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Inside a tent where only the higher existences belonging to the Destruction Demon Army were in, beings in all sorts of forms were voicing out.

[We need to watch the situation a little longer.]

[If we weren’t pushed so far back in the last Battle of the Wall of Chaos, we would have taken over Dareu by now.]

Amidst the Destruction Demon Army that were both talking nonsense and reasonable stuff, one 6th class voiced out.

[Watch? Variable? Away with them all! If the enemies pressure us with power, then we of the Destruction Demon Army shall only strike back with even more power!]

[Eeeek, is that what’s important right now?]

Although he did think that it may happen, he didn’t know it would happen for real.


When Yu IlHan muttered that guy’s name in a low voice, Liera, who hadn’t seen him before, as she had wasn’t with him in Dareu before, tilted her head and asked.

“Who is it? Well, that guy does look strong.”

“Ah, so that’s it. I wondered what that guy was acting so arrogant……”

At the time he was preparing for battle while watching the conversation inside the tent, Yumir approached Yu IlHan and spoke to him.

“The kids are still scared.”
“……Oh, still?”

Yu IlHan and Liera were relatively at ease, but Yumir’s Dragon Hell Army and the elves and wolfkin awaiting in the Guardian fortress were frozen stiff in front of the numerous higher existences.

“S, so scary.”

“Kugh, my body froze stiff even though we’re so far away……!”

In fact, the reason why Yu IlHan didn’t attack immediately was also because he was waiting for the others to get used to the pressure that the higher existences gave off. Looking at their states now, though, he should need more time.

[Teraka, you’re too young to realize the ideals of the Destruction Demon Army.]
[Maggot, you are all maggots! I have nothing to talk with you now!]

Teraka kicked himself up. Now, a sturdy black horn had appeared on his head, and from that time onwards, its pressure was becoming more and more violent.

[Teraka, you, don’t tell me!]

[The dragons are not yours but the Destruction Demon Army’s…….]
[Shut up!]

Due to the ripples of mana from the 6th class being, a storm enraged not only inside the tent but all the way here in the Flying fortress as well. The Destruction Demon Army members inside the tent all shut their mouths.

[Kyak, so strong! Master, are you really going to kill something like that?]
“Although I do need to, that’s definitely…..”

Yu IlHan activated the barrier on the Flying fortress to block that, and was reassured. Not only was that guy 6th class, he was also probably mid-tier 6th class.

“Until a few years ago, that guy just had entered 5th class……”


The higher existences belonging to the Destruction Demon Army and the dragons born in Dareu were residing in separate regions, and Teraka, who had just left, spat towards the tent, and approached the dragons.
Seeing violent mana twitching as if it would go berserk at any moment, it seemed that the news of Yu IlHan had agitated him.

[Ah, Lord Teraka!]
[It’s Lord Teraka!]

The attitudes of the dragons towards Teraka was akin to government officials meeting the president. It was no wonder since Teraka was not only the strongest of the Destruction Demon Army there, but also because he acted as the bridge that connected the dragons to the Destruction Demon Army.

The dragons that were lower existences in the end, despite being strong, had to rely on Teraka, who was from the same origins as them, in order to survive in Dareu, where there was a war between higher existences.


Teraka gathered the dragons. No dragons there refused Teraka’s words, and in just a moment, over 5,000 dragons gathered in that area and prostrated in front of him.
Yu IlHan immediately sighed. It was just a few years ago that he obliterated all of them, but there were still so many number of them!

If he did not clean up the dragons once before, it would have been an even more frightening scene right now that he was seeing, and that fact consoled him a little. In fact, he was a little happy that there were so many dragons that would become his highest-class metalworking materials.

[You are all dragons over level 200!]

All the dragons reacted to Teraka’s voice.


[However! It has only been a few years since you were born! You were just born with the body and magic of any other dragon, and are tainting the name of the great race!]

[Please bestow us your teaching, Lord Teraka!]

Teraka spoke condescending words like a training instructor in the army, and dragons were complying 100%. Yu IlHan clapped at that scene.

“That guy, I can see the potential of an instructor…..”

“Wait a moment. I need to judge things after I see what happens here.”

[There is only one method to overcome time! Battling with your lives on the line! The fact that I have become stronger was also because of battle!]

[But right now, this world is full of higher……]

Teraka’s overwhelming pressure shook the group of dragons.

[How long do you think it takes to become higher existences just by killing lower existences! Only after you win against the strong can you become strong!]

[I also want to become stronger!]

Why were dragons so obsessed with strength… With a bitter smile, he looked at Yumir. His eyes were also glistening while looking at Teraka.

“Dad I also want to become strong like that dragon!”


[There is a group that’s rampaging around this continent! From now, we’re going to exterminate them! We’ll become stronger that way![
[We shall follow!]

Teraka’s speech was very effective. The dragons that were unsure of their strength, and was also obsessed with it, all extended their wings and flew up!

Teraka took the form of the biggest dragon among them in their center and roared loudly.

[We shall become even stronger! All the dragons that survive this battle shall harbor the honorable name of the Destruction Demon Army on their backs!]


5,000 dragon roars filled that region. The other members of the Destruction Demon Army who were in the tent glared at Teraka, but as Teraka was in the center, they could not do anything.

[Fools…….. We will not comply with him.]

[Does he think that Destruction Demon Army is for anyone? How foolish.]

Although Yu IlHan did expect something like this to happen since their personalities were all shitty, but there was already an internal conflict! Teraka who were going on an expedition with the dragons, and the Destruction Demon Army that looked down on them. They were the stereotypes that regretted later after being wiped out by the enemy.

Yu IlHan watched the scene in satisfaction and concluded.

“Good, then let’s wait for them to leave and strike at the rest!”

“It’s much safer to fight against hundreds of 5th class rather than a single 6th class.”

He couldn’t help it since moving according to the enemy’s expectations really made him cringe! Yu IlHan looked at the army behind him that could finally move, and called a few representatives and ordered them

“First, I’ll go out. The rest of the members, do not act alone, and work with the other subordinates – Mir with the Dragon’s Army, Liera with the wolfkin and elves, focus on leading and protecting them. The enemies are higher existences. It is unknown how they will attack.”

“Got it!”
“Fight with higher existences. Finally…….!”

Na YuNa also started controlling the holy region for real and gave blessing to the residents. First, her full power blessing was given to Yu IlHan, then Yumir and Liera, then the others. The already powerful army was enhanced in strength by more than 50%.

[We’ll depart. Break and trample everything that stands in our way!]

[Hmph! You can expect no help from us if you depart now, until the end of this war!]
[I don’t need any help from you cowards that are not fit to bear the name of the Destruction Demon Army! Let’s go!]

When the dragons left with their enemies right in front of their nose, the Destruction Demon Army that just let a huge fighting force go, scattered in various parts of the camp. And at that moment!

“Then shall we go?”
“Be careful, IlHan.”

Yu IlHan and the army also started acting.

[Master, when do I attack?]

[…….Will such a moment even arrive?]
“…….Just what do you think I am?”

Yu IlHan first checked the wariness of the enemy, but surprisingly, they were all being lazy, while having faith in the protection magic that covered the camp!
If they knew the existence of Yu IlHan who simply ignored all types of sensory magic, they wouldn’t be able to do that, but not only did they not know that Yu IlHan was in Dareu, even if they did, they would never imagine that the protection magic that was put up with the full powers of a higher existence, would simply get ignored by a lower existence.

“However, if they receive damage this time, even the Destruction Demon Army will be prepared the next time even if they’re fools. So this will be the only time I can screw them over. I really did well to come to a place where there’s a lot of them.”
“Just go attack already.”

Yu IlHan took out the Eight-tailed dragon spear and created purple flames and Blaze and fused it before adding Eternal Flame to it. The blade of fire on top of the spear was sharpened to the limits.

“I’m going to activate Falling Down the moment I’m found out. Mystic, that’s the signal.”
[The signal to activate the meteor strike, you mean? Got it.]

Meteor strikes referred to an insane technique that smashed the two fortresses that became holy regions thanks to Na YuNa’s holy magic, down on the enemies using the options that allowed for rapid descent – made by Mystic.


Na YuNa’s blessing, activation of Blaze, and finally the magic stuffed cookies – with his power brought up to the maximum, Yu IlHan immediately jumped from the Flying fortress while extending his Ruin Calling to shoot out shockwaves behind him to fall down to the ground at amazing speeds. He even acquired insane amounts of acceleration using leaps and re-leaps!


The moment he entered the camps after piercing through their protection magic and their barrier, Yu IlHan tensed just in case he was found out, and breathed in deeply, but he was not found out.

[How foolish. They’re bringing death unto themselves……]
[I’ll go rest, in preparation for the upcoming war.]

Moreover, the over 300 members of the Destruction Demon Army had the faith that there was no way a frontal battle will happen yet and were arduously training the Rest skill. Yu IlHan’s lips curved into a smile while watching them doing foolish things.

“Well then.”

He raised his spear that was burning a flame that was near translucent, to pierce the heart of a Destruction Demon Army member that was in the laziest position.

“Thanks for the meal.”

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Right now in the Flying fortress : betting on 'how many kills Yu IlHan make before he's found out'.

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