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Song Ning was in a coma all the time. Although he could feel everything, he failed to wake up and move.


The meridians in his body regenerated continually with several golden rays interwoven with each other. His meridians were several times stronger than before.


Some days slipped.


At midnight, no moon hung. The sky was studded with stars, which was on a par with Tianhe City. Outside the city, sliver spiritual energy was flowing around. That was defending enchantment of Tianhe City.


Inside Tianhe City, Leng Yuexiao waked up from Ru Ding. She opened her eyes slowly with her eyelashes shaking gently. Her eyes seemed to reflect a whole sky filled with stars, which was so bright and glorious.


"It's been three days. I cannot concentrate in Ru Ding. My mind was disturbed. It was time to deal with the business…" sighed Leng Yuexiao. During the past three days, what happened in the palace on that day lingered in her mind, "I extracted my broken spiritual energy from his body forcibly, how is he now?"


Leng Yuexiao left her room for Song Ning. She walked with faint perfume all the way.


She opened Song Ning's door and swept the room. There was no decoration except a bed.


"So this is the room in which an ordinary disciple live." Leng Yuexiao came to Song Ning. She sighed again as she saw his eyes closed.


If permitted, she wasn't willing to take the remained spiritual energy from him forcibly, because she understood that it definitely deprived him of the chance to be an immortal.


"Can Life Extending help him?" Leng Yuexiao frowned and took a piece of red elixir from her storage ring. The elixir seemed to be carved with dense lines like human's meridians.


She hesitated, then put the elixir to Song Ning's mouth. She looked at him and turned away. "I have not done right by you. This Life Extending Elixir of fourth rank was sent by my master. It's my compensation for what I have done to you. Whether you wake up or not, let nature take its course. I lift the load from my mind, then I can concentrate on cultivation."


After Leng Yuexiao left, Song Ning guessed that it was Leng Yuexiao. He felt puzzled that why Leng Yuexiao came here and gave him an elixir of forth rank.


A moment later, the elixir began to work and its energy spread in his body. Immediately the golden meridians in his body grew faster driven by the elixir.


Time passed slowly. Song Ning seemed to be forgotten. Five days later, he waked up.


The disciples got their benefits that day. As Song Ning got out of his room, Qiu Yue appeared.


"Taoist Qiu Yue." Song Ning cupped his hands and greeted.


"You…wake up?" Qiu Yue was startled. She had come to visit him once, but he had been too weak and in a coma.


Song Ning touched his nose, "I woke up just now."


"It's your cultivation resources, you take it. Now that you have recovered, you should cultivate hard in Tianhe City. You can come to me if you have troubles." Qiu Yue took a small bag to Song Ning.


"Yes, senior sister Qiu Yue." Song Ning took the cultivation resources and felt appreciated.


"Ah, I have other things to do. By the way, you are in the ordinary level, so you can just be in this area. You should remember that." Qiu Yue pointed at the door far away.


"Yes, senior sister Qiu Yue," Song Ning cupped his hands again.


Song Ning took the cultivation resources to his room. For Tianhe City, he only felt appreciated, but he didn't think that the master of Tianhe City and Leng Yuexiao had done something unreasonable to him. As for Leng Yuexiao whose spiritual consciousness had brought Taihe Mountain a massacre, Song Ning didn't think it more and he dared not.


Opening his bag, Song Ning found a cultivation technique book of energy collecting stage, pieces of Pigu Elixirs and two suits of school robes.


He put on a robe delightedly and found it was large enough to accommodate two bodies. When he began to take off the robe, it shrank to be in a suitable size for him.


"We had no such robe in Taihe Mountain," Song Ning sighed that it would be great if his senior brothers and sisters can have this robe.


Unfolding the cultivation technique of energy collecting stage, Song Ning was excited. He hadn't been allowed to cultivate by his master because he might suffer losing. His meridians were like a funnel which lost spiritual energy obtained from cultivation.


"Even though my spiritual energy may disappear, I won't die. Why not have a try? Probably I would succeed." He flipped through the technique book.


Energy gathering was the first stage in cultivation, during which the cultivator just needed to absorb natural energy. Song Ning read the technique for a while and found nothing difficult. He had been taught Taoist technique for thirteen years, so he had high perception in technique formula.


Hence Song Ning began to train.


At the first day, he was initiated into "Enlightenment Stage". After achieving this stage, natural energy flooded into his body in abundance.


At the second day, he kept cultivating.


The third day,…


The fourth day,…


Song Ning kept cultivating for seven days. He wouldn't have been out of Ru Ding but for hunger.


After eating a piece of Pigu Elixir, Song Ning got out for fresh air, but he found quite a few ordinary disciples heading for the a place which kept close to the center of Tianhe City.


"Senior brother, we ordinary disciples are confined to this area, aren't we? Why do they head for inside?" Song Ning asked respectfully.


"Are you a newcomer? You may not know the competition among three schools comes. Ordinary disciples can also join in the qualification trial. If someone is lucky enough to pass it, he may be made official disciple. We cannot miss such an exciting opportunity." The disciple left quickly after saying that.


Song Ning followed others to the trial site. It was so ample that a trial stage even covered an area of several hundred square meters. That was a trail stage for ordinary disciples.


Two disciples were fighting on the trail stage. Song Ning watched them moving fast with spiritual energy hitting out.


"Zhang Tiesheng, three points!" cried a disciple. Song Ning looked at the crowd. It was senior sister Qiu Yue.


Zhang Tiesheng pulled his opponent up, "Junior brother Liu, how are you?"


"I'm fine, brother Zhang, you are amazing." Junior brother Liu got up and slapped his bottom.


After the two disciples stepped down from the stage, Qiu Yue asked, "Anyone else?"


Immediately, another two disciples went up onto the stage. Another match started again.


Their hot competition increased Song Ning's interesting. Not far away, Qiu Yue caught a glimpse of Song Ning, then she came to him, "Why are you here?"


"Senior sister, anyone can join in the match, isn't he?" asked Song Ning.


"Yes, but, you have recovered just for a while, so you'd better not. What's more, you didn't cultivated before. You may be injured," said Qiu Yue. She immediately felt some spiritual energy fluctuating around Song Ning.



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