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In addition to the effect of confusing the direction, this array would continue to consume the spiritual energy.

Just now, the white Miao was trapped for a while in it. When he came out, most of his spiritual energy had already consumed, which was noticed by Song Ning.

The white Miao saw Song Ning and quickly caught up. Song Ning took him around again.

This white Miao had been anxious at this moment, he thought if grasping Song Ning, he would smash him into pieces. He gradually lost his patience and became dizzy with just half-mile walk.

When the white Miao found that something was wrong, he had already been in the array again. Just now he happened to come out. Now the array was reversed. He had no clue. In a hurry, a sultry blood spouted out.

"If I catch you, I will refine you to poison!" The white Miao looked at the disappearing Song Ning, and at this moment he wished he could fly.

Song Ning looked back at the array and mumbled: "It is close to straightly cross the array. If you don't come out from it, I may have to go far."

If Song Ning's words were heard by the white Miao, he would be directly mad to death. But now he was not far from death. Entering the array and being trapped twice, for the warriors, if their spiritual energy was exhausted, they could only wait for death in the array.

After a while, Song Ning returned to where the black Miao was. His neck was almost pinched off by Song Ning, and he could not turn at all. Now he was leaning against a tree and waiting for his partner to return.

Hearing some movement, he thought that the white Miao returned. He immediately said: "Brother white, you have been taking this time for too long. Help me to heal. After the treatment is over, we will hurry to go to the beauty and take her away. Such a beautiful body, if taken by others, we will regret."

When the black Miao just finished speaking, he heard a cold voice by his ear: "I don't know if you will regret. But your mother must regret giving birth to you, such a scum."

At the end of this sentence, the neck of the black Miao had been completely broken.

Killing this person, Song Ning did not stop, and quickly rushed in the direction of Tianhe City. He ran wildly and thought about it. The cultivations of these two people were the initial of spirit gathered period. Now it seemed that his cultivation was probably at this level. Without the terrain and the other party was taken lightly, he would be in danger.

Although it was a big risk to return to Tianhe City now, Song Ning still remembered that Leng Yuexiao helped him to block the dragon's attack. Whether it was the real body or the replication, the corpse could not be taken away by the Miao people.

Song Ning's speed had been very fast, but when he arrived in Tianhe City, he discovered that the body of Leng Yuexiao was gone.

Could a dead person run on his own legs? Song Ning was looking around and found a few black spots in the sky.

They must be the Miao people. They were at least at the basing period as they could fly. If seen by those people, Song Ning would definitely die.

"I'm sorry." Song Ning clenched the jade that was dropped by Leng Yuexiao, and turned his head into the woods.

In the woods, Song Ning ran for a while. Seeing no one around, no warriors passing through the sky,he was a little relieved, resting on the tree with vigilance.

Through the woods, Song Ning could see the direction of Taihe Mountain. He did not worship, when he passed it, so he felt a bit guilty. Now he wanted to worship again, but was afraid to meet the white Miao.

Song Ning slammed into the ground and made three kowtows in the direction of the Taihe Mountain: "Adopted father, brothers and sisters, Song Ning was going to stay away from this range and could not go back to worship you. I will go back and worship you on August 18 next year."

After the three kowtows, Song Ning got up and wondered which direction he should go. He felt a little movement inside the storage ring meanwhile, and he took it out.

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