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"I would like to have a try, I have never participated in a match. I am curious about it…" Song Ning said shyly and he knew that what Qiu Yue said was reasonable.


Qiu Yue frowned, "Ok, after they finished fighting, you go ahead and I will help you select an opponent."


"Thank you, Qiu Yue." Song Ning cupped his hands.


"Wang Dalei wins," after saying that Qiu Yue pointed at one person offstage, "Sun Mu, come up."


Sun Mu confounded a moment, then jumped onto the stage, "Yes, Qiu Yue!"


"Song Ning, come up." cried Qiu Yue again.


Song Ning held his fists and came up onto the stage.


Sun Mu looked at Song Ning. He was a new comer and even walked onto the stage…


"Sun Mu, Song Ning recovered from injuries and began to cultivate not long ago. He just comes to experience the match. You should control yourself," said Qiu Yue.


Sun Mu smiled, "Thank you, Qiu Yue."


Qiu Yue frowned, "Thank me? If you are not the ordinary disciple with the lowest cultivation, I wouldn't allow you to compete with Song Ning."


Sun Mu rubbed his head embarrassedly and smiled, then turned to Song Ning, "Song Ning, you go first. I will let you."


"Thank you, brother. I haven't participated in such a match, please instruct me." Song Ning felt delighted at this moment. He desired to match cultivation against someone long time ago and he would fulfill his dream right now.


"Hha, I must teach you in earnest, you go first." Sun Mu waited with his hands at the back.


Song Ning had no idea how to fight and he just followed what his senior brothers and sisters had done just now, "Thanks, brother Sun."


As Song Ning ended his words, he raised his hands and gathered spiritual gas together in his fists. With a foot wag, he rushed at Sun Mu.


Sun Mu laughed, "Brother Song, this move cannot…"


Sun Mu raised his hands to defend as he spoke, but he felt the spiritual gas from Song Ning's fists before he finished the sentence.




Sun Mu took several steps back, smell of blood rising from his throat, then he spit out the blood.


There was complete silence and Sun Mu's right arm was totally numb. He looked pale and stared at Song Ning in shock.


Song Ning was startled. He just wanted to throw a punch with full strength but he injured Sun Mu unexpectedly.


"Are you okay, Sun?" Song Ning came to him immediately and asked.


"You, you hurt me deliberately!" shouted Sun Mu.


Qiu Yue jumped onto the trial stage and stopped Song Ning, "Have you hid your spiritual gas before?"


"No, I haven't." Song Ning was confused.


Other disciples present were familiar with Sun Mu but didn't know Song Ning. Sun Mu let him, but he injured Sun Mu ruthlessly. They all felt injustice done to Sun Mu.


"Qiu Yue, what's wrong with him?"


"It's unreasonable to hurt someone in a martial skill match. He broke rules, didn't he?"


"He should be banned from the match!"


All ordinary disciples shouted and some even cursed Song Ning.


"Senior brothers and sisters, I just focused on exerting full strength, I didn't mean to hurt Sun," explained Song Ning.


While the disciples were still criticizing, Qiu Yue shouted, "Shut up!"


Silence was all around and Qiu Yue looked at Song Ning, "You are disqualified, just leave us."


"Senior sister Qiu Yue, I…"




Biting his lip, Song Ning bowed to Qiu Yue and then to Sun Mu, "I'm sorry, Sun."


The ordinary disciples didn't believe Song Ning was indeed strong enough to hurt Sun Mu. They thought Song Ning pretended to be weak and made a successful attack. Thus their antipathy to Song Ning was aggravated.


Being glowered by the crowd, Song Ning left sadly. As applause and cheers went up again, Song Ning sighed bitterly.


In the following time, Song Ning almost cultivated in his room and got out for fresh air a few times. When coming across the ordinary disciples, no one talked to him and some even wished they could teach him a lesson.


Song Ning was found to be isolated by all disciples.


At every night, when he looked at the sky beside the window after cultivating, he missed his adoptive father, senior brothers and sisters. Thirteen years, they had been lived together for thirteen years. But they were all killed because of a dream.


It was impossible that Song Ning had no grudge against Leng Yuexiao. Song Ning blamed himself for sleepiness more. If he hadn't slept, he would not have saw what happened and caused a massacre.


Day by day, Song Ning's spiritual gas increased unceasingly. According to the technique booklet, his spiritual gas should have been in the fifth level of Energy Gathering Stage, however, he seemed to be still in the first level.


"No wonder my adoptive father suggested that I was unsuitable for cultivation." Song Ning sighed bitterly, maybe he couldn't take revenge until he lived another life.


At this point, Song Ning heard a noise from outside. He got out and saw quite a few disciples walking to Tianhe City center in small groups.


"Brother, is there something good?"


"Sister, what happened?


While these disciples just walked over him, no one answered him and some even didn't look at him.


Song Ning felt wronged with tears but he followed the crowd.


All disciples of Tianhe City walked towards its center, ordinary disciples in white, official disciples in blue, inter disciples in red and core disciples in purple.


Amongst these disciples, a male disciple in silver attracted Song Ning's eyes. He carried a long sword and stood on the high stage beside a chair with his hands clasped behind his back. He carried an arrogant air. Some elders were seated in chairs. They should be the seniors of all major schools.


In front of them, a match stage of one thousand square meters stood. Song Ning understood the competition among three Schools was ready to begin.


"Look, here comes sister Leng!"


In the distance, Leng Yuexiao in colorful clothes was coming with flowers flying beneath. She landed on the high stage and bowed to the elders before her, "Dear elders, sorry, I'm late."


"Not at all, we are waiting the Taoist friends from other two schools." The masters was seated in the center. She stood up while others beside them followed her. They looked far into the distance.


Several clouds appeared in the sky, holding twenty-four person.


"Welcome, Taoist friends of Sunset Mountain and Cloud Mountain." The master shouted.


"Hha, Taoist Red Maple, how are you?" A purple-haired elder laughed in the air.


Four of the twenty four people landed on the high stage and the rest on the match stage. Song Ning looked at them carefully. He supposed that every school should send ten disciples to the competition, each two disciples representing one level.

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