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"Song Ning."

The sound seemed a little weak in the wind, as if it might be blown away at any time.

Song Ning immediately got up: "Sister Leng."

While speaking, he opened door.

At the door, the face of Leng Yuexiao was pale as paper. She looked at Song Ning carefully. After a while, she squeezed a smile: "Fine."

"Sister Leng, you were poisoned that day, and now it has been solved?" Song Ning also observed Leng Yuexiao. Although now there was no dark green toxin on her skin, she still looked lifeless.

"Not yet, elder Li Mu brought the news that there is no way to solve the poison. The Master helped me to suppress it. Now she is going out to find antidote for me. I feel lonely in the room and I walked out, then get here." Her sound was weak.


Though Song Ning came to Tianhe City for a short time, he also knew that Leng Yuexiao  had always been alone, but now she felt lonely?

"Sister Leng, come in and sit." Song Ning turned his body to let Leng Yuexiao in.

Leng Yuexiao smirked and shook her head: "You come with me."

In October, the maple leaves are red like blankets, and one feels more cold than warm.

Among the twelve months of the year, October is the most beautiful in Tianhe City. And in October, the beauty of the entire Tianhe City is gathered in the two-ring area.

Leng Yuexiao was in front, Song Ning was behind. They two walked through this fire-red maple forest.

The fire-red leaves were dancing in the air.

Beside the maple forest was the branched stream from the moat, the stream flowing and emitting a fresh taste.

Looking at the delicate body in golden satin in front of him, Song Ning felt his own heartbeat very clearly.

Leng Yuexiao stopped with the leaves dancing around her, as if they were celebrating her beauty.

"Unless you, Tianhe City may suffer a great disaster." Leng Yuexiao turned around and sat down against a trunk.

"Maybe... yes." Song Ning was fascinated looking at the cheeks of Leng Yuexiao. And she looked weak. But the weaker she was, the more she showed a different sense of beauty.

She looked at the flowing stream: "You killed Fang Yu?"

"Yeah." Song Ning nodded.

"How does it feel to kill people..." Leng Yuexiao suddenly asked and turned her head to Song Ning.

Song Ning's mouth trembled: "If there is any other resolutions, I don't want to kill him."

"If I were you, I will kill him, too." Leng Yuexiao whispered. And then she took out the Guqin: "Wanna to listen to me playing the Guqin?"

Song Ning nodded and sat opposite her.

Her slender fingers were a bit thin. Although Song Ning did not know how long he had been in a coma, he assured that the time was not long. Why Leng Yuexiao began to lose weight in such short time?

The Fingertips were toggling.

The song drifted into Song Ning's ear, and Song Ning couldn't help closing his eyes.

This song was still the one that he had heard before, and the melody had not changed at all.

One closing the eyes and listening to the melody, Song Ning's thoughts were flying. At this moment, no one watched the plenty of fire-red maple leaves as if they forgot to dance. No one listened to the stream as if it forgot to flow.

No one noticed this moment as if it did not exist in the world.

Song Ning listened carefully and listened fascinatingly.

How nice will it be, if this sound would not disappear!


The sound was suspended.

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