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Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 107: I Am A Drifter of My Soul – 8

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Yu IlHan confirmed the amount of dragon meat inside the dragon blood and nodded his head. It looked as if the dragon meat that couldn’t be eaten raw, was being assimilated into the mana circulation system through the medium of blood.

“Even the inedible monster meat might become edible if I do this.”

“Wouldn’t mother like it if I open one after I chase one of the shops out? I can supply all the materials. Oh, the place of origin is quite a big problem.”

It will be over the moment he wrote ‘Dareu’.

[You can’t do that!] (Erta)

[It’s full of mana too. It might even replace potions……] (Erta)

Cooking skill was an area that Yu IlHan did not improve on during the frozen millennium.

Although it did grow rapidly due to Yu IlHan becoming able to consume monster meat and blood after acquiring extreme poison resistance, and the fact that monster cooking gave a lot of proficiency experience, he thought that he would never be able to master the cooking skill.

However, it didn’t seem like that now. If he started cooking and eating dragon meat and blood, his cooking skill may increase to new heights. It was funny, but it was very possible that Yu IlHan would become a master of cooking through cooking unconventional monsters.

[That sounds horrible.] (Erta)
[Good cooks are always good. That dragon meat looks nice.] (Liera)

Liera was drooling about dragon meat even though Yumir was in her arms. What an irony! Erta resolved that she would never show dragon meat to Yumir.

While she was secretly resolving to herself, Yu IlHan left the maturing dragon meat and started another task with an air of liveliness. Which was, of course, dismantling.

Now, he was very used to dragon dismantling, as he completely and perfectly separated an entire dragon corpse within just 2 minutes, and even stored the blood.
Liera clapped while watching since it was as if he was using clone techniques, but Erta, who escaped her pondering asked Yu IlHan with a tone lined in fear.

[Yu IlHan, Lecidna’s body is among them right?]
“Yes, it is. She was a golden bird when she died, but she turned back into a dragon when I checked.”

That was the same with Karrows, who assumed elven form, and the immature dragons that still hadn’t assumed their dragon forms yet. Whether newborn or adult, they returned to their original forms after they died.

[I’ll say this just in case, but.] (Erta)
“I’ll cremate her. When Mir grows up.”

Said Yu IlHan firmly.

“What do you take me to be? I just declared that I will acknowledge Mir as my son.”

Erta finally realized. Yu IlHan’s declaration wasn’t just at a level where he just accepted the phenomenon, but that he would really accept Yumir as his real family.

These two may sound the same, but in Yu IlHan’s mind, they would be very different.

[Since you sometimes do abnormal things like nothing……] (Erta)

Erta vaguely ended her line. She tried to understand Yu IlHan’s unpredictable action a little more, but she realized that she was still far away from it, and felt tragic. She felt even more tragic seeing Liera laughing on her side.

[You knew that already, didn’t you!] (Erta)

Complained Erta through the angel’s ring in order to not let Yu IlHan hear it. Then, Liera answered in a whisper with a flawless mile.

[That’s why I said I’ll become the stepmother.] (Liera)

Surströmming was still surströmming even after rotting, and it seemed that Liera didn’t spend a millennium with him for nothing after all. Yes, she was indeed suitable to be blessed by the god of love. Or so Erta acknowledged.

Yu IlHan didn’t even know what was happening between the angels and continued dismantling. Since he had a little less than 300 dragon corpses, he would finish them by today, but the problem was the 3rd class dragonkin.
Even though he had dismantled and used a considerable number of dragonkin corpses in order to arm the elves of the fallen elven empire, he still had 30 thousand left! 30K!

“If I dismantle one every 20 seconds, that’s 3 every minute.”

“That makes 180 per hour, 4,320 per day. Which makes 43,200 in ten days. In other words, 12 days if I take my time……”
[So you aren’t planning to sleep for even one second, are you?] (Liera)

Even while dismantling the dragons without rest, Yu IlHan was conflicted. Honestly, he was surprised at the fact that nothing much had happened on Earth, but would it be so in the future as well?

Well, of course, if it was, then Yu IlHan could also focus on what he wants. However, wasn’t he too lucky to acquire so many dragon corpses, and even survive after meeting a higher existence? Wasn’t it time for something very annoying and tiring to happen?

[This guy has such a hard life.] (Liera)

Yu IlHan finished conflicting. Then he first finished dismantling the dragon he was doing now. The angels would watch the dragon dismantling show that was presented to them along with the beautiful sword dance any time.

It was 11 am Korean time when Yu IlHan arrived at his apartment in Gangnam with the elves. When he finished dismantling and classifying the parts of all 4th class dragons, it became 6 in the evening.

“Is Mir still sleeping?”
[Yup, he’s sleeping well.] (Liera)

Yu IlHan, who had considered the nagging and crying of children along with changing diapers the moment he was ‘given’ the dragon egg, renewed his opinion for the better at Yumir who only had the good points of children.


Yu IlHan packed away the dismantling tools and took out a small amount of dragon bones and skin. The sturdy and sharp ribs and skull of Karrows that protected its vital parts, and the most sturdy parts of the skin.

[Are you going to make new equipment?] (Erta)
“For the elves. I can’t arm all 1,527 of them with dragon gear so I made do with dragonkin then, but I can’t do that with the ones I brought here.”

He would feel really bad if they died because he gave them inferior gear after they followed him all the way here. Yu IlHan convinced himself like that, but Erta didn’t seem to accept that.

[They are still in their level 80s!] (Erta)

[You are different!] (Erta)

He knew very well that Erta was worried. If one used too good gear compared to one’s ability, then that person would rely on the power of the gear and it would become difficult for that person to raise his/her own capability.

Well, of course, since Yu IlHan had max level of most things technically so she wouldn’t be so worried, but the highest level of martial arts that the elves had was 72. This was also a miracle that happened to a long-living elf, but in Erta’s eyes, it would be insufficient.

“I can raise their lacking abilities.”

As Yu IlHan was proficient with all weapons, he could declare so, and Erta could only grumble to herself.
Liera was in watching mode from the beginning without the slightest intention of interfering. For some reason, Erta was losing to her today all the time. Erta quenced her burning passion for a comeback and decided to silently watch Yu IlHan.

Yu IlHan first made sturdy armor for the greatsword warrior Mirey and the shield warrior Jirl.

He first made a simple leather armor to be worn on the inside, before making a fullplate armor with dragon bones and processed with dragon scales on top of that. All of that turned out to be a strong armor that would test the endurance of the one that’s trying to pierce the armor instead.
After that, he invested a few 3rd class magic stones to mana craft, and they both became legend ranked.

[……] (Erta)

[Even legend rank is welcomed by the angels in front lines……!] (Erta)

Of course, even within the same legend rank, there would be very big differences according to the level of the materials and the results of the mana crafting, but at the very least, the legend ranked armor that Yu IlHan created would definitely be ranked amongst the top.

“Good, let’s finish it like this.”

Like that, he finished making leather clothing for the archer Paté, and the thief Phiria. He designed the joints for agile and delicate movements, and made it to stick close to the skin, but he also made it so that the vital body parts are protected well by investing dragon scales.
As their ranks ended in unique since there was not much stitching done to it, but that was Yu IlHan’s best so he couldn’t help it.

“Following that, a greatsword, two daggers, a shield and…..”

A bow. He was confident in that one. Since he got more proficient while making ballistas, and because the Giant’s Rubber Band that was created from Karrows’ tendons turned out to be even better than the ones made from Orochi’s tendons.

Yu IlHan also wondered why that was the case, and he realized that it was because the Eternal Flame had evolved once again after eating the dragon egg shells that Yumir was born from. Perhaps due to that, all products made from dragon parts became better.

“This guy in secret……”

However, the Eternal Flame only licked its lips in naïvety as if asking what it had done wrong. He would only get himself tired even if he got angry at an item that couldn’t talk, so Yu IlHan could only continue working and think that it was a good thing.

Perhaps it was worth it for the Eternal Flame to eat the egg shells, as for the greatsword, the daggers, and even the shield turned out to be legend ranked.
Yu IlHan, who organized those items, which made him feel happy just by looking at it, Yu IlHan began crafting the bow from the lightweight and elastic black scales and the Giant’s Rubber band from Karrows.

[Wow, such a beautiful bow.] (Liera)

“I’m straight.”

But what could he do? They were his subordinates that followed him all the way here. Yu IlHan focused his all while creating the bow for Paté. He would be too embarrassed to give him a unique ranked bow when the armor was already a unique ranked one.

Just using the scales of the Cursed Dragon, and its tendons, the bow was completed within two hours. The bow and bowstring that gave off a feeling like they would disappear when thrown into the darkness, was astoundingly beautiful, to the point that even Yu IlHan, the creator himself, exclaimed in awe when seeing it.

“Did I do too well? It’s a legend rank even though I didn’t mana craft it yet.”


That was the moment when his desire as a crafter burned up. The desire that he maybe able to create an artifact at the epic stage with Yu IlHan’s power alone.

[Yu IlHan?] (Erta)

It was best to proceed when hesitating. Yu IlHan took out the 4th class magic stone that Karrows had left behind.
Befitting of a magic stone belonging to a Cursed Dragon, the magic stone emitted an aura of vicious curse, which would have made it impossible for Yu IlHan to grab it if he didn’t have the Higher curse resistance skill.

“I gave out a legend rank weapon for a sum of money. If I can’t invest this much for my subordinates, that won’t do.”

Yu IlHan grabbed on the magic stone. On his other hand, he grabbed the bow and closed his eyes. Then he thought.
What was important for a bow?

The elasticity of the bowstring and the flexibility of the shaft? If it became any stiffer, Yu IlHan might be able to pull it, but Paté wouldn’t even be able to pull it properly with both arms.
Then sturdiness? It would take a dragon one hour to break this thing. The function as a weapon was already perfect. Then what? What more would make it perfect?

No. Not that. All of them were wrong!

“So that’s it.”

The enlightenment came from a completely unexpected point.

Yu IlHan’s thinking until now was wrong. Mana crafting must not be a process of fulfilling a lacking part of an item! How could he think that as a crafter?

Blacksmithing and mana crafting was the same, but at the same time, different. He had to focus on making an unprecedented item through the fusion of two already perfect processes.

The bow was already perfect. He created this item using the best materials he had as a blacksmith.
Now, he just had to make a perfect artifact using the power of the magic stone to the extreme, not as a blacksmith, but a mana crafter!

As such.
Run wild like you want.

Light appeared. A ‘black light’ that appeared out of unknown origin enveloped the bow, the magic stone, Yu IlHan and the entire workshop. The light was overwhelming to the point that it may have covered the entire world momentarily.

[Deathgod’s Trajectory, was completed.]
[The skill, Mana crafting, has become level 50. You can bring out the abilities of the material used in mana crafting more easily.]

Done – muttered Yu IlHan thoughtlessly. Opening his eyes, he could see that the black bow had left his embrace and was floating in the air. The magic power dwelling within it formed a perfect balance and surpassed matter by half just by existing.

“That’s a pity.”

Yu IlHan made a bitter smile with that masterpiece for generations to come, in front of him. While looking back to the equipments he had made until now, and especially while he thought of the most recent artifact he had made.

“Aegis may have become like this if it took one step more, but I couldn’t find the right feeling then.”

[Truly beautiful. It’s excruciating that this will be given to a mere elf…….!]

Both human and angels would be certain without even the need to check the details on this item. This artifact was the best among the ones that Yu IlHan had created until now, and is likely to remain as such for the foreseeable future.

That was because they knew very well that it wasn’t something that could be made every day just with the materials, the magic stone and the ability of the smith. All other conditions including inspiration and the condition of the body had to be perfect for there to be a possibility of such a thing.

“Karrows’ thoughts on top of that would be truly perfect.”

“No, the problem isn’t that. It’s that Orochi ate up Karrows’ thoughts.”

Thinking back, he hadn’t moved Orochi’s thought on to the Black bone giant spear yet. Yu IlHan added another schedule in his heart and lightly grabbed his masterpiece.

[Deathgod’s Trajectory]

[Attack Power – 7,400]

[User restrictions – 3rd class with archer-class main class. Strength and agility above 250]

1. All arrows are imbued with strong power of a curse.

3. A critical strike occurs with 100% chance when attacking the same opponent for the 3rd time.

[A smith with the ability that would twist and collapse all records through his mere existence made this masterpiece. A perfect artifact fitting to accompany a legendary hero, and will be recorded in the history of all worlds.]

Really, a pie in the sky, was born

Author’s notes

The feeling of loss that I felt when I found that the kimchi I ate so deliciously turned out to be made with chinese chilli powder… Yu IlHan progressed as a blacksmith thanks to his enlightenment
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