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"Tianhe City?" Nighty stood beside the girl. Though not knowing what kind of a place it was, she totally obeyed the little master's words.

But when the girl was running the transporting array in her hands, the door was suddenly opened and a young man walked in, grotesquely speaking: "Sister, where are you so anxious to go? You forget that you are being confined now."

"It's none of your business!" She squinted and launched the array.

"Humph!" The young man raised his hand towards the girl. Before she and Nighty could fight back, the light from the array disappeared.

"Leng Ziheng, you!" The woman bit her teeth.

Leng Ziheng raised his mouth and smiled slightly: "Leng Yuexiao, behave yourself when in confinement. How can it be confinement if you can go anywhere as you want?"

Leng Ziheng seemed to know that there was only one transporting array of Leng Yuexiao and it was damaged and could not be used due to the sudden compulsive pause. Seeing Leng Yuexiao angering, he smiled and left with his hands crossing on his back. .

In the room, Leng Yuexiao was surrounded with the cold gas with icy coldness shining in her eyes.

"Little master, do we still go?" Nighty asked.

Leng Yuexiao seized Nighty's hand: "I can't leave, but you can. Run your transporting array to send you to the most east, where the Tianhe city was located. Now, go now."

Nighty did not know why but she acted accordingly

Watching Nighty being sent, Leng Yuexiao began to take easy.

This was the place of extreme coldness, where lived the family of Leng. This was the real Leng Yuexiao and the one in Tianhe City was her replication.

"The dragon entity can't stay too long at the lower word because its cultivation will be greatly damaged there. Nighty can resist him alone." Leng Yuexiao was still anxious. When she took back the glimpse of the mind, she also had the memory of Tianhe City and naturally had a feeling for Song Ning.

But she never thought that when she had the dispute with Leng Ziheng…

In Tianhe City, the dragon was hysterically rushing toward Song Ning who held the jade with the word "Xiao" in his hand, staring at the dragon and already accepting his life.

As the dragon was about to bite him, Song Ning heard a lazy yawn.

When it appeared, everything around seemed to be slow as if just waking up.

 "Where does the little dragon come from?" A girl's voice came and the dragon immediately turned around.

But he had not escaped and was beaten into the vortex in the sky from the ground with a palm. All of a sudden, the dark clouds on the sky dissipated. No one would know what happened just now if not seeing the mess of the Tianhe City.

"So weak, haven't I killed him? Amitabha, I have promised to not kill beings for 100,000 years, and it will arrive soon. Don't' die!" The girl was hurried to regret.

Song Ning was stumped, looking at this soul in surprise.

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