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Song Ning's heart was empty like the one-ring area. He smiled but even he did not know why he smiled.

"Xiaoxiao has already found that the Magic Taoism Scripture was in Song Ning's body. Now she has to suck it out." The Red Maple Taoist said to the elders.

Li Mu had wanted to continue to say something, but now hearing those words, he nodded and left in silence.

Leng Yuexiao had thought the elders could change the mind of the Red Maple Taoist, but the result did not change.

"Xiaoxiao, start!" The Red Maple Taoist urged.

Leng Yuexiao's hand was trembled and put on Song Ning's skull again: "Song Ning, sorry."

When she was about to perform the martial skill, a sudden explosion occurred, breaking the rippled enchantment of Tianhe City.

A big vortex appeared in the originally gentle sky, from which a dragon flew out. With just a single collision, the enchantment was broken into pieces.

Inside the Tianhe City, all the disciples whose cultivation was below the spirit gathered state were all ground to death.

The Red Maple Taoist and the elders were shocked and looked up at the sky. When they began to speak, the dragon opened his mouth and swallowed them all.

Leng Yuexiao and Song Ning were dizzy at this moment and toughly stood up. They did not expect that the dragon would suddenly swallow all the elders including the Red Maple Taoist in only one bite.

"The, the Upper World Dragon came here?!" Leng Yuexiao shivered.

The dragon saw Leng Yuexiao as if she was his enemy. But he had no time to deal with Leng Yuexiao. This time, his real body appeared and could only stayed for a while. This chance would be wasted if he did not take Song Ning away and he did not knew when there would be another opportunity.

The dragon screamed and bit towards Song Ning.

Song Ning looked at the dragon in indifference for his adopted father was killed by the dragon and his brothers and sisters were killed by him. Now the dragon came to Tianhe City, and he could not protect it as well.

He laughed at himself. Before long he still thought about revenge, thought that he could use the bagua mirror to reincarnate time and space. Now looking at himself, his humbleness couldn't keep his life at all.

If this is his destiny, he could only accept it?

Song Ning closed his eyes, but at the next moment, he felt a boiling blood splashing on his body, which was not his.

Open his eyes.

The snow white skin was covered with blood.

The wonderful face was pale as a piece of paper.

Leng Yuexiao was almost dying in the huge mouth of the dragon.

Her mouth was slightly trembling, as if she was smiling.

Time seemed to be fixed at this moment and Song Ning seemed to see Leng Yuexiao's lips moving, as if to ask: "Song Ning, do you hate me?"

Yes or no?

"It is fake to say no. But…" Song Ning was shouting. But at this moment, the body of Leng Yuexiao had been beaten in two and thrown away.

The dragon stormed: "No! No! No!"

The dragon seemed to be bound, as if there were countless silk threads pulling his body back. It struggled with the scales broken and the whole body blooding and rushed toward Song Ning to bite him once again.

On the ground, Song Ning was stumped to look at the body of Leng Yuexiao floating down. A piece of jade fell into the hands of Song Ning, which wrote a word: Xiao.

Leng Yuexiao…died!

Song Ning as well as the dragon did not notice that at the moment when Leng Yuexiao died, some natural energy was emitted from her body and meanwhile, at the place of the extreme coldness, a girl opened her shiny eyes and holding the blood in her throat, stood up with dressed up.

"Nighty, follow me to the Tianhe City to save people!" While speaking, she took out a jade and it was a transporting array that could cross 100,000 miles.

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