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[J, just why is a mere lower existence going against us the Garden of Sunset? Do you realize what kind of doom you're bringing upon yourself……!?]


Just why were their death threat repertoires all the same? Perhaps because these guys were all just minor mobs in their respective factions? Yu IlHan thought that it was very unfortunate, as he pierced the neck of the last remaining member of the Garden.

[You have earned experience.]

[You have earned the record of Lv321 El Phisadein.]

"Whoa, the one that easily killed dragons was easily killed by His Majesty."
"Just how strong has His Majesty become?"

He was even worried that they would get bored of whispering all the time like that. With a bitter smile, he was about to pick up the corpse of the leader-like being amongst this group of Garden of Sunset beings here, when he felt something and exclaimed. There was an abnormally large jewel between his neck and heart, and was emitting a mysterious light.

"So this guy has a magic stone? I finally get to see some more magic stones, eh."

Liera was dumbstruck at his comment.

"So you're speaking as if using 5th class stones are the natural…….?"
"I killed so much, so I should at least get this much, no?"

Until now, he somehow had horrible luck with magic stones against higher existences, and including this fight, he had acquired a total of three 5th class magic stones. One for upgrading Yumir's armor, and one for making a new part of Yu IlHan's armor with Chaos Will's remaining half of the body, would still leave him with another one!

"Then with these, I should….."

"Your Majestyyyy!"

However, Yu IlHan could not continue to ponder where to use the new magic stone. When all the enemies died, the elves in that place rushed towards him.

"Your Majesty!"

"It really is His Majesty!"

"Your Majesty!"

Seeing the passionate elves as if they were fans meeting their idol in person, not to mention Yu IlHan, his allies were all dumbstruck as well. In what world would Yu IlHan be loved and attended to so much!

"Your Majesty, you became cooler!"

"I know, but he became a lot cooler!"
"Your Majesty, how did you become stronger than that? It has only been 5 years!"

"Guys, first quiet down."

The elves that rushed as if they would pour kisses on him all became muted at Yu IlHan's words.
The company were speechless yet again. They were shocked when the elves accepted when Yu IlHan deemed the Garden of Sunset as enemies, but looking at things now, that was nothing.

"I'm also really glad to see you, but it doesn't look like the situation will allow us to do much. Isn't that so, Mirfa?"
"Yes, Your Majesty."

Mirfa, who was silently grabbing on to the end of his sleeves among the elves, stepped forward while lowering her head as though she was thankful that she was remembered.
Yu IlHan was worried that something might have happened to her since she had the artifact to control the formation, but fortunately, it seemed like both her and the artifact were safe. Mirfa, who predicted what he was thinking from his gaze, spoke with a small smile.

"I did not bring it out. They were also aware of the existence of the magic formation, and they seemed to be looking for a way to use it."

"However, to destroy the magic formation that became one with the continent itself, even higher existences would have to put in a sizable amount of effort.

"Modify? What do you mean?"


Although he was unsure about implementing a whole magic formation on the continent from scratch, maintaining and upgrading the already existing formation wasn't that hard for him. Especially with his top-of-the-line mana crafting techniques and magic engineering knowledge!
Mirfa realized that Yu IlHan hadn't just become stronger physically during the past 5 years.

"So Your Majesty is always above our imaginations……"
"Master, I'm glad to see that you're safe."

If Mirfa represented the elves, Ericia did so for the wolfkin. She had already reached 4th class, and perhaps due to that, her beauty had become more shiny than before.
No, she was literally glowing from her hair and body right now. Before, she was a wolf with black hair, but perhaps this is due to the fact that she received the essence of the moon while acquiring 4th class? Her hair and eyebrows had changed into a lightly glowing silver. This was proof that she had become incomparably stronger than before.

"So you protected the elves until now huh? Thanks. Receiving you as one of my subordinates is one of the best choices I made in life."

When Yu IlHan praised her while stroking her hair, Ericia relaxed her icy expression and made a small smile. From the fact that her silver wolf ears above her hair were twitching seemed to imply that she was feeling rather happy.

"Flemir, you worked hard too."
"Not at all. I only protected Lady Ericia."

Behind her was Flemir standing with a stiff expression as ever. It seemed that he had become stronger than before as he had expected. Well, they did experience the 4th and 5th Great Cataclysms, so it would be strange if they didn't.

"It's fortunate that you guys are safe, Ericia."
"……Master, does that mean…?"

As expected of a beast, she read the minute emotions in his words and voiced in worry. Yu IlHan made a small nod and raised his head. All the wolves and elves were looking at him right now.

"I wish you'd all listen to me."

"Do you mean the fight against the Garden of Sunset?
"Did you fight them in other places already?"

Yu IlHan ignored the baptism of questions and spoke as shortly as possible.

"Phiria, as well as the elves and wolfkin that were with her, had all died."

"How can this be?"

Everyone became depressed other than the extreme minority that predicted this would happen. The reactions of the 3 of the 4 elves under Yu IlHan were the most intense.

"How can that be? She was the fastest and most secretive of the four of us!"

"Your Majesty, I may be very rude but…… did you confirm her death?"

Right now, Paté was the most calm of them all. Yu IlHan nodded with a bitter smile, before taking out the corpse of the member of the Garden of Sunset he had killed before.
Two daggers and a whip fell out from the shock. Not only that, even the armor that was worn by layering several times around the body was Phiria's. It did not take long for the elves with the long lifespan to realize the meaning.


"From the moment she acted separately from you guys, she became their primary target. It was because her equipment was too strong. It seemed that they thought that no one would know because they wiped out all of Phiria's company, but……."

As long as Yu IlHan had the Record skill, no one could hide the truth from him. Of course, this was only meaningful if others believed his words, but the ones here were those that definitely believed in his words.
It was quite sorry for the loner Yu IlHan, but right now, Yu IlHan could only think about answering their trust.

Paté asked.

"Your Majesty, then her body…..?"



Paté shook his head. when his eyes affixed on the ground looked at Yu IlHan again, his eyes were burning.

"We should have other things to do right now."
"It's good that you catch on fast, Paté."

Yu IlHan's lips curved into a smile. Paté's rage spread among his allies faster than Yu IlHan's flames could, and the mood that welcomed Yu IlHan disappeared among the elves and in place was a violent rage and wish for vengeance. It seemed that levels weren't the only thing that they had developed during the past 5 years.
Yu IlHan continued to speak in order to not dissipate their rage, and to sharpen their fangs.

"I think you vaguely know already, but Dareu has entered the realm of higher worlds. As you did not expect it, I did not expect this either, and I only came here a step too late but……"

His gaze stayed on the corpse of the higher existence for a moment, and especially on the pair of daggers that were on the ground next to it. The moment he saw that, Phiria's figure flashed by in his head, and his next words were stuck in his throat.

"……I'm fine."

Shit, he really wasn't used to losing this like this. Since he had never got something in life, he was hundreds of times more sensitive to losing his things that he had acquired after much effort!

Things wouldn't be this way in the future. Never, not even one!

He swallowed the 'something' that was about to shoot out from his throat and continued speaking.

"Right now, the Garden of Sunset and the Destruction Demon Army has entered this world, and perhaps the Army of Brilliant Light and the Heaven's Army may try to step in later. However, the important thing is this."

Declared he while stabbing his spear into the already dead higher existence.

"Consider all four of them enemies. Everything other than you on this land is your enemy."
"Yes, your highness!" (PR: Ok it wasn't quite originally like that but code geass anyone?)

Yu IlHan's voice was very firm, and his subordinates gave a short but clear answer. They had neither doubts nor fear.

"For now, bury your condolences to your dead colleagues in your heart. We will only acquire qualifications to send them off after everything is over. …….Mir, let's have your mother's funeral at that time as well."

"And so, this is war. No, to be exact…"

Yu IlHan looked at the state of equipment that the elves had, which were tattered as they were not maintained for over 5 years; the magic formation which the higher existences may tinker with at any moment, the Flying fortress that still had an incomplete holy region, as well as the tired elves and wolfkin before raising his hand.

On his hand was the Hourglass of Eternity. This grew with him, and now that he became level 278, he could use this miraculous artifact to cover a region that he couldn't even imagine before, when he first acquired it.

"It's war preparation time."

When Yu IlHan gripped his hand, the light that fell from the Hourglass of Eternity covered Yu IlHan and his group; the elves and wolfkin; as well as the boundless forest and the Flying fortress. The elves and wolfkin were only blinking in confusion, and when Yu IlHan saw that, he spoke with a smile.

"You guys have some sleep first."

"Well, if you do sleep in this situation……"

Embracing the two months of freedom that were only allowed to them, Yu IlHan spoke in a playful voice.

"Surprisingly, nothing would have changed."

Author's notes

Once the owner of an inventory dies, the contents are returned to the faction that he or she or it belonged to, and this was actually mentioned by Erta before! And finally, not all higher existences are in possession of subspaces! It's mostly a specialty for angels and the fallen angels. IlHan's mother is amazing! The Hourglass of Eternity is activating! A prepared loner is going to be frightening!

Translator's notes

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