, this was nothing new. Even his face that reflected light with the shiny surface of the armor had no traces of his previous self.

At that moment, he became scared.

Is it really me that is in this place? Perhaps it was someone else that is not me? Am I just
dozing off and dreaming inside a classroom in university and nobody has noticed me? Such absurd thoughts rose rapidly and made Yu IlHan's mind messy.

"Yes, IlHan."

His lover that watched over him ever since they first met, replied naturally as if she knew that he would speak to her. Liera's gentle and calm eyes pacified Yu IlHan's raging emotions. He lost his strength in his shoulders and asked in a truly stupid voice.

"……In your eyes, have I changed a lot?"
"Well, it would be a lie if I said that you didn't?"

Liera made a bitter smile. She saw through his intentions when he asked that.

Liera too had several occasions when she was like this. When she realized that she had reached the peak of a world, when she became an angel under the guidance of Heaven, when she fell in love, when she became a high angel, and when she returned to a lower existence and stood by Yu IlHan's side - all of these moments were times when she couldn't believe her own existence and doubted her experiences.

Yu IlHan licked his lips.

"Liera, I……."

"Changing …… is the biggest proof that you're alive. And in that you will discover, that only you can be you."

Those were words that Liera could say only after observing numerous people during the course of her lifetime and winning against herself to become a higher being. When Yu IlHan became silent, she added with a smile.

"And I loved the you before the change, I still love you after the change, and my feeling will remain the same for the you of the future. Isn't that enough?"
"……No, it is enough."

Yu IlHan thought that it was quite underhanded for her to suddenly speak like that, but it was also the truth as it resonated with the feelings in his heart.

She wasn't blessed by the god of love for nothing. Even while grumbling, he opened his arms and hugged her tightly.

"Thanks, Liera."
"It's me who's thankful. You'd be surprised to know how much appreciation I feel towards you."

They wanted to stay like that for quite a while, but sharp gazes started falling upon them, so they had to separate before long. The barrier would collapse at any second. This was not the time to be flirting.

"Liera-unni, so sneaky. I also want to know what Mr. IlHan was like before~."

"I kinda want to kill you now, Liera. Can't you at least take it somewhere else where I'm not there?"

"Eek, eeeeeek……!"

Liera teased Na YuNa and the flustered Erta and boasted. There should be a problem with Yu IlHan who found such a side of her lovely as well. He made a small smile and clapped lightly to gather everyone's attention on him.

"We'll depart as soon as the barrier breaks. I've supplied everyone with their personal equipment, so I won't say anything much. ……Our objective is to screw everyone else other than ourselves. We'll grow in the process as well."

[Darling has to become the Fifth God. He has to have at least that amount of daringness. Yup, so cool.]

At that moment, the barrier broke. However, Yu IlHan didn't leave with them right away. The three clan masters he had invited to the barrier before as they could resist the effects of the magic on Earth, also had the abilities to fight against higher existences if they were equipped with Yu IlHan's equipment.

He first decided to ask them of their opinions. And then……

"We'll go with you of course. Thanks for calling us, mister unique."

"If it is Lord Yu IlHan's wish!"

Although it wasn't like he didn't expect this, quite a lot of the clan masters wished to go with him. They had stepped up even while knowing that their opponents were higher existences, so he couldn't evaluate them as weak. Yu IlHan faced their stiff expressions and nodded his head as he spoke.

"Everyone get on board the Flying fortress. We'll depart immediately."

The next place he went to was none other than Dareu. Mirfa, who had waited for him all this time, met him with a blossoming smile on her face.

"Your Majesty!"

However, Yu IlHan coldly ordered her like a merciless street cleaner putting flower petals into the trash.

"Gather the strongest thousand of the 4th class elves and wolfkin and get them on the Guardian fortress. Mirfa, you come this time. Jirl, Mirey, and Paté will now go to the Guardian fortress and command the elves along with Mirfa. Ericia, you also command the wolfkin in the Guardian fortress."

"Yes, master!"

Perhaps they had anticipated this, but the elves and wolfkin picked the thousand members in the blink of an eye, and lined up in the Guardian fortress with rapid movements. Yu IlHan felt slightly awkward even while supplying them with new equipment. Was it the mastered Rule skill that affected this?

"Then are we going to invade the higher worlds now?"

Liera asked with quite an excited expression. Yu IlHan firmly shook his head.

"We need to get our trump card before that."
[Ah, that.]

Orochi, who had trained for 15 years with his new body and went beyond adaptation to developing his own body, shook his head as he muttered like a human. Only Orochi knew the identity of this 'trump card' here.

At that moment, Yu IlHan spoke with a groan.

"Good, I'm done."

Even though Yu IlHan was staying still? Everyone was shocked, but Yu IlHan made an excuse with an evil smirk.

"Oh, it's a little special of a weapon."

[Master, don't break me with it, okay?]

[……Can I choose not to answer?]

With that, all preparations were done. Before Yu IlHan activated Warp with both the Flying fortress and the Guardian fortress, he checked once again with Helièna.

"What was the condition to steal a world again?"

"That's not something anyone could do."

This was about taking over an entire world, so it would be bad if anyone could do it. However, Yu IlHan had the abilities of a Dimensional Traveler, and his abilities were truly suited for taking over worlds.

"The leaders of each faction should possess a similar or even better ability than the one I have. However, there is something that makes the situation more advantageous for me."

"That you're handsome!?"

Yu IlHan was scared of himself for becoming used to such useless flattery, and replied.

"No, it's that I do field work unlike those high and mighty heavy-asses."

He knew exactly where his strengths lay! Of course, this meant that, in other worlds, Yu IlHan was just completely reckless, but he wouldn't care about that for now!

"Let's go. I like fairness, so I want to start from the Garden of Sunset and alternate between each faction."

"No, it's because they look like the easiest."

Until now, he hadn't crossed the final line. In fact, he had recovered his relationship with the Heaven's Army to an extent as well.

However, what he was about to do now was strictly attacking first, and with that, he would not be able to avoid conflict and battle with other factions.

Not only that, he had to point his spear at those that didn't have any malicious or hostile intentions towards him, just because they were in the same faction. It would be a lie to say that he didn't feel a sense of dread about that, but…….

"If you wish for me to dance on a stage that you guys created."

Yu IlHan activated Warp. The number of higher existences Yu IlHan had experienced until now were literally 'numerous', and creating gates to the higher worlds they once resided in from the records they had, was an easy thing to do.

"I'll gladly take on the role of a villain."

The skill activated.
The figure of the Flying fortress and the Guardian fortress disappeared as if it was never there in the first place.

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