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The white Miao came to the side of the black Miao and looked at him, then chased Song Ning.

Song Ning saw that the black Miao did not catch up, knowing that it must have been caused by the injury just now. Although they have exhausted all efforts, they still couldn't directly kill each other. This was the gap of cultivation and Song Ning knew about the strength of the two.

If it was before, Song Ning could choose to flee. But when he heard that the two men had to go back and take away the body of Leng Yuexiao, Song Ning must kill them.

"I see how far you can run!" The voice of the white Miao like the poisonous snake's came after Song Jing.

Song Ning felt pain of his wounds and the blood that flowed out became black. The Miao people were good at using poison. If their machete were not poisonous, Song Ning would feel strange.

This poison blinded Song Ning and a constant pain was flowing in his body as the blood flows.

Behind him, the white Miao was getting closer and closer. If this is the case, he would definitely be killed.

Having escaped again and again, how could he die here?

Song Ning clenched his teeth and seemed to see the Taihe Mountain in front.

Taihe Mountain?

Although Song Ning had been living on the mountain, he knew that there was a an array under the mountain. It was a small maze. For somebody who did not know, it was possible to trap it for more than ten days.

Now the entrance to this array was by his side.

Song Ning flashed into it, fully suppressing the pain in the body and moving forward rapidly.

The white Miao saw Song Ning and chose a small path to follow in.

"I was afraid that you would not come in." Song Ning mumbled and spewed a blood when he opened his mouth.

He ignored the color of the blood and rushed forward.

"Detouring? Huh, waste of energy!" The white Miao sneered and speeded up.

But when the voice of this person just fell, Song Ning's figure suddenly flashed to the left and once again entered a path.

"Hum." The white Miao also flashed to the left. However, he found that there were three other roads ahead. Fortunately, he saw Song Ning's figure and quickly caught up.

But after a while, he found that Song Ning was gone.

Fifteen minutes.

Thirty minutes.

Soon, one hour passed, Song Ning's eyes were covered with black and after assuring that the Miao had been smashed, he rested on a stone.

His eyes were getting more and more blurred, and the body had not felt much pain because of numbness.

Song Ning gasped, stood up and slammed away from the exit.

After leaving this array, he wanted to kill the black Miao who had not caught up because of the injury. But he did not walk a few steps and began to lean against the tree, spiting black blood.

The ring that the soul gave him before leaving emerged in Song Ning's mind and he immediately opened the ring.

There were pills!

Song Ning quickly searched. He did not believe that Tianhe City had no detoxifying pills, and that the poison of the Miao painted on the machete would not be a strange poison.

Among the jade bottles of more than a dozen, Song Ning saw one with the word 'solution' written on it. He opened the cork, ate all pills in it, chewed and swallowed them all.

Song Ning took a nap, and his body leaned against the trunk slowed down, finally sat under the tree.

At this moment, the antidote had also worked. Although Song Ning had eaten a lot of antidote to the remedy, but in fact these pills was not contradictory to each other, so it was harmless to the body. Tianhe City and Miao were deadly enemies, there naturally were antidote.

The detoxification effect worked, and the spiritual of Song Ning recovered. Although the wound did not heal, it had little effect. He ran to where the black Miao had just been.

"Even if it is the replication of sister Leng, I can't let you take it to refine." Song Ning's eyes flashed with killing scent.

At this moment, Song Ning did not find out that the white Miao had already breathlessly stepped out of the array...

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