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In the cell.

Song Ning smiled: "It is indeed the antidote."

Leng Yuexiao bite her lower lip: "I'm sorry."

"Has this been my destiny ever since the beginning?" Song Ning asked.

Leng Yuexiao slightly nodded.

"And letting me be the chief disciple is the compensate, right?" Song Ning continued.

Leng Yuexiao nodded again.

"Well." Song Ning made a deep breath and laughed with his head up: "You can begin."

Suddenly, the Red Maple Taoist appeared. Passing by Leng Yuexiao, she seized Song Ning directly towards the great hall.

Now the moon was full and the disciples in Tianhe City should have not noticed what was happening. But somebody with eagle eyes had found that the Red Maple Taoist was seizing Song Ning, followed by Leng Yuexiao.

"I seem to see that the Master is seizing brother Song, as if he did something wrong."

"Are you dazzled?"

"No. I haven't seen brother Song for a long time and I felt something was wrong."

"Let's go and see."

The news was spread fast and more and more disciples immediately flooded into the one-ring area no matter whether they were allowed.

Having witnessed that day when Song Ning killed Fang Yu, they all highly admired Song Ning.

Outside the great hall, the Red Maple Taoist threw Song Ning on the ground and questioned Leng Yuexiao: "Have you thought of a way to absorb the Magic Taoist Scripture?"

Leng Yuexiao clenched her teeth and nodded. If she did it herself, Song Ning might be alive. But if the Red Maple Taoist did it, Song Ning would definitely die.

The Red Maple Taoist nodded: "Well, go ahead."

Leng Yuexiao made full courage to walk toward Song Ning with heavy steps.

When Leng Yuexiao was finally arrived at him, Song Ning sighed and closed his eyes.

"Sorry..." Leng Yuexiao raised her hand and put it on his skull.

"You are..." The voice of Li Mu suddenly appeared and at the same time, several elders also came, watching in confuse.

Leng Yuexiao soothed her brows and looked at Li Mu and the others.

All the disciples of Tianhe City came. They knew what happened, but did not know why.

"Sister Master, what is going on?" Li Mu and the other elders bowed and asked with a first-palm-salute.

The Red Maple Taoist said with heavy voice: "I will explain this later. Don't disturb Xiaoxiao now, as the moonlight is sufficient."

"Sister Master, Song Ning..." Li Mu continued.

"Song Ning should have die!" The Red Maple Taoist thundered.

Li Mu and the other elders was shocked and unable to move or speak.

So were all the disciples. Song Ning should have to die?

The one who wan honors and killed Fang Yu for Tianhe City, the one who had protected Tianhe City should have to die?


The Red Maple Taoist's eyes were cold and she looked at the disciples: "Going back. How dare you enter here?"

The disciples were surprised and looked at the angered Red Maple Taoist in fear. They sighed and left.




A hundred...

Finally, the large one-ring area of Tianhe City was silence in empty.

Among the hundreds of disciples, no one got up to say a word for Song Ning...

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