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Chapter 175 - Longevity, Fate, Godhood, Arts, Spirit

A few words from Shangguan Hen had settled that extremely powerful Miao Chen! At the sight of this, countless cultivators were shocked for a long time.

The cultivators, who were staying in the resort with some evil designs in their heart, felt extremely appalled. How much do we still not know about the Great Han Royal Dynasty? It seems it would be better for us to get farther and farther away from the earth dragon vein? Do we still have any kind of opportunity?

In contrast, when Meng Tai returned to the Traders' City, he acted more vigorously and resolutely than before. Rivers of blood trailed behind him in the wake of his investigations. No city or region in his path was spared.

The civil and military officials also slowly started to change. They gradually realized that the development of a Royal Dynasty that had entered the cultivation world was far different from any previous Dynasties. The difference was like that between the Heaven and the Earth.

Perhaps the current Dynasty had countless opportunities; they could cultivate immortality, and live a long life. However, it was also accompanied by extreme dangers. In the world of cultivation, a powerful expert alone could destroy the whole nation!

As such, the civil and military officials became more diligent.

Gu Qin, on the other hand, continued to study Elder Guanqi's inheritance. After all, Elder Guanqi's inheritance was too vast, he hadn't even grasped even half of it.

This matter was also extremely shocking for Gu Hai.

In the study room...

The brush in Gu Hai's hand slowly wrote 'Divine Continent' in huge characters on a sheet of rice paper.

"In Divine Continent, experts are like trees in a forest! This Miao Chen was just an ordinary member!?" Gu Hai remunerated in his thoughts.

In regards to Shangguan Hen bringing Miao Chen back, or what had really happened, everyone was extremely concerned about it. However, since Gu Hai had decreed, no one was allowed to bother Shangguan Hen, which left everyone feeling helpless.

Now, everything went on as usual. The Great Han Royal Dynasty had recovered its calm. There were many places on Nine-Five Island that yet remained to be conquered. Gao Xianzhi and Chen Tianshan were at the frontlines, commanding troops.

In every city, the royal examination had also screened out the first batch of best scholars and sent them on to the royal palace, where they would take another exam, through which the top geniuses would be selected.

From the moment that Great Han Royal Dynasty was established, its development had not stopped for a moment.

Just like that, a month was soon over.

Shangguan Hen sought Gu Hai again. Towing Miao Chen, he met with Gu Hai alone in the study room.

"Your Royal Majesty, last time, I couldn't help it. I had lost my wits in worry and forced myself into f the Great Han. Miao Chen is here to apologize to Your Royal Majesty, hoping that Your Royal Majesty will forgive for my past transgression!" Miao Chen bowed down to Gu Hai.

"Oh! Mister Miao, it's not necessary. Ignorance could be forgiven, moreover, a friendship grows from the exchange of blows!" Gu Hai helped Miao Chen up with a smile.

"Your Royal Majesty, this is the Elder of the Black Tortoise Clan, Miao Chen! Back in the past, he could be considered a subordinate of mine!" Shangguan Hen said, a wry smile on his face.

"Oh!?" Gu Hai looked a bit uncertain.

Next, Miao Chen waved his hand, seemingly forming an energy shield, covering the entire library.

"Your Royal Majesty, it's a confidential matter, I ask Your Royal Majesty to keep it a secret for me!" Shangguan Hen solemnly said.

"Mhmm!" Gu Hai nodded his promise.

"Eight hundred years, when Elder Guanqi played weiqi with the Heavens, the Black Tortoise Supreme was also there, leading the entire Black Tortoise Clan, going against the Heavens together with Elder Guanqi. Unfortunately, it ended up in failure. The Black Tortoise Supreme was also annihilated by Heaven's wraith, his body was smashed into pieces and rained down all over the world! That Golden Black Tortoise Armor from before was one of the remains of the Black Tortoise Supreme!" Shangguan Hen told him solemnly.

"So, you are the reincarnation of Black Tortoise Supreme?" a perplexed Gu Hai asked as a slight frown crept up on his brow.

"No!" Shangguan Hen shook his head.

"Oh?" Another sliver of an uncertainty showed up on Gu Hai's face.

"I am the God of the Black Tortoise Clan!" Shangguan Hen said, taking a deep breath.


"Yes, it's a unique existence in the demon beast clans. Your Royal Majesty, do you remember the Great Wisdom King that appeared in the Xiantian Endgame World?" Shangguan Hen respectfully replied.

"Yes!" Naturally, Gu Hai remembered him, he was the expert who employed the use of peacock plumes.

"He is the god of the Peacock Clan. He had been conferred as the Great Wisdom King by the forces he belongs to, that's all. But he is also a God!" Shangguan Hen respectfully explained.

[TLN: You may be confused by the aforementioned dialogue. Actually, his complete title was the Great Wisdom God King. As it was too lengthy and superfluous, I decided to shorten it, as such the confusion. Please, pardon my mistake for shortening the name.]

"God? What's a God?" Gu Hai asked, perplexed.

"Every demon beast clan has a god of their own. However, it's not an entity, per se, but a Godhead congealed through belief, a godly spirit that can only be congealed through countless generations. The godly spirit is imaginary, a god of belief! This belief god is sheltering the entire clan, and resides in the glabella of that clan's Supreme. In other words, in whoever's glabella the God resides is the clan's supreme, is the clan's God!" Shangguan Hen solemnly elaborated.

"So, the God of Black Tortoise Clan is residing in your glabella?" Gu Hai's eyebrow twitched momentarily.

"Yes! In the past, when the Black Tortoise Supreme was punished by the Heavens, the Black Tortoise Clan's God, who should have been annihilated with him as well, fortunately escaped due to the help provided by Elder Guanqi before he died. The Black Tortoise Supreme was annihilated, but the Black Tortoise Clan's God escaped. The Black Tortoise God drifted here and there, and finally fell on me. It's just that I am currently far too weak. Once I have grown up, I will be the new Black Tortoise Supreme!" Shangguan Hen said in a grave tone.

"New Supreme of the Black Tortoise Clan? You are the God of the Black Tortoise Clan? God? How is this God useful?" Gu Hai asked, curious.

"Your Royal Majesty, perhaps you still don't understand. In this world, countless new cultivators are emerging every moment, and there are countless cultivation techniques. But the true cultivations of the great dao can be arranged into only five systems!" Shangguan Hen explained.


"Longevity, fate, godhood, arts, and spirit!" Shangguan Hen explained in a deep voice.

"Longevity, fate, godhood, arts, and spirit!?"

"Spirit, is the cultivation that generally everyone knows, the absorption of Spirit Qi to breakthrough one's own shackles. It is also the most basic cultivation, leading to the Houtian Stage, Xiantian Stage, Golden Core Stage, Nascent Soul Stage, and so on and so forth!

"Arts! The Zither, Weiqi, Literature, and Painting are the four major branches of Arts cultivation! Your Royal Majesty's primary cultivation, the Dao of Weiqi, belongs the Arts as well, it was the same with Elder Guanqi's.

"Fate, Your Royal Majesty has founded a nation of your own now, and collecting Karmic Fate, forming a Zeitgeist, that is precisely is the Fate cultivation!" Shangguan Hen explained in brief.

These were quite easy to understand. A God!? It was the first time Shangguan Hen had mentioned it, but Gu Hai still got a general idea.

"What about longevity?" Gu Hai asked curiously.

"Longevity cultivators are a kind of legend. They specialize in life, seizing the life of Heavens, seizing the life of humans. I have never seen them, and even in the memories of my godhead, not much is mentioned! It is the most mysterious cultivation!" Shangguan Hen explained.

Gu Hai nodded. Although he still hadn't gotten much, he now had a general understanding of the world of cultivation.

"Longevity, fate, godhood, arts, spirit!?" Gu Hai pondered for a while as a frown crept up on his brow. "You are telling me this, because...!?" Gu Hai looked at Shangguan Hen with uncertainty.

"I am telling Your Royal Majesty because now, many people must have guessed my identity. After all, Miao Chen made too much of a commotion, yet nonetheless, he was stopped by a few words from me!" Shangguan Hen said, smiling wryly.

"Supreme, your subordinate was stupid and put Your Eminence in danger, I beg Your Eminence to punish your subordinate for his mistake!" Miao Chen said, tormented.

"Is the revelation of your identity dangerous?" Gu Hai looked to Shangguan Hen.

"It can be considered as. If a clan doesn't have its God, then, that clan is not far away from its destruction. Your Royal Majesty, do you still remember Yao Zhengtian and Fu Xue? They were originally a Black Tortoise, the hybrid of turtle and snake. However, they gave up their own ethnicity to evolve into a dragon, Bixi and the flood dragon! Ha! A God is very important for every family. Similarly, a God can also be engulfed!" Shangguan Hen stated, his eyebrow momentarily twitching.


"Every demon beast clan, every God, wants to devour other Gods. The Wolf God, Tiger God, Dragon God... they all will come to know that I am at my weakest, and certainly they would try their best to devour me, because devouring my Godhead could strengthen theirs, thereby strengthening their clan and insuring its prosperity!" Shangguan Hen stated in a grim voice.

Gu Hai quietly listened to Shangguan Hen.

"Similarly, not everyone in my Black Tortoise Clan is like Miao Chen and devoted to their God, like Yao Zhengtian and Fu Xue. If they come to know that I am the God, they would certainly choose to engulf me at first notice and refine me, so that they themselves could become the Black Tortoise God!" Shangguan Hen said, his brow lined withfurrows.

"So to say, your identity can't be revealed!?" Gu Hai stated, frowning.

Shangguan Hen nodded his affirmation.

"Then, why are you telling me?" Gu Hai asked, uncertain.

"Facing Miao Chen's calamitous attack, when Your Royal Majesty willingly chose to help me block it, your subordinate felt extremely grateful. I wandered around in the Thousand Islands Seas until I encountered the Golden Tong disaster. From the get-go, everything was going amiss for me. For the past three decades, I was imprisoned in the Valley of Crooks, I was even more afraid of confiding my identity until I met Your Royal Majesty. Your Royal Majesty, I saw zeal and vigor on you, and you have wonderful foresight. In the face of any adversity, Your Royal Majesty can open a new path on its own.

"In the time I have been here, I have always been thinking, thinking as to what course should my Black Tortoise Clan take? Which course should I take? Although the godhead of the Black Tortoise God is saved, it's truly weak. The Black Tortoise Clan has fallen apart, like a heap of loose sand, which has only added to our weakness. The Black Tortoise Clan is incomparably weak.

"Maybe we can go the Divine Continent, join a tyrannical influence, and slowly build up our strength and reinvigorate the Black Tortoise Clan!? But on the other hand, I am also worried that we would encounter a disaster, and would be exploited by them instead! Therefore, after having thought for a long time, I finally thought of forming an alliance with Your Royal Majesty, forming an alliance with the Great Han Royal Dynasty. I ask Your Royal Majesty to help me revive the Black Tortoise Clan!" Shangguan Hen earnestly proposed.

"An alliance?" Gu Hai's expression swayed.

"Yes, take my Black Tortoise Clan as the national beast of the Great Han Royal Dynasty, and be bound together for good or ill! The Great Han will help my Black Tortoise Clan become stronger and prosper, and my Black Tortoise Clan will help the Great Han dominate the world!" Shangguan Hen said in a deep voice.

"Oh!?" A bright gleam flashed past Gu Hai's eyes.

"In fact, it's very common in the Divine Continent. Like Long Wanqing's Great Gan Empyrean Dynasty, it's national beast is the Dragon Clan! My Black Tortoise Clan used to be the divine guardian beast of the Weiqi Empyrean Court, it's similar to a national beast. A win-win cooperation and a clear division of labor can be found everywhere in the Divine Continent. However, my Black Tortoise Clan is extremely weak and in a horrid mess. I too am extremely weak. If Your Royal Majesty doesn't like it...!" Shangguan Hen explained as he frowned in worry at the end.

"Doesn't like it? Are you kidding? Why wouldn't I like it? You are weak, but is my Great Han Royal Dynasty tyrannical? Why do you think I was preparing to use the nation's Karmic fate to protect you at that time? It was because I noticed that you were extraordinary! In my opinion, your importance is far greater than my Great Han Royal Dynasty! If the Great Han Royal Dynasty is destroyed, I can rebuild the Royal Dynasty. However, if you were annihilated by Miao Chen, where would I go and seek another Shangguan Hen?" Gu Hai said as the corners of his lips rose into a smile.

"Your Royal Majesty, you mean!?" Shangguan Hen eyes lit up momentarily.

"From now on, the Great Hand Royal Dynasty and the Black Tortoise Clan are in an alliance. For now, Miao Chen is in charge of everything related to Black Tortoise Clan. Your identity is still hidden, I will announce to the outside that you are a Weiqi Empyrean Court disciple, the Eighth Young Master. As to the relationship between the Black Tortoise Clan and the Weiqi Empyrean Court, your Eighth Young Master's identity should be enough to shut everyone's mouth!" Gu Hai ordered as his expression changed.

"Yes, thank you, Your Royal Majesty!" Shangguan Hen earnestly bowed down and thanked him.

Gu Hai immediately helped Shangguan Hen up and said happily, "It's not necessary! Getting a Shangguan Hen is my Great Han's luck!"

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