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Fang Yu had elegant manners in his silver robe. Usually female disciples would mob him quickly, but today they just stood when Song Ning was here.


As Fang Yu came into her sight, Qiu Yue felt her heart tighten. As soon as she reminisced about her days with Fang Yu, intense hatred would rise in her mind.


Fang Yu watched these girls from a distance, but they were completely indifferent though they had slept with him.


"What's up?" Song Ning turned his head and looked at him.


"Brother Song, I have bought cakes and spiritual wine from Osmanthus Store to celebrate your promotion. Do you have the time to drink with me?" Fang Yu smiled.


All people thought Song Ning would accept the invitation, but he shook his head and said, "I'm busy."


Fang Yu was stunned by the first refusal in his life.


However, Song Ning added, "I am going to have dinner with Zhu Lee and Zhou Chang in Mountain Viewing Hotel."


Zhu Lee and Zhou Chang?


Weren't they core disciples?


He even refused to drink with Fang Yu who was a lineal disciple but eat with core disciples.


Before Fang Yu could say more, Song Ning just left. Grounding his teeth with baleful eyes, the former had to swallow his anger. Soon he came to normal and turned his head to Qiu Yue, "Qiu Yue, you…"


"Sorry, I have something to do tonight," said Qiu Yue.


He paused and then turned to Cai Tian, clenched his teeth, "Cai Tian, do…"


"Brother Fang, sorry, I'm not free tonight." Cai Tian left after saying that.


Immediately other girls all left. Song Ning might not see that, but they had changed their target. Compared with Fang Yu, Song Ning was a better choice.


Time flied. Song Ning planned to ask something about the cultivation resources, but he had to give it up because it was dark.


Zhu Lee and his companions finished chopping and sanding woods which piled up one by one and waited for being used tomorrow.


"Brother Song, you are back," Zhu Lee pointed to the woods, "the construction materials have been prepared."


"Well done." Song Ning was satisfied with their work efficiency.


"I have made a reservation in Mountain Viewing Hotel. Shall we go now?"


"Let's go, I haven't been to Mountain Viewing Hotel," said Song Ning.


Zhu Lee brisked up at once and sprang to Song Ning, "Brother Song, you may not know that the Mountain Viewing Hotel boasts delicious food and good service. It's the best choice for our party. You will see soon."


While Song Ning was listening to Zhu Lee and Zhou Chang, he walked for a while and saw Leng Yuexiao standing alone on the tip of a tree at the edge of the second-ring area.


The night wind blew gently. She looked up at the stars in the sky with her eyes twinkling.


Song Ning found she was often alone and asked, "Sister Leng, how about going to Mountain Viewing Hotel with me?"


Zhu Lee and other disciples could hardly restrain their excitement. Invite Leng Yuexiao? It would be their great honor to go to Mountain Viewing Hotel with her.

                                                                                                                                                             Translator: YIXiaoLan


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