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An Ice demon roared loudly. When it extended its left arm out, a stream of pure energy that froze everything in its path was exuded.

"I know!"

Whem Michael Smithson shouted while redirecting the arm with his shield courageously, Carina Malatesta, who aimed for that moment, cast restraint magic to tie the demon down.


When the ice demon was firmly held in place, Takagaki Asuha suddenly appeared from behind it and tied its neck with her whip. However, that lacked the destructive ability to finish it off!


"Charge, Michael!"

The battle with the demon only ended after another 30 minutes of cruel battle. If Na YuNa didn't bless them once midway, there would've been another dangerous moment.

"*pant* *pant*…… I guess we just barely won that one."

"Carina, you too."

Michael Smithson, who had it the hardest since he was in charge of defense, broke off the ice off his shield and panted heavily. Carina Malatesta wiped the sweat off his forehead with a handkerchief. Ignoring their flirting (she got used to it by now) Takagaki Asuha checked her level.

"Although it's definitely insanely hard…… I levelled up again. I'm already at level 250!"
"How is it still so hard even though we're levelling up so fast?"

Erta gave a simple and clear explanation as she prepared to summon the next monster.

"Because the levels of the summoned monsters increase as you three increase in level."

"A devil? That's quite nice to hear after having been called an 'angel' to death!"

Erta's refreshing smile was angelic!

"Perhaps anyone who get involved with mister unique transforms into terrifying beings……."
"I'm afraid we might become like that someday."

Erta snorted after hearing their words.

"You three are still far from catching up to him."
"Well that's of course……."

Michael Smithson subconsciously nodded his head. Where his gaze headed to. A gigantic dragon and a single human were fighting it out.

[I'll kill youuuuuuuuuuu!]


[Yu IlHaaaaaaaaaaaan!]
"Your steps are so weak and wobbly that someone might see and think you're an infant! Should I sing a lullaby?"

Watching Yu IlHan as he drove the frightening dragon into a corner even while not forgetting to inflict copious amounts of mental damage, they felt like they were worse than ants. And the one that revived that frightening dragon was Yu IlHan himself!

Carina Malatesta asked with an absurd face.

"How long has it been since Mr. Yu IlHan started fighting that dragon?"

"Without sleeping even once?"
"Other than when bathing in the Cradle of Miracles. He indeed never rested nor slept."

Michael Smithson became silent. Right now, Yu IlHan was dashing left and right through the air, clearly still filled with vitality even while swinging his spear. The fear-striking flash that seemed to split the universe itself whenever he swung the spear hitting the dragon made him realize that Yu IlHan was not the slightest bit tired.

"We used the Cradle of Miracles until now too……."
"But resonance is not something that's easy. But that shouldn't be the only thing."

Although Yu IlHan was indeed very exceptional, training for such a long period of time without sleeping wasn't something that could be easily challenged just because one had the capabilities to. It was only possible because of his strong mental fortitude.
Although it was frustrating, Michael Smithson admitted that he was inferior to Yu IlHan for the first time.

"I do not think he's in the right in all things but…… There's at least one thing to admire about him."

"No, Carina. I do not want to be greedy like that any longer. I'm sick and tired of trying to grab everything and failing to do so."

He heaved a short sigh and raised his shield again. The rugged breath had also calmed down.

"I will become a shield that protects you. I won't be greedy for everything, and only polish what I can do to the extreme."

"Yes, yes. Have a happy love life."

This couple was so flirtatious alright! Whatever they did eventually reached a pink-colored ending!

Takagaki Asuha, who had to watch the two flirting for more than the past year, looked away from them and towards Yu IlHan. He was what drove her forward. He was driving a terrifying dragon that she could never even dream of fighting, to a corner! Even though he denied it, he must be the reincarnation of a god! She was happy just watching like this.

"Looks like you've all recovered."
"Ah, aah."

When she realized, Erta was staring at her lightly.

"If you wish to be of his help, you don't have time to rest so leisurely, no?"

"That sounds interesting."

It wasn't just the three clan masters. Yumir, Kang MiRae, Na YuNa, Kim YeSeul, Liera, Helièna, Kang HaJin and even the Dragon's Army were doing what they could within the barrier. The year and a half that lasted for not even an instant - Earth's battle force was being upgraded at lightspeed.

Of course, the one with the most growth was of course Yu IlHan.


Roared Echjar. His body no longer had a heart, nor any spines or ribs - heck, he was missing flesh and blood as well - but with Yu IlHan's divine-tier Blacksmithing and Mana crafting, he could revive it with the power to overwhelm any 6th class beings.

[You…… what is it that you want!]
"You should know already."

However even with the overwhelming strength, Echjar could not win against Yu IlHan. Echjar had the advantage when he was first revived, but as Yu IlHan adapted to the Flamesoul dragon body throughout the fight, the situation was eventually reversed.

[I will never submit to you! It is not my loss even if I lose against you with this inferior body!]

[You defeated me with a cowardly method! Had I retained my original power, I would not lose my life to the likes of you!]

Yu IlHan snorted.

"You defeated your enemies with curses, and you call me a coward, eh? You are a wimp unsuited to be a dragon."

"It's not the strongest that wins, it's the victor that is strong. Didn't I say so? I'll free you if you win against me. And you nodded your head at that time. And now that you lose so easily like this, you're coming up with excuses? Were you really born a dragon?"
[T, this coward……!]

Orochi, who had also heard those lines for like the millionth time now, muttered powerlessly.

[You're so evil. I think my morale is going to be snapped before his…….]
"I need to trample on him a little more."

Yu IlHan leapt several times in the air as he said that. Wherever he went, his spear drew the air, and the Great Cosmos-severing Spear that followed it once again struck Echjar's injured body.

[Krhaaa, it's painful! It's PAINFUL!]


Once, he was called the Dragon of Despair, Echjar. He swung his tail to attack Yu IlHan, but as Yu IlHan had recorded all of its movements in the past, it only looked like he was acting cute. In fact, he even traced the movements of the tail and flew towards where the tail would lose its force, and grabbed the tail when it completely lost its power and twisted it apart.

[Kugh, Khaaaaaaaaak!]

At that moment, Echjar cried.

[I…… lost.]

He admitted defeat for the first time. After such a long period of battle, his mentality had finally snapped before his body did.

[I will acknowledge you as the master of dragons.]

Unsatisfied with his tone of voice, Yu IlHan twisted a little harder and checked again.

"Say that again."
[Khhhh! I acknowledge you as the ruler of us dragons!]

Yu IlHan let go of the tail and floated upwards. At that moment, new text engraved itself on Yu Ilhan's retina.

[Although not complete, you have received the declaration of defeat from the thought-soul of the strongest dragon in existence, the Dragon of Despair. The records you possess as a dragon become enhanced. The power to rule over dragons activates a little more.]

There was no way the high and mighty 7th class dragon would admit defeat just because Yu IlHan beat him up a little. It was all possible because he had acquired the qualifications as the ruler of dragons by completing his armor.

In any case, Yu IlHan had achieved what he had set out to do. Now, Echjar was his.

"Good, then you're on my side as well from now."
[You finally did it, you malicious master.]

The Rule skill at the level of mastery covered Echjar's entire body. With both his body and mind tattered, Echjar threw away the pride it had piled up over countless years and agreed to become Yu IlHan's subordinate.

"Echjar, let's get along well from now on."
[I acknowledge you as my master…… so you must become the strongest.]

['Echjar' has become your subordinate.]

He finally succeeded in all of his objectives that he aimed to fulfill within the barrier. Yu IlHan's lips curved into a smile.

"Good, then let's switch your places now."

[Fuu…… for me, this is more comfortable.]

There was no need to hesitate anymore. Yu IlHan immediately activated 'Creation' to switch Orochi and Echjar.
Echjar would be able to adapt better to the Body of the Human Dragon that contained his very own essence, and Orochi would also find the simpleton 7th class dragon's body a better fit than a God-ranked artifact.

"Orochi, what should we do? Leave the body as it is?"

"Good, leave that to me. I'll compress the power without losing any of it."

Just as Yu IlHan was about to commence his last piece of work in the barrier, Mystic, who stayed obedient until now, raised her voice in complaint.

[Master, me too! I also want a body!]

[You're too much! You idiotic master! I also want a body like Orochi! A cute and little girl!]

[Orochi you idioooooooooot!]

Mystic's young-sounding voice filled the barrier. Yu IlHan laughed and picked up his hammer.

There was still a month left until the barrier was dispelled, plenty of time to create another masterpiece.

Author's notes

Yu IlHan admires Gordon Ramsay (T/N: LOL) Orochi finally acquired a body! I had a hard time about distributing Orochi and Echjar  to their places, but it came out like this in the end!

Translator's notes

Translator: Chamber
Proofreader: Koukouseidesu

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