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The elves wondered if it was alright for them to be at such a leisure when Phiria and the others had died, and while many higher existences were invading Dareu, but as the order from their emperor was absolute, they decided to go inside the Flying fortress and have a rest.

"You guys rest too."
"Although that castle master has built is very large, I wonder if it's possible to house all of the wolfkin that numbers in the tens of thousands….."

Yu IlHan nodded at Ericia's words.

"That's true I guess……. then I guess I should be making a satellite too. I think I can solve that within two months."
"A satellite!?"

Yu IlHan ignored Liera shock. He saw it coming anyway.

He first left the wolfkin to have a rest in a place within the barrier created by the Hourglass of Eternity, and only let Ericia and a few others who were used to human form, into the Flying fortress.
The nervousness was not that much different for Ericia, and she hesitated as to whether she should rest or not.

"Will it really be alright if I rest?"

"Y, yes!"

Perhaps they didn't want to leave Yu IlHan after meeting him in such a long time, or they wanted to hear more about Phiria, the three elves were hiding nearby and when they were found out by Yu IlHan, they all went into the Flying fortress.
He looked at that scene with a faint smile, before lifting his head. Kang HaJin and Na YuNa were staring at him. He tilted his head.

"Huh, didn't I mention about the Hourglass of Eternity before?"

"It's an artifact Heaven's Army gave me to make good relations with me."
"An entire faction of higher existences, gave you that, just to make good relations, huh……"

Well, it was quite sad that he was thinking that they may have had some hidden intentions behind this.
Ever since Yu IlHan found out that the Heaven's Army had abandoned them, Yu IlHan checked on all things that they gave him, like the Hourglass of Eternity, or his inventory, but there were no big problems.

Just one. There was a trace of Erta on the Hourglass of Eternity, but since it was nothing that could harm him, he just skipped past it.
Erta, huh. Is it really alright to trust her at this point in time? - he pondered on that for a long time, but in the end, he decided to judge for himself after he met her. Just because a faction was wrong in their actions didn't mean that the individuals in it were wrong as well.

No, in fact, this was just an excuse. Yu IlHan simply didn't want to hate Erta. Only after such thing happened, did he realize that he gave so much affection to her even though she had only been sent from heaven to enable him to use mana.
This was why loners were no good. Their emotions grew in size unbeknownst to anyone, even to themselves.

While Yu IlHan fell into his delusion, Kang HaJin spoke in absurdity.

"There's a new thing about you no matter how much I dig into you."

"I'll go imbue holy power into the holy region. Oppa, let's go."
"My holy powers is only a firefly compared to a sun like you……. Hey, okay! I get it! I'm going, alright!"

Na YuNa, who saw something, quickly returned to the Flying fortress, taking Kang HaJin with her. Yu IlHan felt that she was strangely in a hurry, and turned his head when he found Liera facing him. Now, only the two of them were left.


Her voice was trembling a little.

"Are you planning to go against the Heaven's Army?"

"Perhaps I didn't give you much help while I was an angel belonging to the Heaven's Army, but Heaven's Army fundamentally moves in order to protect the mankind that makes up a world. It's our rules."

"But why are you going against them?" - asked Liera in worry. Yu IlHan replied with a bitter smile.

"Liera. What I'm afraid of is not someone that's an enemy from the beginning, but of an ally that may turn into an enemy at any time."
"Turn into an enemy……?"

Liera thought about the words he said and bit her lips after realizing something. It seemed that she had her own thoughts. He patted her had to calm her down.

"Don't worry too much. I'm not planning to attack angels as soon as I see them. I'm only saying that I'm preparing against everything that can occur in this world, as well as on Earth."

"Not at all. I'm only doing what I feel is achievable."

Liera looked at him with worried eyes. However, Yu IlHan was already raising his hammer.

"Well, then. Let's finish off the holy region first!"
"You idiot."

This part was where they should go into a deep skinship in order to console the worried lover, but this guy just burned in passion to work!
It wasn't like Liera didn't have the urge to suppress him in an Angel Hold after smacking him on the forehead, but it was impossible after all, as there were some heads that were peeking out of the Flying fortress.

"Liera, you go rest. Or go train your skills."
"Training at this point wouldn't let me go any higher……. No, well. Looking at you, that doesn't exactly seem to be the case, though."

Until a moment ago, she was tense in worry, but seeing Yu IlHan reply to her like it was nothing, strength left her body. She loosened her shoulders and turned around.

"Ok, it's fine. It's fine now."
"Oh, Liera."

Liera thought that she should swing her spear and punch with her fists to shake away all trivial thoughts and headed to the forest with her spear. Yu IlHan shouted to her.

"If you're doing it anyway, please pull out the roots of the trees around! I'm going to make a satellite out of this region"
"Don't push work on me at times like these, idiot!"

However, she still obediently swung her spear and fist to clean up the trees around. Yu IlHan watched her do that in satisfaction and flew into the Flying fortress. While the elves and a single moon wolf was rushing into the fortress, Na YuNa, who shamelessly stood there without running, spoke with a bright smile.

"Well, let's start work!"

"Ouch, eheheh."

Making the Flying fortress into a Holy region was tremendously difficult. Perhaps anyone other than Yu IlHan wouldn't be able to do it. That was because, in the first place, holy regions referred to places where traces of the goddess Leytna remained in one area strongly, with the aura being compressed over hundreds of years to generate holy power on its own.

To make that artificially, what was first needed was the holy stones that contained the goddess's holy power, and since he had acquired several of the highest-tier holy stones, it would do to just mix them with all sorts of magic stones and other high-class materials to make them into artifacts before placing them over the holy region.

"I think most people wouldn't even think of that."
"It's almost done. I just need to make the central system at the center of the mansion and give the control permission to Mystic."

However, that wasn't it. A holy region did not refer to a place with overflowing holy power. Only after a goddess fitting of the holy region would make the holy power grow in quality! Of course, the one that replaced the goddess was none other than Na YuNa.

"Ehehe, it's quite embarrassing."


Of course, the Flying fortress was Yu IlHan's possession, but the master of the holy region inside should be Na YuNa. She had to be able to communicate with the holy powers within the region, and also be able to freely wield them to recreate the miracle that she showed in Breya!

The crown of the pope that was required to do that was already in her hands. That was more brilliant than any other holy stones, and made people wonder if a part of god would materialize into something like that!
Yu IlHan primarily linked the holy region and the crown, and was making a system for Na YuNa to control the holy region by linking her thoughts to the crown. The reason Na YuNa was emitting her holy powers to imbue them into the ground and the artifacts was also required to create that link!

"Please be consistent. Oh, Mr. Kang HaJin doesn't have to come any closer."

"Although you might have a hard time moving right now, you'll be more comfortable when you get used to it. It's also to widen Miss YuNa's senses and recognition, so it's a good thing if anything."

Yu IlHan perfectly implemented the holy region control system in the study of the mansion and linked it with Mystic.

The artifacts that settled in their places started activating to fill the insides of the Flying fortress with Leytna's holy power, then the control over that holy power was given to the crown of the pope, and it was again linked to Na YuNa.

"U, uuuuuuu."
"Endure it."

In the process of acquiring the control of the holy power of the artificial holy region, by synchronizing with the crown, she experienced a very sudden change in recognition as if a human with two eyes had suddenly become the monster Argos with one hundred eyes.

At that moment, the holy power in the area became turbulent to make a small storm. Kang HaJin, who was waiting, immediately stepped up to absorb the holy power and shouted.

"Na YuNa, control it! I'm going to die!"


The current her could create a massive explosion by compressing the holy power within the holy region, with a flick of a finger, and could flip a portion of the land if she slipped her foot. Na YuNa fell into panic!

"I couldn't do this in the real holy region!"

"It's too hard. Ah, I need something else to concentrate on! Like you, Mr. IlHan!"


Yu IlHan hesitated for a moment, but seeing that Kang HaJin maybe thrown out of the Flying fortress at any time, he came to the conclusion that he couldn't help it and extended an arm to Na YuNa. She grabbed his palm with her both hands and rubbed her face on his arm.


"It's just your imagination."

However, there was indeed signs of the berserk flow of holy power calming down. He just gave her an arm, and this happened… he made a bitter smile.

"……And so? How long do I need to do this for?"

"A threat!?"
"Hey, you coward! No, no, no. Mr. Yu IlHan, don't move from the spot! I said don't move!"

Na YuNa let Yu IlHan's arms go after around 3 hours had passed. Yu IlHan was prepared for 30 hours, no, 3 days, no, even 3 weeks, but Na YuNa succeeded in controlling the holy region in just that short time.

"Wao, I can even make holy stones on the spot! Tada."

"The holy region and I don't have a problem, but there's a small problem that it consumes the mana of this world. Tada."


Seeing her freely wielding the holy power within the holy region like she was born with it, he even questioned if she needed 3 hours in the first place.
However, Yu IlHan decided not to ask. Even if she answered truthfully, it would be his loss, not hers.

'Won't a good man for her appear already?'

However, if a good man really did appear and take her, he would probably feel really bad. Perhaps this was why all men were called thieves? They should just let go of the women they couldn't take care of!
Yu IlHan really didn't like that fact that such unreasonable emotions were sprouting inside him, and decided to leave this matter here.

"*Sigh*, let's just work. Let's just make the satellite, and equipment for the elves and wolfkin……"

"An entire civilization might advance into a new age if that guy has depression……"

The surviving elves numbered around one and a half thousand, while the wolfkin numbered around twenty thousand. To make legend ranked equipment for them, and perhaps even epic ranked equipment for all of them, the time taken should be……

"Around a month and a half if I take my time, I guess? If it's like that, I should create the core materials and the blueprint of the satellite and make those guys do some foundational construction."

Yu IlHan, who had instantly planned an entire schedule for the two months, took out a pen and sheets of sturdy paper to make a blueprint. Na YuNa was surprised at his sudden change in attitude and only looked at his back.

The Hourglass of Eternity had just been flipped. While no higher existences noticed the gap of two months, the revolution that would change war from its roots, was beginning in this place.

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