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Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 114: I’m the Master of Your Lives – 6

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[You have earned 3,102,394 experience.]

[You have earned 3,001,925 experience.]

[The skill, Absolute accuracy, has become level 19. Accuracy increases and power increases by a small margin.]

Although the majority were 2nd classes, it seems there were quite a few 3rd classes amongst them.
The hundreds of bone spears that fell down like rain from the skies with hundreds of thousands of tons divided up amongst them, did not differentiate black or red wolf and brought fair death upon all and gave Yu IlHan an amount of experience that made him smile.

However, it was something else that made him even more delighted.

[You have killed 281 monsters continuously within 5 minutes with concealment still intact. Due to the skill, Deathgod, all abilities increase by 28.1%.]

That was the Deathgod skill. He couldn’t use this in Dareu as he could not keep his concealment against 3rd class dragonkin or the dragons.
Although there was the monstrous restriction to have to kill enemies continuously within 5 minutes, in a battlefield like this, this option would be brought out to its maximum. The reason Yu IlHan charged into the gate comparatively confidently was also because he believed in Deathgod skill.

“Although it isn’t as good as fighting dragonkin with the Black bone giant spear, if it’s this.”

Yu IlHan felt the boiling power in his body and laughed before clicking his fingers again. The spears made from dragon bones that were collected along with the monsters he had killed with them, fell upon once again on the battlefield.

As he had avoided the places where there were ones he couldn’t kill with a single strike on purpose, the bone spears, each weighing over a thousand tons, picked out the 2nd classes and the weaker 3rd classes precisely and put them to death.

[You have earned 6,758,019 ex……]

[The skill, Absolute accuracy, has become level 21. Usage of the skills become more free.]

As there was a limit to Yu IlHan’s Deathgod skill, his ability increase stopped with 62%, but experience still piled up. It piled up like mad.
Yu IlHan used every ounce of power he could use to sense magic power in order to desperately aim for only the ones he could kill ‘with a single strike’. As he had the Absolute accuracy skill, it wasn’t even that hard.

If one of them survived, then it would be quite a big matter. Yu IlHan’s concealment would wear off, and the Deathgod skill he had piled up would also dissipate. Well, he could conceal himself again and kill hundreds more.

[You have…….]

[You have become level 138. 1 Strength, 2 Agility, 1 Health, 1 Magic increases.]

“Wow, finally levelled up by 1. I feel like it’s been a long time.”
[Stop right there.] (Erta)

His enemies were dumbfounded in panic due to the mysterious attacks, but like that, 30 thousand black and red wolves were butchered within 20 minutes when they realized that something serious was happening.

Only Flemir, who couldn’t go back to Earth due to fighting against the Destruction Demon Army

, and couldn’t stop the slaughtering of his own kin shouted in frustration.

“Kuaaah! Just what do you want to do!”

What do you mean what, of course it’s level ups.

Hummed Yu IlHan while moving. As he had to find numerous enemies at once and shoot his spears, his brain was quite pressured, but as the Absolute accuracy skill rose in level, it was also becoming quite easy.
Moreover, this pain was a pain that made him advance. Yu IlHan thought it was even fun.

“Khya, it’s definitely here.”

“We can only search everywhere.”

The 4th classes belonging to Destruction Demon Army now came into his range. From what Erta confirmed, there were no higher existences here, so Yu IlHan could also move around with ease.

Yes, it’s about time to decrease their numbers too.

‘Let’s see, that guy looks the easiest.’

He could see a 4th class wolf, well, humanoid wolfkin belonging to the Destruction Demon Army, that was slightly lacking than Flemir. The name was so long, so he decided to call it DD-wolf. 1

[You will use the pile bunker, right?] (Erta)

It was no ordinary pile bunker. What Erta was talking about was the single-time-use pile bunker he had invested the 4th class magic stone on, and one that had an attack power of over 10 thousand. However, Yu IlHan shook his head.

“No, now that I’m strengthened thanks to Deathgod and can use Blaze, the situation is slightly different.”

Moreover, Yu IlHan’s weapon was the epic ranked Eight-tailed dragon spear that had a pure attack power of 7,000 even without the dragonkin adjustment.

“*Sniff, sniff*, can you smell something burning?”

As DD-wolf belonged to the dog family with advanced senses, it seemed that he had found a trace of Yu IlHan in concealment, albeit a little.
4th classes were different after all! – shouted Yu IlHan in exclamation as he struck out his spear.

“Here, your neck is burning!”

Options from his class as a Blazing reaper, 40% increase in attack with surprise attacks, 30% increase against life forms, 25% increase with his robe, 62% from Deathgod, on top of all that, Blaze, purple flames, and superhuman strength were added in order to draw the flawless trajectory and slash at the DD-wolf’s neck!

[Critical Hit!]

And all that damage was instantly doubled. The enemy’s neck was severed like that and died without being able to make a sound.

[You have earned 531,908,117 experience.]
[You have earned the record of Lv 204 Raising Claw Wolf.]

Whether Yu IlHan shouts in a loud voice, or tap-dances while singing the national anthem, his concealment would not wear off as long as he succeeds in killing the enemy in one strike.

This guy wasn’t the weak mage, and so Yu IlHan didn’t think that he would be able to kill it in a single strike and he thought himself to be lucky when a critical hit popped up.

[It must be because it’s an Abandoned World. Yes. It’s because it’s an Abandoned World……] (Erta)
“Next one coming. It will be a close combat if there’s no critical hit so you be careful too.”

Thousands of 2nd and 3rd classes were dying and a single 4th class dying were on completely different levels.
As he had killed too swiftly, all the beings here didn’t know, but from how the red and black wolves were howling loudly, they would probably find out soon.

‘Then the next opponent is…… Tch!’

A being that poured cold water on his good feelings, appeared.
The over classed, huge humanoid wolfkin that looked like it was over level 230, and one that Yu IlHan wished for to move the slowest, started rushing towards the gate in a straight line!

[Kuhuuuuuuu, It seems there’s something important to everyone here beyond that gate! I don’t have any thoughts in playing in the field you guys made here!]

You’re so smart despite your size!

Its charging speed was frightening. Moreover, all wolves were obliterated into meat paste regardless of their color, and the roar it gave out made the sky and earth tremble. That was a humanoid tank right there! Yu IlHan tried dropping a spear on it but it was useless as it did not get hit.

“Damn, Red demon wolf Quesad……!”

“Eek, dammit…… Kiana! You need to stop Quesad, he’s going to the gate!”

It seemed the other 4th class ally was named Kiana. And coincidentally, it seemed the one named Kiana succeeded in slaying its enemy and started rushing towards the demon wolf, Quesad, that Flemir had talked about!

“Don’t you dare! You’re mine!”
“Damned traitor, begone!”

One of the 4th class DD-wolves that charged throughout the battlefield in search for Yu IlHan assaulted Kiana. Kiana dodged to the best of its abilities and rushed with only Quesad in its sight. And succeeded in holding it back before Quesad reached the gate!



Unfortunately, Quesad was 15 levels or more higher.
15 levels difference in 4th class was no different from an unsurpassable 4 dimensional wall. When Quesad swung its sword, the longsword in Kiana’s hands snapped exactly in half.

[I! am the one who carries out the will of the Destruction Demon Army! Under their will, I will bring about new history of wolfkin, and conquer this world!]
“I won’t let youuuuuuuuuu!”

However, will sometimes surpassed systems like levels! Kiana was enveloped by her will to protect the wolfkin royalty and squeezed out all of the mana in her body. When she did, a blade of mana newly protruded out on top of the broken sword!
Grabbing that, Kiana courageously went against Quesad.

A giant, and a comparatively tiny young wolf. It was as if looking at the fight between David and Goliath. Quesad raised both of its fists and put them together before striking down towards Kiana, and Kiana pierced with the mana blade it had brought out with all its remaining power!


The result soon appeared. At the same time Kiana’s sword made a big hole in Quesad’s chest, Quesad’s two fists smashed Kiana’s head.
Quesad could move with a hole on its chest, but Kiana without a head could not move any more. Obviously, it had died.

“Damn useless thing!”

Bullshit David and Goliath, it was just done in! In a few seconds too!

[But its wound is deep. Yu IlHan, attack before it recovers!] (Erta)
“I know!”

Yu IlHan also charged. However, with the exception of the DD-wolf holding down Flemir, the other two were rushing forward in order to help Quesad.

“Where……. do you think you’re going!”

Naturally, 4th class wolf monsters would be faster than Yu IlHan. However, the current Yu IlHan’s stats were multiplied due to the harmony of Deathgod and Angel’s Support skills!

On top of that, he activated leap not vertically but horizontally, and re-leaped mid way in order to accelerate even more, so an unbelievable human bullet was created.

While Goliath, no, Quesad’s face was becoming close real time, Yu IlHan took out the pile bunker. The single time-use pile bunker he invested a 4th class magic stone into!

Although he wanted to cry for using it, but this was exactly the moment he had to use it as he could not use the remote collection inventory. He could not let a monster like that go over to Earth.

“Eat this!”

With his flying momentum, Yu IlHan smashed the pile bunker into the big hole made by Kiana’s mana-filled sword strike.
The moment it was about to realize Yu IlHan presence  due to concealment wearing off, the pile bunker was ejected due to the shock and pierced its body!


A monstrous quake resounded out as if the skies were collapsing. As if an Earthquake had happened, the weaker monsters even fell down without gaining balance.

From the moment it ejected the pile bunker, the launcher was destroyed into pieces, and due to the massive explosion that happened within its body, Quesad puked blood along with a painful groan.

However, even after receiving a hit from his strongest attack, it was still alive. There should be a limit to tanking! Yu IlHan used the rebound from the explosion to land nearby and panted.

“You really are a monster.”
[Kuhuhahaaaaaaaa! You’ve finally shown yourself!]

Moreover, didn’t it sound like it had waited for this moment? It had thrown its body while believing in its sturdy body.

[The lords may have a good impression of you, but not to me. Even though you are a mere human who has to borrow power from other places because you were born weak! How dare you try to join the Destruction Demon Army! I cannot accept it!]
“I don’t have any thoughts in joining either!”

Kicking off the ground, Yu IlHan assaulted towards it. From some time, a spear was in his hand and was aiming for the wound he had drilled with the pile bunker.

However, Quesad was the best enemy he had met who could use a peak-level martial art with a humanoid body.
Moreover, he possessed superior strength and reflexes, so it saw through Yu IlHan’s move instantly and counterattacked with its thicker-than-a-tree leg!


Yu IlHan couldn’t even ‘extend his spear once’ before flying back through the air. It was a truly refreshing strike and a reaction. 2

If this was a comedy manga, he would be able to land on his feet, but reality wasn’t so sweet. Despite being protected by sturdy armor, Yu IlHan felt that a few of his ribs were broken and had to roll on the snowy ground several times.


Voiced Quesad in satisfaction.

[Let’s see with my eyes the Earth you want to protect so m-]

And collapsed on the ground.

A moment later, a scarlet line of fire could be seen from the wound on its chest to its head, and like manga, its head halved.

[You have earned 2,871,192,995 experience.]

[The skill, Blaze, has become level 9. The firepower increases even more.]
[The skill, Spear of Untraceable Trajectory, has become level 18. The power increases even more.]

“…..*Burp*. Gosh that’s strong.”

Confident of the enemy’s death, Yu IlHan didn’t even think about getting up from that place and sucked on a Breath-filled cheer pack while thinking. Spear of Untraceable Trajectory is OP after all.

“H, how can this be.”
“Quesad, Quesad died to a mere human……”

The surviving DD-wolves couldn’t hide their shock at Quesad’s death. Flemir, who saw that the DD-wolf he was facing was stiff, achieved 1 kill in the confusion.

With that, there were 3 4th class monsters including Flemir. They were all at a laughable level compared to the Blood Fenrir Quesad.

‘Now, let’s clean up the rest.’

Confirming that his broken ribs had healed with Transcendent Regeneration, Yu IlHan smirked. As all the gazes were fixed to the demon wolf, he had of course, succeeded in concealing himself. This was also the reason he received the kick from Quesad in the first place.

‘But that hurt too much.’

‘I only chose the surefire and safe method.’

Replying to Erta’s out-of-personality grumbling, Yu IlHan flicked his fingers. Hundreds of bone spears appeared in the air and pierced the wolves to death.

As this was an attack he was using with the inventory’s remote collection function, the weight transfer function and gravity, he could only attack from top-down, but it was too fast, and too absurd, and were even affected by Absolute accuracy, it was also an attack that could not fail.

By the time the 4th class monsters realized that their enemy was still alive and succeeded in concealing himself, it was too late to do anything.

Author’s notes

Inventory remote collection + absolute accuracy OP combo! Like what IlHan is saying, he can’t do that much without the absolute accuracy skill. Yu IlHan has become a moving disaster. Oh, against weak mobs I mean. Moreover, there is a limit to wielding the remote collection. It will be explained and be overcome later. Would Destruction Demon Army just make lame attempts like that! What are the other groups doing! This will also come out later! ^^

Translator’s notes

Should I change ‘Cheer pack’ to ‘Pouch’? ‘Drinking pouch’ look exactly the same as what I’m thinking, (and probably what the author is thinking)

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