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The strike from the shadow that shot up from the ground unbeknownst to anyone pierced Yu IlHan’s abdomen. THe blade sharpened over many years found its vengeance target.
Its concealment was at the least, at the level of mastery, or perhaps an advanced skill. Although less than Yu IlHan, it was at least enough to deal Yu IlHan a pre-emptive strike!


[A perfect surprise attack, but the ability of of the title ‘Untouchable’ activates and cancels the critical hit.]

However, the fact that Yu IlHan had acquired the title ‘Untouchable’ came into play here. The surprise attack that should have taken his life was nullified.

Of course, even after considering that, the power behind the surprise attack was shocking, and Yu IlHan got a huge hole on his stomach before falling onto his knees.

“Kugh, Kergh.”


The problem was that his movements were restricted in class advancements or skill evolution processes. This situation belonged to the latter, with the Language skill.
Yu IlHan acknowledged that he was careless due to having become excited from acquiring a 5th class magic stone. Of course, not that it would change anything against such an overwhelming opponent even if he wasn’t careless! As proof, all the traps he had installed were rendered useless!


The being behind the surprise attack had shown up. And surprisingly, the figure was not very large, a little taller than Yu IlHan or at the same height.
Despite the fact that ‘it’ was in that space, it had no ‘form’ to speak of, and was a figure that was like trembling shadow, and only the mana swirling around the body made him estimate the overwhelming amount of mana it had. That wasn’t the problem though.

[How can the mana be so……. it’s completely same to that of Earth's!] (Liera)
[Eeeeeek!] (Mystic)

Mystic, about to lose her master, lowered the altitude and shot beams like hell. However, it dodged every one of those beams with body movements. This wouldn’t be possible even if it was Yu IlHan amidst the barrage!
Just the fact that the beams from Hundred Eyes would deal a significant damage, and so it had to dodge every single attack, and couldn’t approach Yu IlHan, was of help right now.

[You always bullied us.]

Every word it spoke while dodging the beams, became a curse and struck Yu IlHan. That which contained a frightening poison was fatal enough to threaten Yu IlHan’s life had he not mastered Higher curse resistance and Extreme poison resistance.


“Liera……! If you move, proactively……”

Every one of its actions and words became skills. If the 5th class Yu IlHan had faced on Earth until now were just insanely strong 4th class beings, the one in front of him right now wasliterally ‘on a different dimension’. It had a completely different level of record, and was on a different concept of being ‘life’.


Liera, who realized that Yu IlHan was unable to move, hugged Yu IlHan and flew backwards. Just that was enough to pressure her body. However, she did not stop despite knowing that. Looking at the two, ‘that guy’ did not stop his curses.

[I tried to chase you out but I couldn’t. It was so annoying!]
“You…… experienced……. ‘the’ millennium, didn’t you?”

Yu IlHan, who still couldn’t move freely due to the evolution process of the Language skill, barely moved his mouth to reply. It did not say anything, but Yu IlHan knew that it was its way of acknowledgement.

“You knew me from a thousand years ago.”
[There is no life form that does not know you on Earth.]

Its reply made Yu IlHan smile even as the pain from his wound flared up. He just found it funny. He only struggled to prepare against the future in those thousand years, but turns out all the life forms left behind along with him were all watching him. What else was funny if this wasn’t?

[You were infinitely egotistical. Everyone wanted to live, but you only lived alone using all of them as footholds.]

[The Earth resents you. We all resent you.]

Yu IlHan remembered that the mutant monsters that rampaged around during the initial stages of the Great Cataclysm, had drastically decreased once.
What happened to the life forms that acquired vast records from enduring the thousand years like Yu IlHan? The question he couldn’t think of until now due to everything that happened, filled his mind.

The hell dungeon. Can such a horrifying space be born without any reason? In the thousand years, Yu IlHan acknowledged the records that one individual cannot possibly achieve by the Akashic Record only, but is Yu IlHan the only being that was acknowledged of those records?

“I was alone from the beginning. So…..I couldn’t think about the others.”

Yes, that was the mistake. This damned loner thought-process was grabbing onto his ankle and holding him back until the very end.


Hearing that, ‘that guy’ spat out curses again using its non-solid mouth. Even right now, beams were shooting down like rain, but not one hit its body.

[Selfish humans. We really hate you.]
“Fuu…… That’s nothing new.”

Yu IlHan wasn’t suddenly going to say “all the animals on Earth are as important as humans! Let’s protect the antarctic penguins” or something like that.

[I will kill you. Humans aren’t needed in the new world.]
“A new world…… I want to ask something about that.”

A keyword that tugged his mind popped up, and made Yu IlHan open his mouth again. It was an attempt to create an opening for Mystic to hit, but it was showing movements of dodging all the beams even while reacting to his words.

“Do you know the whereabouts of the children that were born after the Great Cataclysm?”

And for some reason, it replied in kind.

[The dungeon full of our resentment. The dungeon you mercilessly trampled on. The dungeon where only mutant life forms and greed remains. Everyone came inside there. We did not do it. It was the Earth’s choice.]

He finally got the answer he had been looking for for 3 years. He wished that it wasn’t true, but he did expect this to be the case.
So it was like that after all. There was no way Yumir will be able to grow so rapidly unless it was on the same level of that dungeon. However, that meant that, all the children born after the First Great Cataclysm were sucked into that place and…..

“Ha, …….Haha.”

He subconsciously laughed in vain. Rage boiled inside his chest. The innocent life that disappeared while knowing nothing. Thinking back to the uncountable number of children, even Yu IlHan couldn’t help but be enraged.

However, it replied very firmly, its voice containing countless emotions.

[It should be the same to you humans. Everyone kills something else in order to survive. I also did just that. This is not a game. This is a competition for survival. We are the same as you. We will kill you in order to survive.]

[I, will kill you.]

From some time, a spear appeared on the shadow hands. That looked very similar to the Eight-tailed dragon spear that Yu IlHan used. No, in fact, its movements as well looked similar to Yu IlHan’s, just a lot faster.
Thinking about it, it was quite natural, as this was a being that had watched Yu IlHan for a thousand years, and more after the Great Cataclysm.

However, Yu IlHan still could not move. It was because the evolution of the Language skill was of an unprecedentedly large scale that required a vast amount of records.
He couldn’t help but exclaim at the fact that a person can become so helpless, but no matter how much he struggled, he could not move a single toe. He could only blink and move his lips. This was just like being a complete cripple!

[Eeek! Eeeeeeeek!] (Mystic)

The reason Yu IlHan could still live until now was thanks to the beams from the Flying fortress. Mystic’s judgement was very clever. She realized that time was the most important thing to Yu IlHan right now, and was trying to gain some using whatever means possible.

[Die! Die!] (Mystic)
[That won’t work, traitor.]

Of course, that did not last forever. There was a limit to the stored energy and magic stone on the Flying fortress, and shooting beams like mad in order to prevent the shadow from moving forward, it was very quickly nearing those limits. Yu IlHan estimated that the beams wouldn’t last until he was ready.

He had faced against a few 5th class beings. He killed more than ten himself. Despite that, the guy in front of him was on a completely different league. There was no way Yu IlHan didn’t’ know what that implied.

That guy, was of the 6th class. On one side was a 3rd class despite not lacking talent or effort, and on the other side was a 6th.
This was the difference between a monster and a human; between a human that can only gain experience by killing monsters, and a monster that could grow endlessly without harming other beings by acquiring mana and records!

[We are a collection of consciousnesses. No matter how fast you’ve grown…… you cannot win against us.]
“Even if you…… say stuff like you’re the last boss…… I’m only, fuu, very annoyed you know?”

A mere 6th class was acting so bossy. Those kind guys always defeated in the most absurd way possible! However, unfortunately, Yu IlHan’s preparations weren’t done yet. If he just got his 4th class, or if he just got the blessing of the goddess of fire! Or just, if he could move right now!

However, there was one being, a person, that could still fight right now, excluding him.

[Fuu, really, nothing goes outside expectations.]

Liera’s wings flapped. Her body was covered in light pink, and the symbol of the blessing of the goddess of love, the spear, was in her hands.

That spear was one that became stronger when protecting the person that one loved. In other words, for this moment.


Yu IlHan was disgusted at himself. Even though he was saying ‘no’ on the outside, he ended up thinking that it had gone according to his calculations. He was disgusted of himself because of his thoughts.

Just from when did he rely on the sacrifice of others? When was it that he confidently boasted that he could take care of everything by himself? Did he train until now for this? Even though he was about to lose Liera that was the most important existence to him?

[What do you mean no? That’s why you’re no good, IlHan.]

However, Liera replied shyly as if she had read his mind. Unlike the warmth in her smile, she was in complete battle mode right now. The overwhelming quantity of mana emitted by her, and the aura trained over countless years, was stopping the shadow from moving.

[You need to learn to rely on others more.]

[It’s not a nuisance. That’s what I want.]

[Why don’t you get it, IlHan?]

Liera’s firm words struck Yu IlHan deeply in the heart.

[Like that, you’ll forever be alone. There’s no way my feelings will get to you.]


Liera turned back. Her movements were nothing short of throwing away her life, but it was actually to hide her blushed cheeks.

[Yes, there was you. There was also you. The one that was always with the human. In front of us. Again and again!]
[I’m saying something important so don’t interrupt.]

When two 6th class auras clashed on the ground, the land that could not endure the shock was flipped over as the skies trembled before their might. The shock could also be felt at where Yu IlHan was. So such a manga-esque scene is possible… – in his absent-minded thoughts, such useless thoughts floated around.

[Listen well, IlHan. I won’t tell you twice because it’s embarrassing.]

And to his absent-minded thoughts, Liera’s voice leaked in.

[…..I love you, IlHan. Me, to you. More than anyone.]

Finishing her words, Liera charged in without waiting for Yu IlHan’s reply. The shadow also realized that it had to trample Liera first in order to kill Yu IlHan, and it charged at her as well.


From the moment Liera used her powers for anyone than herself, the feathers on her wings were being pulled out one by one, and at the same time, the power of a higher existence left her body, and a brilliant white-colored blood splattered from her wing bones. The white feathers and drops of blood made it look as if it was snowing in the night sky.

Despite that, she did not stop. The light growing from the pink spear protected her and her objective.

[O, god of love!]

The woman who abandoned heaven and returned to being a lower existence, shouted courageously as she struck with her spear.

[Please give me the power to protect the one I love!]

And the moment the two charged, Liera made a hole in the shadow even while vomiting out blood.

[The skill, Language, evolved into the skill, record! You are now able to translate everything you see, hear, and feel into the language of the Akashic Record and record them. Once recorded, everything remains as a record belonging to yourself.]

[All experience and the quantity of record acquired from monsters increase by two.]
[Attack power and critical hit rate increases by 30% when facing against a foe that you’ve experienced and recorded before.]

The skill evolution ended, and at the same time.

[You have mastered the skill, Blaze. You become the lord of fire.]
[You have acquired the blessing of the goddess of fire. Fire attribute resistance and attack power increases by 50%. Flames can no longer harm you. Flames wielded by the enemy can lose their controls to you and you will become able to wield them. The leagues of all skills that use fire increase by one level.]

[You can proceed to 4th class.]

Yu IlHan’s eyes glistened.

Author's notes

When I was writing this episode and the next episode, I was listening to the OST from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, 'Libera me from hell'

Translator's notes
DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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