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[What we want is a single warp gate. Yu IlHan, we want you to protect Miss Kang MiRae during the process.]

[Any more than this is too dangerous to talk about within a lower word.]

He didn't even expect the angel to be truthful with everything. She probably means that they won't be able to escape once they heard the story. This basically meant that they had to follow whatever the Heaven's Army requested them to do if they wanted the two God-ranked artifacts…… Yu IlHan pondered for a little but eventually nodded his head. Kang MiRae said she'd do it, so there was no reason for him to refuse either.

"Okay, then let's go get the prepayment."
[B, before that. I'll go report to the higher-ups.]

Titaera stood up powerlessly like a middle schooler that failed in buying a game that was just released, even though he had lined up from dawn for it.

Keduta was about to support her but was given a glare and shrunk back. It was definitely a gaze that contained 'if you had just moved a little faster and procured Kang MiRae!' or something along those lines.

"Please select ones that fit us. One will be used by Miss MIRae so one related to magic."
[……I understand.]

Titaera left like that. After sending her off, Yu IlHan sighed and loosened his shoulders.

"This has become a pain. I thought we wouldn't have to fight for quite a while."

"But I can't trust them anymore. I can't send you, alone Miss MiRae."

Even though Yu IlHan had said that out of pure worry, it was an arrow to Kang MiRae's pink-colored heart. However, Yu IlHan ignored the fact that Kang MIRae was blushing and fidgeting, and stretched his body.

"There's not much time left, so I should make a trump card just in case. If I could only use the Hourglass of Eternity again, then I could have surpassed the limit of the Flying fortress."
"A trump card?"

Liera tilted her head. Yu IlHan lightly nodded and added.

"I might need Paté's power."
"Paté's……? Don't tell me you?"

Liera's eyes trembled. What she thought of was the intact bodies of higher existences inside Yu IlHan's inventory.

"Are you going to try entering the field of necromancy? It would be hard if you don't get used to the class like Paté."
"No, rather than undead, it should be classified as a living doll…… I want to do something about those annoying thought-souls."

[What do you mean annoying?]

There was a fresh and lively voice that replied to Yu IlHan's words. It was none other than the thought-soul of the Succubus Queen Helièna.

[I only want to tell my darling of my endlessly straight and pure love.]
"Not all 'straight' and 'pure' things are good; you know? Look at me. I was a 'straight' and 'pure' loner, but I don't think that's a good thing."

He replied to Helièna's thought-soul in a cold voice. Liera asked him with worried eyes.

"IlHan, is it fine to believe her?"
"The reason I did not accept her for one is because I couldn't trust her, but it was also because I could not accept her very existence. However, both of them have completely been solved right now."

When Liera tilted her head in confusion, Yu IlHan continued explaining.

"Both Helièna's thought-soul, and her body, are, in the end, the 'previous' Helièna. They're not the same being. And if it's a thought-soul, I can trust it however much I want."


Yu IlHan only replied with a snort at the thought-soul Helièna's proactive approach and looked around at his other companions before clapping his hands to gather attention.

"Dragon's Army, and the ones that still haven't acquired their 4th class will be left on Earth for this battle. This is too difficult for anyone under the 4th class. The rest of you, please prepare for battle in your respective positions. Oh, Erta, you help me out with Paté."
"Understood, I shall get Paté here then."

Kim YeSeul noticed that her son was about to do something amazing and her eyes shined. Wasn't this the perfect moment to witness one of the countless abilities that her son had?

"That sounds very interesting. I want to watch too. Is it something secretive?"
"No, it's nothing like that. It's fine if you watch."

Yu IlHan allowed her to watch with a light heart. Like that, Yu IlHan, Yumir, Kang MiRae, Na YuNa, Kim YeSeul, Paté, Jirl, Mirey, Ericia, Liera and Erta - a total of eleven - gathered in Yu IlHan's workshop.

"Why!? I said go prepare!"
"Well, we are curious……"

Liera blurred the end of her lines. In fact, her true intention was to watch over Yu IlHan to see if he did something bad, but there was no way she could say that. Yu IlHan's gaze turned to others.

"Preparation for battle?"

"I also want to watch, master."

"Okay. Lady Leytna. Pleaseeeee."

Only after checking that everyone was cast with the barrier did Yu IlHan start the work. What he first took out was the Cradle of Miracles. Inside, he poured Echjar's blood, and took out Helièna's body from his inventory and let it float on it.

"Oh my……"

"How could His Majesty stab such a woman?"

Although her skin had turned pale, she was completely intact, except for her heart that Yu IlHan stabbed, and the skin. Nobody would be surprised even if she suddenly woke up and walked around. Seeing that, Paté made an expression of absolute despair and told Yu IlHan.

"Your Majesty, it is impossible with my current power to make such a powerful undead."
"I know. You just need to lead my imagination."

Yu IlHan's work was usually done through three processes.

First was the item crafting - blacksmith. This was the one Yu IlHan had the most confidence in, and was also the foundation of the creation of countless artifacts.

The third was soul enchant, the power of the deathgod he had acquired from Reta Kar'iha. In this field, he was confident as well like the previous two, as he had grown as a Deathgod until now.

And this time, there was no need for the first process.

"This is a completed product in itself. It's not something I can touch."
[Oh my…… you do have eyes for girls, darling.]

He ignored the thought-soul's voice and put his hand on Helièna's chest. It was the part where his spear had pierced.

"The materials for mana crafting is already within the remains."

"And to add……"

Yu IlHan cut open his palm and drew out blood. The moment Yu IlHan's blood fell upon the punctured heart, the Cradle of Miracles reacted with a 'voon' sound. Echjar's blood that filled the cradle, started resonating violently.

"Paté, grab my hand. And draw out your aura to the fullest."
"Yes, Your Majesty!"

Paté, who was more beautiful than most female elves (but was strictly male), grabbed Yu IlHan's hand while blushing. He had to bring out all his power as an Archer of Destiny and transfer it to Yu IlHan!
Yu IlHan calmly accepted Paté's power, recorded it and analyzed it. Mana crafting had commenced from this moment.

'Paté's power that allows him to go against the laws and make the dead arise again and move them around to his wishes - what I need is only a portion of that. I only have to bring the back the body alive again. I'm not making an undead. I'm making hardware.'

The 7th class magic stone inside Helièna's body came into contact with Yu IlHan's blood. With blinding light, an enormous amount of mana burst out like water from a broken dam, but Erta and Kim YeSeul who were prepared for this used their magic to return it to the body. Kang MiRae also helped out.

"It really is an amazing power……! Son, did you really fight against this individual!?"
"Well, I can't exactly call that a 'fight'…… but yeah, you can take it that way."

Grasping a single strand of mana and making it circulate inside Helièna's body - once the flow of mana was controlled, regenerating wounds was a simple matter. What was important was to make the regenerated heart beat again. He had to erase any remaining will inside the body and make the body just a empty shell of a biological structure!

[Darling…… amazing, you know me better than I do……? I'm so happy!]

Helièna's thought-soul exclaimed. Immediately after that, the mana that was exploding outwards went back inside as if time was being reversed. The pale skin of the body seemed to glow for a little, before color returned to her skin!

"Vitality is coming back!"

Echjar's blood, that supported the floating body, rippled, the ripple was very periodic - it was according to Helièna's heartbeat.

"Your Majesty!"
"It's not over yet!"

Rather, now that the mana was all concentrated, this was the more important of a moment. Any mistake would make the mana go berserk and make the body explode along with the entire Flying fortress! Yu IlHan controlled the flow of mana while bringing out the concentration he used to pick lots for cleaning back in his middle school days.

And an unknown amount of time had passed since he had started. A single line of text appeared on Yu IlHan's retina, quietly.

[You have mastered Mana crafting. You possess the talent to bestow mana to recreate an item that no one can catch up to. Perhaps the end of that ability may be related to creation. The future path must be created by you.]

Echjar's blood that resonated with the heartbeat slowly started being absorbed by her body. Vitality came back to her skin as time passed, and after some time, it even started breathing mana. Perhaps some onlookers may think that she was really sleeping. Kim YeSeul and the others could only be left dumbstruck by the miracle.


Liera wasn't too late in catching Yu IlHan from collapsing after all the work had been done.

"Fuu, there's still one process left. If we don't do it immediately, there will be a variable. A new consciousness may arise in a body without prior consciousness."

"Please, mom."

He never knew his mom would be so heartening! With the support from his mother, he regained a little time to breath, and immediately went on to the next process.

It was none other than the soul enchant process, as well as the one that had to precede it.

"I'm going to accept you as my subordinate now."

"If I wanted to do that, I wouldn't have gone through such a troublesome process. You should know what I'm thinking. You are already someone completely different from 'Helièna', and I'm only using a loyal thought-soul and the remains of Helièna."

Yes, this was also the reason why Yu IlHan did not need to hesitate to work on this. However, Helièna's thought-soul rejected him outright.

[However, darling should already know. Darling's power had broken through the limits a long time ago, and as a result, I, who is now in your consciousness, have a very clear self-consciousness. I do not think that I'm completely intact, but I do think that it's at least more than 60%. So, darling has just split the soul in half by killing Helièna. Aah, I only pity the other half of my soul that had disappeared for eternity.]
"……Why are you telling me all this?"

At his words, Helièna spoke words that even made Yu IlHan very dumbstruck.

[Because you might be disappointed after you learn of it later. I do not want to get hated by you, darling……]

[As you know already, I cannot hide a single thing from you right now. Do you get that you've made a mistake?]

Yu IlHan went silent; it was a very difficult thing to receive such direct intentions from the thought-soul.

"……Okay, then."

He bit his lips and spoke.

"Prove it to me that I've made a mistake."
[My beloved, I was waiting for you to say that line.]

A thick tie that could not be severed by anything, was connected. Yu IlHan's Rule skill activated.

[You have mastered the skill, Rule. You may evolve the skill once you fulfill the necessary requirements.]

"Your name……"

"Yes, you're Helièna."

[You have accepted 'Helièna' as your subordinate.]

Yu IlHan decided to acknowledge the current her. Then he enchanted her to what was originally her body.

It was a very quiet process, and there was no exaggerating the violence of mana like mana crafting.

However, this was no different from the start of a huge incident that may shake the future of all factions.

Author's notes

Helièna was planned to die and experience recreation from the very beginning!

Translator's notes


PR (chamber nim is such a weeb!) says me……

Translator: Chamber
Proofreader: Koukouseidesu

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