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The bagua mirror in the storage ring was activated. The word "Xun" on it began to twinkle.

"Xun" represented the North and the wood of Five Xings.

The Cold Monster thing had enlightened Song Ning to not only observe the direction but also think about the Five Xings.

"Is that the response to something?" Song Ning puzzled. Though he did not know why the change happened, he still determined to go to the North as the bagua mirror guided, because it had showed magic power before-if it could really reincarnate the time and the space, adopted father, brothers and sisters would definitely revive.

Song Ning moved to the Northeast and soon arrived at the     outermost of the forest.

He could have hide in the forest, but now, since going to leave the big trees, he decided to put on ordinary clothes. Dressed in the shiny golden robe, he would be particular and recognized by others. After all, in the third-level cultivation schools, the golden robe only belonged to the chief dicsiples, only distinguished by the different icons at the robe's cornor.

There were clothes in his storage ring and a small lake was located not far ahead. Looking at the dirty body of himself, he intended to take a shower in the lake.

Taking off the clothes, Song Ning jumped into the lake. The water felt cool, not frozen and it was so clear that Song Ning could see the fishes as he swam in it with head down,

The fishes swam by Song Ning in groups and was not afraid of him. Song Ning felt interested and jumped into the water, following the fishes.

Considering his present cultivation, though unable to hold breath in the water for a long time, for half an hour was easy. As he was about to come out from the water-after swimming with the fishes for a while-he saw some lights and a pair of white things in front.

What were…

Song Ning swam forward and heard a cry from the bank, which was a girl's voice. Song Ning just figured out those were a pair of white legs.

If surfacing now, he would must be deemed to be a rogue. So he took the first reaction to leave this place quietly. He moved backward while taking out ordinary clothes to put on, ready to quickly flee when he swam ashore.

Song Ning swam carefully. But the more he was anxious, the more he was out of chaos-he couldn't hold his breath anymore. But if surfacing now, he would certainly be seen.

He looked back and found the legs were still close, so he clenched teeth, continuing to swim a little farther.

But Song Ning did not noticed the stone ahead, when he turned his head back, and directly smashed into it, breaking his head and chocking. He fainted after swallowing plenty of water.

The fainted Song Ning surfaced and a black-haired girl, about ten feet away from him, was frolicking in the green lake.

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