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12/01/2018 Translator: Blue

Everlasting Sword God - Chapter 12 - True Realm Revealed

The audience looked at Chu Huoluo worriedly. People switched sides real quick when they saw how talented she was.


Meanwhile, Chu Zhu Xi watched the exchange with a fearful look in her eyes. Just now, Chu Huoluo's attack had been too fast and powerful. If even Zhou Wenzi couldn't defend against it, how could she possibly win? She had been surpassed by Chu Huoluo in just three months.


A cold fear gripped her heart, and the feeling of superiority vanished. Chu Zhu Xi's only hope was if Zhou Wenzi's attack could land and cripple Chu Huoluo forever.


No matter how skilled her little sister was now, in the face of overwhelming power, the only thing she could do was collapse and break!


Chu Zhu Xi clenched her fists and kept her eyes on the battle, waiting to see Chu Huoluo fall.




The two swords clashed in the air at maximum velocity producing a loud screech. The figures of the two people on the stage blurred.




The next second, a dark shadow was thrown towards the wall and slammed into it with a thud. The figure stuck to the wall for a moment, and then slowly slid down like a drop of water gliding down a window.


Unexpectedly, the one who got thrashed wasn't Chu Huoluo! It was the person who spoke so arrogantly before, Zhou Wenzi!


Peak Cultivator of the Sixth Realm! The strongest new disciple of the Abandoned Sword Villa! First Place on the Mystique Rankings for an entire three months!


Absolutely wrecked by a 14 year-old girl at 117th Place on the Mystique Rankings! The audience was dumbstruck and said nothing for a good minute.


Chu Zhu Xi gaped at the stage, stunned.


A bright smile bloomed across Chu Huoluo's face. She flourished her sword in the air. "Who told you to attack so aggressively? If you were a bit more rational, you could have probably lasted for more than three moves."


It was true. Zhou Wenzi wasn't a person who was new to the world of fighting. If he focused a bit more on strategy, the battle could have easily been drawn out. The only requirement for him to win was that he endured for three moves.


"I-Is she at the S-Seventh Realm of Cultivation? Only a Seventh Realm Cultivator could have defeated Zhou Wenzi so easily!" a member of the audience cried out in shock.


"How could this be! Three months ago, the list clearly stated that she was at the fifth realm. There's no way she could cross two whole realms in such a short time period! This... It doesn't make any sense! "


The arena bursted into an uproar. Only Shen Zhenyi seemed at peace. The outcome of the match fell well within his expectations.


Shen Baihe watched at him from afar, his eyes flashing with a cold light.


What happened today was a miracle. It was a miracle created by the Third Prince.


A year ago, Shen Zhenyi's meridians were reported to have been broken. The phenomenons should have stopped there, but now, they found out his miracles were still continuing.


Even if he couldn't walk properly, with a point of his finger, a pure little girl broke into the Seventh Realm of Martial Arts.


She's in the same realm as me! Shen Baihe bit his lip drawing blood. All of his talents, wisdom, and efforts meant nothing in the presence of the Third Prince.


"You... You're now a seventh realm cultivator?" Chu Zhu Xi stood at the edge of the arena and murmured to Chu Huoluo.


Chu Huoluo shrugged her shoulders and laughed, "It's all thanks to the Third Prince. He wasn't satisfied with my cultivation speed though. It seems I was a bit slow."


Chu Zhu Xi staggered. Her sister's cultivation speed wasn't fast enough? Zhu Xi had thought she could suppress her little sister, but now, Chu Huoluo was flying high above the clouds out of reach. Chu Zhu Xi couldn't do a thing to catch up.


Her heart became heavy, seeming to sink into an abyss.


Chu Huoluo smiled and walked off the stage, standing behind Shen Zhenyi. Although she was the protagonist at the moment, she owed everything to the Third Prince. The limelight wasn't hers to take.


All of the onlookers took a good look at Shen Zhenyi. He dressed in a neat white robe. His expression was calm, indifferent to the victory, and even slightly bored.


Shen Baihe laughed forcefully and went over to Shen Zhenyi. He pretended to be excited and his voice trembled from "happiness." "Wow! Third Brother! Have you gotten over your loss?"


"Not yet." Shen Zhenyi's replied in a cold voice without any brotherly love or sentiment. "There's nothing you can do to help. Eldest Brother doesn't have to worry too much."


Shen Zhenyi was long used to dealing with ambitious people. It was better to distance yourself away from them.


Shen Baihe didn't expect his brother's tone to still be so sharp, even under the eyes of the public. Knowing that any more questions would reveal their rocky relationship, he shut his mouth and let the conversation end. He could only hold onto Shen Zhenyi's wheelchair in a friendly manner and shift his focus towards the audience. "Today, thanks to my little brother, you guys were able to witness the birth of a new star!"


Chu Huoluo proved her talent as a Seventh Realm Cultivator. She easily defeated the person who was First Place on the Mystique Rankings at the age of fourteen years old. Chu Huoluo was the most outstanding rookie in the Nine Hells. Shen Zhenyi didn't count. The guy was a living god.


Waking up from their dream, the audience stared at Chu Huoluo with awe and a little bit of envy.


Through this battle alone, she would become famous all over the world.


"Your sword was still a bit imperfect. Let's go back, so you can swing it a few thousand more times."


In Shen Zhenyi's opinion, Chu Huoluo's swordsmanship was still full of holes. The only reason she won so smoothly was because her opponent was too stupid and arrogant.


Her victory really wasn't anything too big to him.


"Aww, fine." Chu Huoluo stuck out her tongue, but didn't refute.


The crowd became confused. Wasn't she extremely skilled at swordsmanship? They just witnessed her beat the bejeezus out of the strongest disciple. The Third Prince couldn't give her a break?


"Brother, the battle today is over. I'm going back to my room first." He said goodbye to Shen Baihe and signaled for Chu Huoluo to leave with him.


Chu Huoluo delicately walked behind Shen Zhenyi and pushed the wheelchair forward.


Before going out the door, Shen Zhenyi turned around and asked indifferently, "Oh yeah, Brother. Is my house clean enough for me to move back in?"


Shen Zhenyi used to live alone in the East Courtyard of The Abandoned Sword Villa. He had a three-story mansion constructed and called it the Dream Sword Manor. The manor was his home as well as his training center. Ever since it was built, Shen Zhenyi was mansion's only resident and practiced the sword inside.


When he was injured, Shen Zhenyi moved to the back hill to recover, and the Dream Sword Manor was left empty and inhabited.


Shen Baihe reluctantly answered, "Father told me that every now and then, servants will come and clean up the East Courtyard."


In his mind, it would be best if his brother secluded himself on the back hill forever, so he wouldn't interfere in the politics of the Abandoned Sword Villa. Unfortunately, the situation was unfolding in the direction he least wanted it to.


Why is he leaving the hill?


Shen Baihe maintained a smile on his face, but the hands in his sleeves had already clenched into fists and his veins popped out underneath his clothes.


Shen Zhenyi nodded slightly and said nothing more. The wheelchair continued silently. Chu Huoluo and Shen Zhenyi quietly disappeared into the backyard


As soon as the Third Prince was out of earshot, the audience erupted into discussion.


"I can't believe it! I got to see the Third Prince with my own two eyes!"


"Although the Third Prince lost his martial arts, he's still so cool!"


"Why didn't I sneak onto the back hill to get taught by the Third Prince?!"


Most of the people present felt regret. Shen Zhenyi probably wouldn't have taught them anyways, though.


Zhou Wenzi, lying unconscious at the side of the stage was forgotten.


Chu Zhu Xi's face was pale, and her body resembled a frozen statue. It looked like she had just lost her soul along with her will to live.


Shen Baihe looked at the two, and sighed. A sad feeling spread throughout his chest. Today was nothing but bad news followed by more bad news.


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