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This night, the Mountain Viewing Hotel closed so early. But no one dared to urge Song Ning and Leng Yuexiao.


Two of people, two of shadows, drinking toward the moon.


Thousands of feelings, thousands of emotions, going with the wind.


The moon, the stars, composing a song.


Her face, her smile, beautiful like the fairies.


Maybe touched by this situation, Leng Yuexiao took out a Guqin from her Storage Ring and put it on the table, filling the whole building with the antique flavor.


Her slim fingers danced on the Guqin, creating beautiful melody in the air.


Song Ning and Leng Yuexiao sat face to face. They did not know how long they held the cup in their hands, forgetting to drink.


The melody gave people sense of lonelyness and desolation.


This was the second time that Leng Yuexiao played the Guqin. The first time was the day when she came to the Tianhe City and the second was in front of Song Ning.


There had never been another man watching and listenning Leng Yuexiao playing the Guqin in such close distance. Song Ning was the number one.


Under the moonlight, in the riffle of the defending enchantment for Tianhe City, a melodious song was resounding.


There was a sense of sadness in the song. No reason for the sadness but everyone listening to it felt desolate.


"Sister Leng, this song....." Song Ning did not know why he wanted to cry. Looking at Leng Yuexiao, he intended to speak but swallow it back. He felt like he had listened to it before.


"What's wrong with this song?" Leng Yuexiao asked.


"Where do you learn it from?" Song Ning asked.


Leng Yuexiao touched the hair on her temples slightly and said:"It seems ridiculous that even myself do not know where I know it. But I do have learned it. Every time when I play the Guqin, I can't help myself playing this melody. And when playing it, I always feel sad."


"It is really a sad song." Song Ning was immersing in the sadness of this song.


"It is late now, I have to go back home." Leng Yuexiao stood up.


"Be careful, sister Leng" Song Ning said.


 Leng Yuexiao was just leaving and suddenly stopped:"Your house has not been completed. Where are you going to live?"


"Maybe the Mountain Viewing Hotel." Song Ning shrug his shoulders in helplessness.


Leng Yuexiao hesitated for a while and said:"There is a floor that no one live in my home. How about have a rest in my house tonight?"


"uh....." Song Ning hesitated as well. He did not want to refuse the invitation from Leng Yuexiao, but he was not sure if she was serious.


"I am never kidding." Leng Yuexiao said.


"Fine, thanks a lot." Song Ning replied.


The two people left together. In the eyes of many disciples in Tianhe City, they regarded them two as a couple. Not in istance, Fang Yu saw them leaving together with a slyness on his face. "Song Ning, just be happy these days. When the ice poison develops in your body, hump...."


Song Ning felt a sense of cold on his back. Looking back, he was curious about nothing found.


Leng Yuexiao suddenly stopped.


"Eh?" Song Ning crooned and found that Qiu Yue standing in the distance looking at them. He remembered that Qiu Yue had promised to accompany him.

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