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It has been 2 years since the 3rd Great Cataclysm, as well as the second year that Yu IlHan was left alone.

“Oh, there’s one here too.”

[Critical Hit!]

Whether it was deep in the sea, high up above the clouds, or a forest full of thick trees, it didn’t matter. With the flying fortress, Yu IlHan roamed around the Earth and killed all the monsters he could find.

[Human, we need to find and kill humans……!]


[Critical Hit!]

[The skill, Deathgod, activates……]

The monsters somehow had an enormous resentment towards Yu IlHan from birth, and tried to find him, but Yu IlHan didn’t want any more useless foreshadows so he killed them mercilessly and did not interrogate them for information. In fact, he found it annoying that he could understand what the monsters were saying.

“Just what did I do to piss off even the newborns?”
[Honestly, there are numerous reasons……? Do you even remember how many monsters you’ve killed until now?]

Just the destruction mirrors that orbited around the flying fortress like guards on patrol, had probably killed tens of billions of monsters. If there was something like a collective consciousness of monsters, then it would be strange if they didn’t resent Yu IlHan.
Liera remarked as if it was absurd, but Yu IlHan replied back with a shining pose.

“Liera, do you remember how many slices of bread you have eaten until now?”
[Fine, I get it.]

Yu IlHan collected the monster he had just killed. Although it had died too easily, this guy was a proper 4th class, one that even had a magic stone.

“So Earth is such a laborious place.”
[Although this is nothing new… your thought process is really shocking……]

Yu IlHan also acknowledged that he was being overly optimistic, but he also thought that he wasn’t really wrong saying that. That was because just counting the number of 4th class magic stone he had acquired in the past 2 years numbered 150 thousand!

“Would it be possible to acquire 150 thousand 4th class magic stones even if we clean up a thousand other worlds, other than Earth?”
[If it’s a lower world, then of course not.]

Yu IlHan looked at the pile of 4th class magic stones in his inventory and muttered. Just a few years ago, he had to be careful about using any 4th class magic stones, but now, he was literally swimming in riches!
Perhaps the heavens blessed him to be able to make anything he wants in compensation for cursing him to his lonerness. Perhaps he might have exchanged the two values which must never be exchanged!

[However, if it’s a higher world, it’s not impossible to gather that many magic stones. The problem is that 4th class magic stones aren’t that useful to higher existences]

[Well, yeah, it’s supposed to be. In fact, whatever magic stones are used, it would work if the rank of the weapon is high. Rather than their abilities, it’s their tier that makes the difference.]
“Explain it more simply.”

Liera pondered for a moment, before giving a short and clear answer.

[Everything you make will work.]
“Yes, that’s enough.”

No 5th class magic stone was used in the making of the flying fortress. If he heard that the flying fortress could not confront higher existences despite it being a god ranked artifact, then even he would have gone berserk at the injustice of the system.

[In fact, I think it’s really unfair that you could make epic or chaos or god or whatever using just 4th class magic stones…… but that’s nothing new so I’ll skip past it.]
“You just said everything though.”

Yu IlHan looked at his inventory and thought about what he could do with the magic stones he had gathered, but he decided to save them since there was nothing he could use them on right now.

Yes, ‘right now’.

[You’re planning something again!]
“It’s nothing.”

In fact, he had plenty of things to use the magic stones on if he wished to. He could consume them without waiting for the destruction mirrors to charge up and also use them as fuel to accelerate the flying fortress. However, the 3rd class magic stones, which numbered ten times as much, would suffice for that.

It was an infinite cycle of killing monsters and gaining their magic stones, and becoming more efficient in hunting them. The more he repeated the cycle, he acquired more magic stones, and by consuming them, the flying fortress increased its speed and destructive power in killing monsters.

The result was that, after 2 years, Yu IlHan could go around the world on the flying fortress in just a day or two. That round trip also included the process of killing monsters that appeared from various corners of the world.

[The rate at which monsters disappear is faster than the rate at which they appear…… you know what may happen at this rate, right?]

Like how Electrodes (Pokemon) didn’t die even when they self-destruct, dungeons did not disappear even when he made them explode. Rather, as the contents were emptied out, it desperately emits mana in order to re-fill the empty space, but the monsters outside were long since cleaned up by Yu IlHan, so it would not get any re-fill.

Then what happens? The Earth, possessing a thick concentration of mana, would generate more monsters to counteract that.
The mana emitted by the Traps of Destructions, the mana possessed by the Earth, and the Akashic Records of that region would combine with each other to give birth to literal freakish monsters!

[If you know, then slow down!]
“However, if an Overflow occurs and stronger monsters appear, then the Earth’s growth speed would accelerate, wouldn’t it? In fact, the majority of the monsters spawning nowadays are 4th class beings.”

Was it just 4th class? An overflow would be occurring even now, somewhere on Earth. Elite monsters over level 250 were being born non-stop! Of course, no monsters could survive the direct attack from Yu IlHan himself and the flying fortress!

Right now, Earth was giving off a relatively peaceful atmosphere, and was rather quiet thanks to the flying fortress. But if the flying fortress disappeared from Earth for just one week, then Earth would enter an era of chaos and destruction again. Even worlds after the 4th Great Cataclysm wouldn’t be in such a dire situation.

Liera actually feared that Earth would progress into a higher world very soon.
Once, Yu IlHan had said that he would replace the 7 billion humans on Earth and kill the monsters for them, but looking at the flying fortress and Yu IlHan right now, that was an absurd lie. Yu Ilhan was doing well over 7 billion people’s worth. It was more like 10 or 20 billion.

[But IlHan needs to get his 4th class too.]

At this point, the only requirements Yu IlHan hadn’t achieved was the blessing of the goddess of fire, mastering Blaze and mastering Deathgod. Deathgod and Blaze were nearing mastery, and were at level 99. Thinking about what kind of path he had taken until now to achieve that, he wanted to cry.

“Fire……. fire.”

Calling out the conditions to acquire his 4th class, Yu IlHan muttered while looking at the list.

“Should I try turning the world into a sea of fire?”

“Or should I try making an artificial sun?”
[I can’t even keep up with you now!]

Of course, whether it was covering the Earth with fire that is enough to dry out all the oceans, or making an artifact to replace the sun, he would need a 5th class magic stone. So, whichever it was, it was still a dream inside a dream.

“I also need to evolve the Language skill too.”
[You don’t need to hurry. Just remember that you’re progressing plenty fast right now.]

5th class magic stone? Liera didn’t even know they existed prior to her becoming a higher existence. Meanwhile, Yu IlHan required them whether it was acquiring 4th class, or evolving his skill, so it was very absurd.

“Ah…… okay.”

However, unlike her intentions, Yu IlHan looked dejected after hearing that.

“Yes. You’re right. There is a lot of time, so I don’t need to hurry.”


Perhaps, just perhaps, the reason why Yu IlHan wasn’t pedalling the breaks was to escape this stuffy reality. Although it was easy to forget because of his optimistic attitude, he was currently in a situation where it wouldn’t be strange even if he went crazy.

In the beginning stages of the 3rd Great Cataclysm, there were a lot of monsters to kill, and there were a lot of weapons to develop as well, so he had a lot to look forward to, but now that 2 years have passed, there was nothing more to make, and there were no monsters to kill for 3 or 4 days once he went on a round trip.
Even now, he had just finished a round trip around the world, so he couldn’t find any signs of monsters no matter how hard he looked for them. He just emptied out all the dungeons on Earth, so that was sure.

Liera finally thought that she might have committed a mistake, but it was too late by then. The dejected Yu IlHan put Blaze on his spear and swung it around, pioneering a new realm of playing alone.

His figure, making a figure of flames in the air using the Eternal Flame, was very beautiful when seen afar, but looked very miserable when seen up close. Liera couldn’t leave him alone, and tried her best to think up of things that may improve his mood.

[Bath, if you take a bath, you’ll feel better.]

[I don’t want to enter such a poisonous bath, duh.]

However, Yu IlHan’s mood didn’t get better even when he finished bathing. That could be seen from how the figure of flames he was making had evolve from a rabbit to the perverted vibration demon. If it was possible, Liera wanted to ask him to make something else, but Yu IlHan right now was like a bomb that would go off at any moment.

[Th, then……]

This was her chance. Liera decided to try a bolder approach to make Yu IlHan feel better. In no way this was to fulfill her desires. It was to console Yu IlHan! – even her own excuse was perfect.


She licked her lips while blushing in embarrassment, before closing her eyes and opening her mouth.

[IlHan, how about you…..]

At that moment, Yu IlHan abruptly raised his head. The figure of the vibration demon in the air dissipated. Did he realize without her having to say it? Just as when Liera’s face turned as red as a tomato,

“It’s an Overflow.”

“This aura is explosive. Is it because I cleaned out all the monsters from the ground? No, several Traps of Destructions are resonating at once. Don’t tell me it’s……”

Yu IlHan, who even showed signs of listlessness until now, instantly turned proactive. Well, this was the reason why he could grow until now, but Liera couldn’t help but think that she just became a fool when she saw that he was moving so busily.

[Should I just…..]

[Waiting for? I was waiting for hundreds of years! ……wait, waiting for what?]

Yu IlHan didn’t answer and drove the flying fortress, he applied concealment on the entire castle and wasn’t satisfied with just that and collected all of the Hundred Eyes into one place and prepared them to be able to shoot at any moment.
Liera thought ‘no way’ while looking at that, but could realize when the flying fortress reached the region of the Overflow.

A storming current of golden light; movements of the Traps of Destructions that defined reason and was gathering in one area; amplifying mana and the records belonging to the Akashic Record.

And a violent life form that was struggling inside it.

[A naturally occurring……5th class…..?]

A miracle that cannot happen, and should not have happen, was occurring on Earth right now.

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Is a 5th class finally being born on Earth…..? Find out next chapter 😛

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