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The declaration from a higher existence belonging to the Destruction Demon Army, and the connections to other worlds one after the other was proving the statement.
Yu IlHan consulted Kang MiRae about this, and she, with her exceptional abilities had informed the other ability user groups of Earth.

Moreover, as all of them experienced the absurd amount of monsters from Kiroa, literally all ability users agreed to participate if such a thing happened again. Even if it was to acquire Vanguard higher standard weapons, at least they would still do so.

However, Yu IlHan was worried about that. He didn’t like the fact that humanity, in its entirety, was focused on one incident.
This situation, where all ability users and governments flew at these incidents like dogs at a bone.

“While we’re focusing on Abandoned Worlds, wouldn’t some people plot something?”

“I don’t think they’re that capable. If they were, then Earth would have been doomed long time ago. What I want to say is that they have a restricted power. For convenience let’s name it ‘Open Gate’.”

For example, they perhaps might be able to use ‘Open Gate’ to delay or bring forward the time of the connection, or perhaps they might be able to know beforehand when and where the connection happens.

[That’s plenty horrible.] (Erta)

“And only when presuming that our enemy has ‘Open Gate’, does the possibility of working together between groups becomes possible. ‘Open Gate’ only becomes worth it under one precondition.”

Spiera received his words. Her voice was now starting heat up as well.

[A spy that can relay essential information real-time.] (Spiera)
“Yes. And a spy that has a grasp on the situation on the people who are quite capable, including me.”

Yes. If Destruction Demon Army were not aware of the situation on the ability users of Earth, then they would not be able to react so calmly. And potential spies were right in front of Yu IlHan as well.

In front of the 3 angels, Yu IlHan calmly declared.

“There are spies among the guardian angels attached to the ability users. And I said that in plural.”

Just what was their objective? Destruction Demon Army’s dogma, ‘Pure Destruction’, should not be comfortable to the traitors from the Army of Brilliant Light, either! And why is the Destruction Demon Army following their will anyway!] (Spiera)

Spiera fell into confusion and spat out lots of nonsense. Yu IlHan bitterly smiled and calmed her down.

“All of this is just my estimation. There are plenty of unnatural points about it. Don’t believe my words unconditionally. It will be fine to look for the reason after the truth is revealed.”

[I do not doubt it one bit. 100%] (Erta)

“Good, then let’s move under the pretext that I’m right.”

Leaving aside all, there was one sure thing.

“Whether it’s the Destruction Demon Army or the Army of Brilliant Light that is behind this, there should be some kind of group that are directing the people’s attention to the Abandoned Worlds. And my objective is to find that and destroy it.”

[If you are wrong, you might be at a point of no return.] (Erta)
“It’s alright. I prepared some things just in case something like this happened, while I was in the barrier…… And so, Erta, why don’t you do some delivery?”

Delivery, huh. Erta realized that someone could actually make a higher existence nervous with a single word, but she could only nod at Yu IlHan’s smile.

Erta put the ‘various items’ that took one tenth of Yu IlHan’s inventory into hers, and flew away. As he had told them to move around in secret while not being found by the other angels as all of them were potential spies, she would probably be alright.

Yu IlHan then woke up the sleeping Ericia and ordered her to bring the strong wolves over level 180 over to Earth.

Although he would have to take the risks, this situation was also the biggest opportunity for them to be accepted on Earth. Above all, they could not go against Yu IlHan’s orders, so they had to do what they were told to do.

Ericia, who was aware of that fact, made a disappointed expression momentarily, but still accepted his orders and left.
As she was carrying unique ranked claws to be equipped on wolf elite force, the army under her lead would be able to achieve considerable things.

Finally, Yu IlHan woke up the elves and ordered them after explaining to them the situation.

“You guys go and fight too. Hide your identities properly, and above all, the most important thing is safety. When you go to the battlefield, meet up with Erta, and leave as soon as you determine that the situation is becoming dangerous.”

“Do not be confident of anything either.”

Ordered Yu IlHan to the elves, and after that he pondered for a long time, but in the end, he put down Yumir on the floor and met his eyes.

“What does Mir want to do?”
“I want to fight and get stronger!”

Yumir was still in shounen-manga protagonist mode. Normally, Yu IlHan would laugh and embrace him, but it was a little different now. Yu IlHan couldn’t accompany him to that battlefield.

“In that place, dad won’t be there, so I can’t protect you. Of course, since I won’t be there, there will be more opportunities for you to fight…… but do you really want to go and fight?”
“Yeah! I want to become stronger!”

He did ponder about this since he knew that it would come to this. However…… Yu IlHan decided to leave them to take care of those incidents as he believed in the talents of the elves, Erta, and most importantly, his son.

“Very well. However, do not participate in incidents that may endanger your life. And keep yourself concealed as much as possible. Promise me, okay?”
“Yeah, promise!”

Smiling brightly, Yumir pinky-promised with Yu IlHan. Yu IlHan was still worried and so, put a sturdy dragon bone helmet on his head, and equipped him a chest protector made of dragon bones. Continuing, he gave him some Breath, and gave the remaining mana potions to him as well.

[So you’ve made a helmet. But why is there no armor, when there’s a chest protector?] (Spiera)

[I don’t get whether you cherish your son or not.] (Spiera)

The elves gathered with one intention after looking at Yu IlHan taking out various things for Yumir.

“We will protect Mir-nim with our lives!”
“Even if I have to sacrifice my soul, I’ll definitely protect the Imperial Prince!”

Of course, retorting specialist Yu IlHan retorted to them as well.

“Cut the crap, and all of you must survive and come back. I’ll exaggerate a little, but I don’t care about whether other people die or not, so don’t you guys dare die, got it?”

“Dad, I’ll be going!”
“Yes, mir. Don’t get hurt.”

And so, when the elves and Yumir left, silence arrived instantly.

Even though quite a lot of people were chatting inside the barrier made by the Hourglass of Eternity just a while ago, there were only two angels excluding Yu IlHan. He reminisced about his dropout period.

And Liera spoke to him.

[Now, out with your thoughts. There’s no way you’d move without conviction, is there?] (Liera)

[Doesn’t the world call that ‘conviction’?] (Spiera)
“Cowards always leave a way out in whatever claims they make.”

In fact, Yu IlHan had already predicted to a certain point, what the Destruction Demon Army and the Army of Brilliant Light was trying to do by grouping up.
Isn’t there something not related to Abandoned Worlds among the things that Yu IlHan had experienced until now?

[……Ah, now that I think about it, the first traitor appeared because he tried to bring an army from another world that had the 4th class mage! I forgot about it since it was all quiet after that!] (Liera)
“Now you remember?” 1

It was a secret that Yu IlHan had also forgot about it recently. Wasn’t this all because of the Destruction Demon Army’s scheme? Anyway, he thought it was fine since he remembered it before it was too late.

“That mage said something about conquering earth through war. I thought it was over by killing that mage, but what if it is happening now?”


While the humans of Earth desperately fought against the monster army that only aimed for destruction and were without ego, an army from another world would nibble away on Earth with conquering as their objective.

If it does become like that, then both the Destruction Demon Army’s goal of calling destruction upon Earth, and the Army of Brilliant Light’s goal of calling other world forces to Earth, would be achieved.

[So that’s it. A connection with another world. That’s definitely it. The Army of Brilliant Light wishes for an army of another world to rule Earth.] (Liera)
[Then why is that? Even while torturing and executing the traitors, I could not find out the reason. Just why do they wish to conquer Earth with humanity from another world? Do they want to play God?] (Spiera)

The answer to that was unknown. Why would she ask Yu IlHan if even torture didn’t bring out an answer… Yu IlHan shrugged his shoulders and replied.

“That’s not my concern. What’s important is that I need to shred them to pieces before they  eat Earth away.”

“Is there a place I have in mind? I do.”

Yu IlHan put on the screen of his smartphone to where he was looking a while before. A line mentioning the destruction of a small country could be seen. Really, no one even commented on it.

Many of them would be interested more in the entertainment world news, and more of them would be interested in the big fight not too long ago, and even more of them would be more interested in Abandoned Worlds that spread out through the angels. It was now even more suspicious.

There were materials regarding what Kang MiRae investigated on as well. If there was an enemy that wished to invade Earth, Yu IlHan thought that now was the best time, since monsters were appearing everywhere and many Abandoned Worlds were being connected to Earth.

[Don’t tell me the downfall of these small countries has something to do with it?] (Liera)
“If it’s not then I can’t help it. I can only wish that the internet would give me the answer.”

Somehow, he remembered the time when he and Erta roamed around Seoul relying on his smartphone to look up where monsters appeared.

At that time too, Yu IlHan could somehow find the answer. He could save the people in places where his eyes could reach.

He wished that the same thing happened again.

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A shorter chapter to compensate(?) for the previous one I guess…

Translator: Chamber

The world the 4th class mage is in is not considered an Abandoned World. ↩
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