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"Mr. IlHan~. Make it longer again! Longer! You were so sexy just now!"

"Noooo! Idiot! Idiot~!"

Yu IlHan realized that his hair now had the properties of fire. Well, fire was immaterial and could be manipulated to alter its size at will, so it wouldn't be strange even if his hair had such properties. In other words, a part of Yu IlHan's body had transcended the realm of matter.

He had reached the midpoint between lower existences and higher existences. He instinctively realized that.

"Hm, it seems like I can aim for higher existences in this field."

"But…… hm."

Fire and dragon, rather than pursuing just one of them, it would be better in the long term to fuse the two together to pave his way to the realm of higher existences.
Although he was surprised at the unexpected gain, he quickly reorganized his thoughts in his heads and returned his hair as the same as before. Now, it was the time to make the other armor part - the outer armor - that contained the power of dragons.

"Come here."

Yu IlHan took off all the clothes he was wearing and put the Soul of Fire on his body. It was custom made for him and had the pure properties of fire so even when he wore it, it gave him a comfortable sensation as if he wasn't wearing anything at all.

"I don't think the outer armor is a problem with this."
[I'm happy!]

Eternal Flame repeated the same words like a child that just started to learn a language. Yu IlHan laughed and lightly tapped on the armor before picking up his hammer again. A flame blossomed on the tip of it very naturally. Yu IlHan and the Eternal Flame has already deeply synchronized, and it was a foolish thing to attempt to differentiate between the two anymore.

"Orochi, it's your turn now."

"I'm going to melt the spear as well. It's time to throw away the name of Eight-tailed dragon spear."

"Didn't you see what Eternal Flame was capable of just now? You just need to do that yourself."

"I'm going to switch you with him once I become able to control him at will. You just need to take care of it until then."

Yu IlHan still didn't have the power to manipulate the violent 7th class dragon to his will. Orochi made a bitter laugh when he heard Yu IlHan's honest words.

[Then I can only do my best. Although, I'm fine with that and will not complain.]


Eight-tailed dragon spear, half of the Infernal dragon body that became an armory to numerous weapons, Chaos Will's gauntlet, Echjar's bones, and his DRAGON HEART as well - treasures that would shock worlds just by themselves gathered in one spot.


Yu IlHan slowly closed his eyes and simultaneously activated Mana crafting, Soul enchant, and Blacksmithing to enter the realm of creation. Since he had already done it once, he was more proficient with it now.

[Kraaaaaah! You dare to do that to my body, and my heart!]
"You just shut up, Echjar."

Although it was impossible to control him, shutting him up was no problem. Yu IlHan utilized all his powers as a Deathgod to bury Echjar deep inside his consciousness and continued working.

Echjar's ginormous bones glowed in red and started decreasing in size. Orochi's thought-soul left the Eight-tailed dragon spear and moved to the remaining half of Infernal dragon body, while Yu IlHan melted all the other materials with fire while simultaneously activating Dragonic blood.

'I'm going to forge a body that can bring out the power of dragons to the best. It's an easy thing, and it should be one.'
[Master, focus!]

Everything melted down, and Echjar's DRAGON HEART reacted. The mana crafting process commenced successfully.

[I shall try.]

Yu IlHan raised his hammer before striking down. The outer appearance of the armor appeared for a brief moment before being buried into chaos again. However, Yu IlHan did not get disappointed. This meant that Chaos Will's gauntlet had efficiently been melted in.

"I do not plan to entrap or suppress the power of dragons. Transform and roar as you wish."
[That's what I wished for.]

Orochi and Yu IlHan's senses melted and mixed into one. Although he was one with the Soul of Fire right now, his training in manipulating thought-souls were not for nothing and he could adapt to it without much problems. The soul enchanting process was smooth as well.

"Good…… Very good."

There was resonance. The power of dragons that always reacted when Yu IlHan entered the Cradle of Miracles had awakened again from the stimulation of the materials here. A violent wave rippled through Yu IlHan's body. If he couldn't endure even this, he may as well give up the dream of becoming a higher existence.

"Let's start working then!"

He struck down with the hammer. The Eight-tailed dragon spear snapped perfectly, before being melted by translucent flames and being absorbed by the remaining half of Infernal dragon body. Now, it was time to utilize the power of Blacksmithing to cast it into a shape.

[Fuu……. Haaah.]
"Fuu……. Haaah."

Yu IlHan and Orochi's breathing synchronized. The more he hammered on, the louder Echjar's bones screamed in pain before being compressed. The size of DRAGON HEART also decreased in size as time went on and enhanced the materials with its magic power.
With such complex processes happening simultaneously, even Erta and Helièna who were very well versed in magic could only watch the breathtaking scene without being able to comprehend much.

"I'll give up. I can't understand a thing……!"
[Watch even if you cannot comprehend anything, lady. The figure of darling stepping onto a new realm, the records that are not recorded.]

The only non-draconic material here, Chaos Will, was the last one to cry out within it. That had to be used in enhancing the characteristics of dragons, and in unchaining the restrictions in strength. Yu IlHan transformed that power and lead it. He used the mana from DRAGON HEART to form the power into that of a dragon's to make it one with the armor.

[It is starting, master.]
"Yes. ……It's starting."

He struck down with the hammer.

He struck down with the hammer.

The DRAGON HEART completely melted down. The momentary surge of horrifying concentration of mana was all focused on Yu IlHan, and he synchronized with that mana using the power of Dragonic blood and poured it into his hammer.

Despite the mana of dragons that rippled so hard enough to put his heart in pain, his movements did not change at all. The armor tried to take form but then dissipated again, tried to agglomerate before dispersing again. Echjar's bones completely enveloped the armor and was melted together with the rest of it.

"I think I saw that before. It looks like ink being diffused in water~."

He struck down with the hammer. Just once, a sonorous sound of hitting metal could be heard. The dispersing energy and mana that seemed like it would fill the entire barrier was instantly compressed and formed itself into an item in the shape of an armor.

An armor that embodied the reddish-black, sturdy scales of a dragon. It was an armor that looked like a sized up version of Infernal dragon body.


Yu IlHan heaved a short sigh and dropped his hammer. Even though the hammer was made from top-grade materials, it could not endure two consecutive process of creation and ended up as a half molten mess. He was only glad that it held out until the end of the process.

"It's finished."
[It is indeed.]

Green text appeared in his eyes.

[Body of the Human Dragon was complete.]

[Body of the Human Dragon]

[Defense - 25,500]

[User restrictions - Yu IlHan]

1.    Amplifies the power of dragons and increases recovery rate by 300%.

3.    Freely transforms the figure of the user by consuming mana, and may transcend the realm of matter.

[An armor that allows for the coexistence of one's human and dragon nature, created by a human that had a deep understanding of dragons.]

[I can finally understand what Mystic meant.]

Orochi, trapped in the Body of the Human Dragon, complained.

[I feel very stifled, master. Please do something about it.]

[Uhihi! Good for you! You ignored me and now you are in the same situation since you were so arrogant!]

"But it's not over yet."

A dual core only had meaning when they worked together. The Heart of Fire that is controlled by Eternal Flame, and the DRAGON HEART operated by Orochi had to gather around the hardware known as Yu IlHan to be truly considered complete.

"Orochi, you know what to do, right?"
[Ugh, I do.]

When Yu IlHan flicked his finger, the Body of the Human Dragon floating in the air transformed itself into a black fog. Chaos Will's properties had been implemented on a new level after borrowing the powers of dragons!

The fog swirled across the air and enveloped Yu IlHan that was wearing the Soul of Fire. It materialized again and naturally settled on top of the Soul of Fire, when Orochi, Eternal Flame, and Yu IlHan became one.
As if having waited for that moment, a few lines of text quietly appeared on Yu IlHan's eyes.

[The Eternal-ranked artifact, Flamesoul Dragon body, was complete.]

[An additional effect is added to the Flamesoul Dragon body.]
[The equipper of the armor become the master of all flames and dragons. It can amplify the power of fire and dragons, bestow power, and may take away the power as well. However, the league of the user is still low and thus, the ability cannot be activated to its full extent.]


Yu IlHan, who had gone through a simple awakening process through the imperfect fusion with the artifact, heaved a deep breath. Inside it was all the power of fire and dragons. Some call it 'Breath'.

There was someone who was looking at him with a dumbfounded gaze, and it was none other than Yumir.

"Dad ended up becoming a dragon!?"

"Then when are you becoming one?"

"Anyway, amazing! Dad is amazing!"

Yu IlHan softly embraced Yumir as he rejoiced with glittering eyes, before he shook his hands at the others that had their gazes fixed on him.

"Alright. Show's over. Go do your things now."

"If you don't want to die uselessly later then please continue doing those useless things."

There was still a lot of time until the barrier was dispelled. He had the urge to just dive inside the Cradle of Miracles and never come out again, but he couldn't do that since he wasn't the only one that needed it right now.

"There are also other things that I need to do before I leap into the realm of higher existences."

Yu IlHan called out his spear and poised himself. He summoned a reddish-black spear made from the energy of fire and dragons. It was made with the Eight-tailed dragon spear as the base, but was also the strongest and sharpest spear he could remember and make, and as such, was a completely different spear.

"Anyone wants to spar with me?"

"But I need to train in the Great Cosmos-severing Spear……."

Everyone shrunk back in fear when they heard the words 'Great Cosmos-severing Spear'. Wasn't that the skill that raised his martial might to a whole new level? Only Helièna reacted, but unfortunately, she was a magic combatant and was not proficient in close combat, and therefore, was unsuited to be a sparring partner.

"I can't help it I guess."

Yu IlHan nonchalantly muttered and let go of the spear before taking out the remaining body of Echjar. Although the fundamental parts were all robbed off, the grandeur of the remains was still very great.

He uttered amazing nonsense in front of the remains.

"I can only revive Echjar and fight him."

"Although the league would be significantly lower, the abilities of the physical body won't be that different so rest assured."

"I'll free you if you win against me. So just listen to me now."
[T, this rude and poor lower existence dared to look down upon this Echjarrrrrrrrrrrr!]

Echjar who was provoked to no end by Yu IlHan let out a roar. Yu IlHan nodded in satisfaction after feeling that.
Now that his equipment was complete, there was no way he could lose against that simpleton Echjar. Moreover, he could also snap his morale by physically winning against him and put him under his rule, so what was two birds with one stone if this wasn't! The reason Orochi had to go inside the Body of the Human Dragon was all to fight Echjar and bring him to his knees!

"Well, then. I'll revive you into a cute lil' thing, so wait a moment."
[C, cute!? L, 'lil'!? YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU!]

Yu IlHan picked up some random dragon bones to make a new hammer and approached Echjar's body. The training session that only Yu IlHan took joy in, had begun.

Author's notes

Yu IlHan got a boost in confidence after making the armor! I'll make Echjar into a cute lil' origami!

Translator's notes
Looks like some donor doesn't like to read translator's notes and dumped another $50 on me. So this makes $672 now (today's two chapters are sunday regulars and doesn't count against queue).

Meanwhile, this (and the last) chapter took me so long to translate because the contents sound so profoundly stupid. I couldn't understand much. I translated pretty much literally. If Koukouseidesu had a hard time editing it, I don't blame him.
Also, I'm pretty sure he said to the elves that they 'won't see him(Echjar) alive again in the future'. Well…. there goes that I guess.

KKS - The stuff was so profound that it was mostly correct :^)

Translator: Chamber
Proofreader: Koukouseidesu

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