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The four persons landing on the high stage were the masters and the elders of Cloud Mountain School and Sunset Mountain School respectively, while the rest twenty on the match stage were disciples from the two schools.


Song Ning wasn't tall and was pushed outside the crowd, thus he should stand on tiptoe to look at those people clearly.


The master of Tianhe City swung her arm, "The disciples of Tianhe City, come to visit the master of Sunset Mountain, Taoist Purple Hair and the master of Cloud Mountain, Taoist Purity and the elders!


The disciples of Tianhe City immediately bowed after hearing that, "Dear Taoist Purple Taoist, Taoist Purity, dear elders!"


Song Ning reacted slowly in the crowd. Other people all bowed fitly while he bowed a bit slowly, which was noticed by people on the stage.


"Does he get well? A little fast," the master of Tianhe City thought.


While each school had one or two dull disciples, they set other disciples off to advantage. Thus Taoist Purple Hair and Taoist Impurity ignored Song Ning simply.


After the disciples gave a salute, the master of Tianhe City said again, "Welcome, disciples!"


The disciples of Tianhe City shouted again, "Welcome to Tianhe City, our friends."


The twenty people on the match stage cupped their hands to disciples of Tianhe City.


Song Ning had never experienced such a grand occasion since he had memories nor did he saw so many people. He looked at the disciples from Sunset Mountain and Cloud Mountain admiringly.


The twenty person were divided into two groups, disciples of Sunset Mountain on the left while disciples of Cloud Mountain on the right. Each school had two disciples in white, two in blue, two in red, two in purple, one in silver and one in golden.


"The disciples in silver were lineal disciples, the key training target of each school. People in golden were chief disciples." Song Ning thought to himself, Leng Yuexiao was the chief disciple of Tianhe City, so she wore golden clothes.


As the master of Tianhe City saw the disciples finished greeting, ordered, "Fang Yu, you arrange them to sit down."


The young man in silver bowed, "Yes, master."


"Taoist friends of Sunset Mountain on the left and friends of Cloud Mountain on the right." As Fang Yu arranged, his silver robe was shining in the sun, which caught the attention of many disciples.


As a handsome core disciple of Tianhe City, which female disciple didn't admire him?


After disciples of two school was seated well, the Purple-Hair Taoist seated on the high stage said, "Red Maple, let's start."


The so-called Red Maple was exactly the master of Tianhe City.


Red Maple nodded. With a mere snap of her finger, a colorful spiritual energy appeared in the sky. It transformed into rainbow halo, covering the match stage and dividing it into four sub-stages.


"Elder Li Mu, please preside over the match," said Red Maple.


Li Mu was one of the elders sitting beside Red Maple. He stood up and nodded to people seated, then he jumped into the midair, floating high above the stage.


He stood on a ray of light and shouted, "The eastern, core disciples in purple, ready! The western, inter disciples in red, ready! The southern, official disciples in blue, ready! The northern, ordinary disciples in white, ready!"


When Li Mu finished saying, two disciples of each level from three schools jumped onto the match stage.


Twenty-four disciples were arranged into four sub-stages equally.


These disciples learned about this year's match rules on the whole. They were ready for it.


"This year, Fighting Without Special Rule. Each six disciples from three schools fight on one sub-stage in pairs. The premise was no killing. All disciples can give full play to one's cultivation. Winners in different levels will be awarded by his school," said the elder Li Mu.



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