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Leng Yuexiao knew the style Nighty. there was no jade on the body which meant that the jade is gone. Based on mid-god strength of the dragon, the jade could not be destroyed, so it was taken away.

And this man, was probably Song Ning.

"The jade was not found?" Asked Leng Yuexiao.

Nighty bowed: "Ready to be punished."

"Take it easy, this jade may be taken away by the person I want to save. When I break through to initial baby period, I can lock the position through it and know where my jade is." Leng Yuexiao said.

Nighty looked up at Leng Yuexiao and surprisingly found she was smiling.

"Little master, this body…" Nighty asked.

"Ruin it." Leng Yuexiao ordered.

In the forest, thirty miles outside the Tianhe city to the esat.

Song Ning just lifted his foot and jumped out, and a spiritual energy under his feet was blasted.

"How can this guy kill Fang Yu considering his cultivation?" The black Miao seized Song Ning and shot a beam of spiritual energy.

"I don't know either. I thought it would not be too easy to kill him. But now it seems like killing him is just like killing an ant." The white Miao smiled.

Song Ning escaped and fled at full speed. His cultivation was suppressed by the Red Maple Taoist but now the Red Maple Taoist was dead, so his veins were recovering, but not fully recovered. If he fight against the two behind, he would definitely suffer a loss.

In this way, the two people behind him felt that Song Ning seemed to be a weak warrior of the first level of qi gathered period.

"Brother white, don't play. Hurry up and kill this guy. I heard that Leng Yuexiao is absolutely beautiful in Tianhe City. The people in Tianhe City are all dead. I will take the body of Leng Yuexiao back." The black Miao licked his lips.

The white Miao's eyes shone: "Do you want to..."

"Yeah, after refining it into a cockroach, we brothers can enjoy it first." The black Miao laughed.

When the two men said that they would come hard. The spiritual energy was lifted up, and the speed rose sharply. In a blink, they reached a few feet after Song Ning's body.

In fact, Song Ning's speed could also be improved, but after Song Ning heard the dialogue between the two men, he did not speed up, but deliberately let the two men catch up.

Want to refine the body of Leng Yuexiao into a cockroach?

Song Ning clenched his fists.

"Guy, your head, Grandpa, I will accept it!" The black Miao sneered and smiled. He flashed and appeared behind Song Ning, cutting his machete to Song Ning's neck with cold light.

But when this machete was about to cut off Song Ning's neck, Song Ning suddenly speeded up. He was so fast that the black Miao seemed to be still.

Song Ning stepped frequently and went straight from the original place to the back of the black Miao. After the machete fell, Song Ning grabbed the neck of the black Miao people.


The black Miao's neck uploaded a sound of bone dislocation, but this person did not die and stabbed a machete to Song Ning.

Song Ning released his hand and retreated. But it was still late and his hand was drawn by the machete.
The black Miao touched his neck and said in pain: "Brother white, kill him!"

Song Ning's foot turned and quickly fled to the front.

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