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"How dare you speak to Leng Yuexiao like that? She is the chief disciple of Tianhe City!" The guarding martial uncle shouted and produced spiritual energy to repulse Song Ning.


While his spiritual energy was rushing out, Leng Yuexiao raised her delicate hands with another spiritual energy produced from the top of her thin finger. The later spiritual energy rushed out and smashed the former directly.


"Leng Yuexiao, you…" The guarding martial uncle frowned.


"Martial uncle, don't rush to drive him away." Leng Yuexiao nodded to the guarding man gently, and then looked at Song Ning. Her eyes were like stars, deep and bright, "Have you met me before?"


"I made a dream. In my dream, you…"


Before he even finished the sentence, Leng Yuexiao frowned and carried him with her sleeves, "Return to Tianhe City with me."


"Leng Yuexiao, he is not qualified to enter Tianhe City," The guarding martial uncle felt confused about the sudden change.


Leng Yuexiao turned a deaf ear to him and carried Song Ning to Tianhe City inside, "Martial uncle, I'm afraid that he is the most qualified person to enter Tianhe City now."


The guarding martial uncle startled and mumbled, "This child is so lucky. Many people pay court to her but she doesn't care. He is even carried by Leng Yuexiao herself to Tianhe City."


In the air, Song Ning stepped on a flower bridge with petals flying around like butterflies. At this moment, he was like an immortal in his mind.


Before he reacted, they arrived at a palace at the center of Tianhe City. The oval palace covered a small area but carried the richest spiritual energy.


An old woman sat with her legs crossed at the center. Her eyelid jumped and she opened her eyes, "Xiaoxiao, who is he?"


Leng Yuexiao bowed down to her outside the palace, "Master, do you remember what I said a few days ago? My formed spiritual consciousness was destroyed."


"I know that." The master answered.


"I intended to go out for an investigation and I came across him just now. As soon as he saw me, he said, 'Aren't you died?' I guess he may know something."


The master squinted at Song Ning and sensed no spiritual gas floating inside him.


Little spiritual energy rushed out from the master into Song Ning's body. While the spiritual energy were ready to enter his body and make an investigation, his body shone with golden light and repulsed the coming spiritual energy.


With a twinkle in the master's eyes, she understood that what repulsed her spiritual energy must be the golden light given out from Song Ning's body. A mortal without spiritual energy even had such defending golden light, which indicated that it existed an amazing treasure in his body.


"Xiaoxiao, did you find the Magic Taoist Scripture?" The master felt astonished.


"My, my spiritual consciousness was ruined and I lost memories. I have no idea whether I found the Magic Taoist Scripture or not. " Confusion flashed in Leng Yuexiao's pretty eyes.


"Hha, Xiaoxiao. I suppose that you transferred the Magic Taoist Scripture and your broken spiritual engery into him before your spiritual consciousness were totally destroyed. Today the boy comes to you, he just wants to prove it." The master felt delighted.


Leng Yuexiao turned her head to the astonished Song Ning, "If my broken spiritual energy still remained in his body,…"


"Suck it out. After you suck the remained spiritual energy, you can recover your memory and then we try to extract the Magic Taoist Scripture out from him," said the master.


"If I suck the spiritual energy out forcibly, does he,,,"




Leng Yuexiao lowered her head without saying more. She had a look at Song Ning, took a deep breath and then came to him.


Song Ning stared at Leng Yuexiao. He had met her before in his dream, however, today he saw the real flesh body. She was prettier than the person in his dream. Song Ning saw such a charming woman for the first time. The close distance nearly made him breathless.

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