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Fang Yu swallowed the poisonous pill into his body. The spiritual gas around him quickly began to solidify, and transformed into spiritual energy in a blink.

"Kill me? You are making crazy dreams!" More and more black gases were accelerated around Fang Yu and his cultivation was climbing up as well.

This was the strength of the initial level of spirit gathered period, yet, not stronger than that of Leng Yuexiao.

Song Ning fought back Fang Yu's attack full of strong spiritual energy, with only the physical attack.

A turmoil was raised in the Tianhe City .

Out of the city.

Dozens of people dressed in Miao style were staring at it.

"Why did Yu still not open the enchantment?" asked a middle aged person.

"Maybe soon. Once the enchantment is opened, we should immediately rush in. All people in the Tianhe City must be killed!" A man dressed in red, whose eyes were like viper's, said with a hoarse voices.

But as they waited, there was a wave of fighting from the within of Tianhe City. It was not a very strong wave, but most of those Miao people felt that the situation was not as they thought.

At the same moment, in the Tianhe City...

Core disciples, inner disciples, official disciples, and even ordinary disciples were awakened by the collision of the spiritual energy. They flooded into the two-ring area.

In the eyes of all disciples, a young boy who was covered in blood swung out another punch towards the oncoming spiritual energy. As the spiritual energy was beaten to scatter, there was another bone bleeding wound on his fist, and his body moved back, hard to resist.

The young boy was Song Ning.

Faced with Song Ning, Fang Yu was horrified. He had the poisonous gas and the strength of the initial level of spirit gathered period to protect himself. Even so, he could not kill Song Ning, but himself was injured.

Song Ning, if you dare to continue to stop me, I will kill you!" The black gases around Fang Yu had faded. He endured the severe pain of the broken ribs and turned to leave.

"I let you kill me!" Song Ning spitted out blood, jumped and once again moved to Fang Yu.

Fang Yu had no way to go, because there surrounded so many disciples. Seized after by Song Ning's fist, he had no choice but to turn around again and fight against Song Ning.


This time, the impact on Song Ning's fist was lighter.

A blood was about to spewed out from Fang Yu's chest, but he swallowed it back.

At the moment, among the watching disciples, someone was shouting in surprise: "Spirit, spirit gathered period!"

All the disciples can tell that Fang Yu's strength was the at the spirit gathered period, and as Song Ning could resist Fang Yu's attack, he also had the strength of the spirit gathered period. They thought that among the disciples of the Tianhe City, only Leng Yuexiao reached the the spirit gathered period, but now it seemed that there were another two people who had reached too.

The black gas around Fang Yu was getting thinner, and then he laughed out.

"What will it profit you to entangle in me? How were you treated when you first came to the Tianhe City? You won the honor for the Tianhe City, but how did Red Maple, that old thing treat you? Since you were promoted to the chief disciple, had she given you the benefits that chief disciples should be given? If you stop fighting against me now, our Miao people will regard you as a benefactor!" Fang Yu was anxious. His biggest killer was this poisonous pill, but now its effect  was about to dismiss. he couldn't break through here, let alone breaking the enchantment.

Miao people?

All the disciples were shocked by Fang Yu's words. The Tianhe City and the Miao Group were enemy agaist each other, but Fang Yu was a Miao person.

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