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Teraka's mind was in a mess. Even though he had swept over the entire continent of Dareu leading 5,000 dragons with him, what he gained was only a battle with the Garden of Sunset while they were going around in search for the attacker like him, as well as the revelation that the Heaven's Army and the Army of Brilliant LIght had entered Dareu.
He didn't even find out who the lower existence was, that caused a mess in this world, but all four of the higher existence factions had already gathered. In Teraka's view, he could only sigh.

[Is it really possible for a lower existence to hide his presence so well? Or perhaps this guy just ended with a mutual destruction with the Garden of Sunset……?]

[No, you must not scatter. One angel, one fallen angel, or one gatekeeper of the Garden can annihilate all of you. Remember this.]
[U, understood.]

Mid way, he got a call from the camp of the Destruction Demon Army, but of course, he ignored it. They were probably going to flatter him after regretting that they were now at odds with him, but useless allies were more dangerous than enemies. He would not cooperate with them any more.
However, the higher ups would get angry if they found out about this. And so, he put up a measure to prevent any contact to the main headquarters behind the Wall of Chaos. Right now, they were probably quite agonized. He felt a little better now.

[Hmph, it's a light price for those fools.]

Of course, 'those fools' right now, were being completely obliterated, not to mention 'agonized', but Teraka would never imagine that the lower existence he was looking for was daring enough to invade the camp comprised of higher existences.

[I do not know what kind of method this guy used to hide, but that's one near perfect concealment. I don't like this, but do I need to watch over this situation……. no.]

Teraka thought for a little before raising his head.

[From now, we'll attack the Heaven's Army directly.]

The dragons who were a little tired due to the search that continued on from the battle, were confused at Teraka's aggressive declaration and blinked their eyes.

[Did you not just say that you need to watch over this situation?]
[If you were the only one in this world, then it might be fine to take it slow. However, reality isn't like that. Stopping means getting left behind. Even if you know that it is not a wise choice, you only make progress once you take your foot off the ground.]

At least, Teraka himself lived like that until now. In this world where development had halted, he struggled to become a higher existence, and after ascending to the realm of higher existences he dreamed of so much, he threw himself into battle after battle, almost as if he had suicidal tendencies, in order to rise into a higher realm. The reason he could become 6th class in just a few years is definitely not just because of luck.

Of course, moving about recklessly was no good either. Teraka explained his reason why he decided to attack the angels.

[We are currently, on the surface, in an alliance with the Army of Brilliant light, so nothing good would come from making them enemies. It will also be a pain to get in the bad eyes of the higher ups too. Moreover, the Garden of Sunset must be really tense right now thanks to the attack, it is also a loss to provoke them. On the other hand, the Heaven's Army had just arrived in this world, and must not have adapted to this 'environment' of Dareu yet. The best choice is of course, to attack them. Of course, I'm not getting into a life or death fight with them. We'll retreat after making plenty of gains using an ambush.]

[If it's a magic that gathers all our magic power, even higher existences would……]

The dragons, who became tense after hearing that they would ambush a camp of higher existences, each resolved themselves while Teraka activated his magic to find the mana of the angels that he had sensed last time.

Of course, the interference magic that the Heaven's Army had cast all over the world tried to hinder him, but Teraka was a being that had reached 6th class as the last of the bloodline of the dragons that succeeded the realm of magic piled up over countless years to leap beyond the limits. Just considering the field of magic, he had the confidence to easily toy with the most exceptional of angels.

[Good, found them.]

A thick smile hung over Teraka's lips. He could feel the current state of the angels gathered together.

[Gather everyone's magic and cast anti-recognition magic on me. I'll ambush them and cause chaos and you shall follow. No matter how weak you may be, with all of you together, you should be able to kill ten at least. Just with that you can grow. Fight with your life on the line!]

[We shall throw our lives!] (T/N: Yes that says 'throw', not 'bet')

Even if any of them had complaints on Teraka's way of action, the dragons wouldn't be able to say it out loud, so they could only follow obediently.
Teraka also knew that they weren't following him out of pure loyalty, but that did not matter. The ones that do shall reach the realm of higher existences, and the ones that don't will die without being able to endure.

[We're going; to erase everything.]

The dragon army departed. Raising his position in the Destruction Demon Army even if he had to kill a single angel more! Teraka didn't even know what happened to his allies and was dreaming nicely.

Meanwhile, Yu IlHan, who made Teraka's dreams into ashes, let all the others rest inside the two fortresses while he was contacted by Erta, and allowed the angels to detect him.

[It has been a while, Yu IlHan.]

What was this, fate's prank? The one that came to him was the remaining one angel that was contracted to him, Spiera.

[You've become really stronger. Well, it's natural considering that you've endured on that Earth that changed so rapidly.]
"It's been a while, Spiera."

Yu IlHan wasn't confident that his expressions were hidden, but looking at Spiera's smile, it did seem to be successful.

[The ones that know where you are, are only Erta, and I. The one that wished to come here was me. Erta let me have the opportunity.]
"Yes, I also wanted to see you."

Yes, really. He pondered day and night about how to screw her up. However, Spiera hadn't seen through his mind, and only nodded with an awkward expression.

[Even though I could not help you, you've learned to escape Earth by yourself like this. Truly amazing. Was it the power of the newly earned subclass?]

[So Erta was right. You always surpass my expectations…….. I'm truly, truly joyful to meet you again like this.]
"……..Yes, me too."

Yu IlHan thought that a person's mind was very mysterious. That was because he did not think that Spiera was lying. Right now, she was feeling heartfelt delight from meeting him again, and was rejoicing about his safety!

Yu IlHan did not know what kind of role she had in the negotiation between the Heaven's Army and the other factions. Just that, he could predict that she didn't take a positive attitude about that, as she hated traitors so much.
Despite that, it was still the truth that Heaven's Army had abandoned Earth, and Yu IlHan for its future, and was also the truth that they had skipped over the sacrifices of innocent newborns without shedding a single drop of tears at all.

Despite not being evil at heart, she accepted everything that happened that benefited her organization - wasn't this like a fanatic believer of a cult? Does one's own opinions become meaningless in such a community? Yu IlHan became afraid of Heaven's Army. He also became afraid that his own army may become like that, but thinking about it, they were already quite like that.

Just as when Yu IlHan was pondering about the direction in which he had to lead his army, Spiera's eyes became sharper.

[So, did you learn the Great Cosmos-severing Spera?]

[You've grown so much in other fields, but why could you not learn the Great Cosmos-severing Spear! Do you even know what kind of resolve I had to achieve in order to teach you the technique!]

No, perhaps her mind weighed more towards the one that learned her technique than Yu IlHan himself. Yu IlHan burst out laughing. He thought that she was almost as simple as Liera is.

[Although I can't do it since we're at war right now, but once we end up bringing this war to a close with our victory, then I'll start teaching you for real. And……. yes, to Earth, too. I can become a part of your power.]
"Yes, let's go to Earth together."

Yu IlHan nodded his head and acknowledged her words and extended his right hand forward to grab hers.

"Please take care of us, Spiera."
[Same goes for me, Yu IlHan. I like how you became much more handsome during that time. I'm waiting for the day you enter the Heaven's Army.]

Two people with different intentions shook hands. The potential alliance had surfaced to become real.

[Will you converge with us right away?]

[……You are saying you'll hide those two gigantic fortresses against higher existences?]
"I already had some achievements from it."

Yu IlHan slightly opened his inventory. Looking at the mountain of corpses in there, Spiera became speechless.

[How can this…….]

[I also do not hate battle, but I really cannot catch up to your offensiveness…….. I see your point. Do as you wish. No, since it became like this, it'll be better for me to hide myself in your shadow.]

Spiera shook her head and landed on the flying fortress after folding her two wings. Her head suddenly tilted.

[Is…….. Liera here?]

[…….Has she become a lower existence?]

[And she gained you?]

The smile on her lips was definitely of the bitter kind. However, the next moment, she nodded with a bright smile that Yu IlHan had never seen before.

[It's a good thing. It's a joyful occasion. Cherish her, Yu IlHan. If it's you of the future……. you can protect Liera.]

[I can understand what she is thinking right now. She is probably placing expectations that are impossibly high on herself. Though, you are amazing since her expectations had always been fulfilled at 120%, but…….fufu.]

Yu IlHan was sure that the expression on her face at that time was closer to self-loathing.

[If you enter the Heaven's Army, then she'll come back without having me persuade her. I'm sure that she'll say something like a wedding in Heaven is romantic, so I shall not talk to her about such matters.]

Having finished speaking, Spiera took out her spear and stood next to Yu IlHan.

[Let's depart, Yu IlHan. I thought fighting alongside you was something that was only possible when you became a higher existence, never did I know it would come true in such a way.]
"You're right. I also didn't know such a day would come."

Life was funny. Would Yu IlHan when he dropped out, possibly imagine that he would become an expert of such power and participate in such a large scale war, just for survival? Would he have ever thought that he would harbor different intentions towards Spiera?

"It's funny indeed."
[That's true.]

The two exchanged short smiles and looked up front. Yu IlHan put the two fortresses inside his area of concealment and activated the magic formation without hesitation.

In the place they went to, dragons and angels were having a massive battle.

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