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Chapter 66: It’s Unfair that You Are Not Dead (1)

Translator: Yanghaiyan   Editor: Lucy

Mu Xuezhao looked at Zhang Shan lying on the ground and the followers who were afraid of moving, thought about Song Ning, who was resting in bed, and braved to step out of the sedan.

"Thank you for your great love, elder, but I am still young, not yet..."

Mu Xuezhao thought about how to speak and he would not angry. But she was caught by Xiao Ran all of a sudden.

Mu Xuezhao had no ability to fight back, "You, let me go."

"You are not young and I think you are quite suitable." Xiao Ran's laughter was full of evil.

"Let me go!" Mu Xuezhao struggled, but the more she struggled, the harder Xiao Ran’s hand was.

She was still struggling, and Xiao Ran looked at her coldly: "Don't give stubborn, be honest, otherwise I will ‘love’ you in front of these people!"

Mu Xuezhao was shocked and became quiet. Her heart was so troublesome that her tears could not stop.

She hoped that someone passed by and saved her. but although it was only sixty or seventy miles away from Qingluo City, rare people came here. Now she was in despair.

Xiao Ran hit the neck of Mu Xuezhao, stunning her and said to the two warriors behind him: "Kill them all."

The followers immediately asked for mercy: "Don’t kill us, don’t kill us!"

But they haven't finished the words and were already killed.

In the blink of, the blood flowed into a stream.

"Stop!" Song Ning said in anger.

But it was still too late. He just watched the situation in the sedan and If the Mu Xuezhao could negotiate with them, he did not need to shoe up. But he did not expect that the three warriors would start to kill. .

Xiao Ran and the other two were really surprised. They just didn’t feel that there were another person in the sedan. But now it seemed that there was still a man, and he...

A warrior of the first level of the qi gathered period?

Xiao Ran's frowning stretched out and said: "Kill him."

The short warrior jumped up, rushed to the sedan and stabbed to Song Ning’s head.


Song Ning was fine. But the short warrior flew out like a stone for more than ten feet. He spurted out a bit of blood and struggled, then lied on the ground motionlessly.

Xiao Ran was stumped. Although the cultivation of the short warrior was not high, he couldn’t punch him to more than ten feet away with one attack.

"You just said killing who?" Song Ning berated.

Xiao Ran was scared. He had just broken through to the initial level of spirit gathered period, but even so, he could not see the cultivation of the person in front of him.

"He pretended to be at the first level of the qi gathered period to protect the Mu Xuezhao, and his real power must higher than mine." Xiao Ran thought.


He kneeled on the ground: "E, elder, I have known my false and please forgive me, please forgive me."

Another high warrior was frightened and hurriedly pleaded for mercy.

Song Ning pointed at the bodies on the ground, "They just pleased you and have you let them go?"

Xiao Ran screamed: "These people are not killed by me. He killed. Please forgive me and I will immediately kill this murderer."

The high warrior got up and ran, yelling: "Bastard, you..."

However, not finishing the words yet, he was killed by Xiao Ran.  

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