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Nowhere to escape, all the people could only form a shield in front with their remained little spiritual energy to ward off those poisonous fluffs. But the strength of the spider was so powerful that they could only keep a big part out, and a little part of the fluffs had pierced through their skins, transforming into fierce poison, corroding their bodies. They had no choice but to mobilize the spiritual energy to resist.

Just for a while, they could not resist the poison anymore and fell on the ground. Even the big elder had fallen where not far away from the Hot Sun Grass, helplessly closing his eyes in the coma. The rest of them were also lying on the ground and was unable to stood up, the only one that was still awake was Qin Shiyan. The martial skill Ice Tricks she practiced was somewhat special. It could make her body and spiritual energy extreme icy and had a certain inhibition on the poison of the Blood Yin Spider. So Qin Shiyan still sat on the ground, trying her best to force the poison out.

Zhang Yan was excited to see this happen. Everyone lost the energy and the Hot Sun Grass would finally belong to him. Two dogs fight for a bone, and a third runs away with it. Just being worried about no where to find the Hot Sun Grass, Zhang Yan did not expect it was so easy to encounter one.

Just as he wanted to rush to the grass, he heard someone laughing, "The Hot Sun Grass is finally mine, and the all is mine."

Seeing carefully, it was the seriously injured Su He who was lying right behind Tian Hai, so the poisonous fluffs of the Blood Yin Spider had all pierced into Tian Hai's body and Su He was not attacked at all. He stood up and staggered toward the big elder lying on the ground, stretching his hand, touching him, shaking him and shouting: "Wake up master! Wake up!" 

After shaking several times, the big elder had no sign to be awake, so he kicked at him and abused in anger: "Old guy, you always use me and now you finally die."

Finishing the words, Su He turned to look at the beside Qin Shiyan with a lust in his eyes and said with lewd face: "Qin Shiyan, I used to try my best to please you, but you never thought much of my love to you. Now, under such circumstance, if you obeys to me, I will let you good, or you will die here like them."

Qin Shiyan made a cold glance at him and said with disgust, killing scent and anger in her eyes: "We have been worried about your physical condition, but didn't expect that you had been pretending. How can you ignore the master-disciple and the brother-sister affections between us in order to keep the Hot Sun Grass for your own? You just made me disgusted and you are simply dreaming to let me obey to you."

"The master-disciple and the brother-sister affections? Only strength can win everything in the world. Without powerful strength, who will think a bit highly of me?"While Speaking, Su He touched his body: "Because this Protecting Heart Mirror bore the attack of the Pa Snake for me, I have escaped from death. It is worthy of such high price. But I did not expect such advanced treasure of ordinary state will be broken by only a single attack of the Pa Snake."

Meanwhile, he walked toward the Hot Sun Grass and laughed as if losing sense: "The fruit of the Hot Sun Grass is finally mine. Once I eat it, my strength as well as physique will be largely improved and no one in the Qingyuan school will be my opponent then! "

Just as Su He was focusing on getting the grass , Qin Shiyan suddenly stabbed a sword from his back toward his hear, intending to kill him directly. But Su He had bewared of Qin Shiyan and he turned to give her a palm, beating her far away.

Qin Shiyan forced to mobilize the spiritual energy, in addition to her serious injury, making the poison spread faster in her body. Just in a moment, the poison performed its toxicity. Qin Shiyan's face became black and under the paralysis effect, her body was out of her control, lying on the ground without the ability to move.

Su He made a cold glimpse at Qin Shiyan and said in greed: " The Hot Sun Grass is mine and nobody can take it away, even you. But don't be worry, and I will show my love to you in a while."

Qin Shiyan was totally despaired and spewed a blood, completely losing consciousness.

Noticing that now was the only chance, Zhang Yan took out the stone sword and quietly stabbed it directly towards Su He. At this moment, Su He engrossed himself all in the Hot Sun Grass and did not notice Zhang Yan was behind. The sword pierced into Su He's heart from the back to the chest.

Su He spewed a blood, using the last of his effort to stare at Zhang Yan and said incredibly: "Why" He fell down, not finishing the question.

Zhang Yan killed Su He without any sympathy, because he deserved death. Zhang Yan was pretty excited to forward, intending to get the Hot Sun Grass. But not taking the black pool water around seriously, he thought it was just an ordinary pool of backwater and regretted ever since he walked in.

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