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"Sure?" Song Ning turned his head and asked.


"Sure!" The sweet-faced and pure Cai Tian was a rare beauty in their school. She immediately agreed as soon as Song Ning showed some interest.


Song Ning nodded, "Ok, take Qiu Yue to me."


"Yes?" Cai Tian was in a daze for a second.


"What?" Song Ning frowned.


Cai Tian laughed hurriedly, "That's all right. I'll go get her."


Some female disciples ridiculed Cai Tian at a short distance. They thought she was extremely coquettish.


Cai Tian took Qiu Yue to him soon. Qiu Yue saw him at a distance with her emotion stirred. She had promised to meet him at night, but Song Ning even ordered someone to look for her as dusk approached.


Qiu Yue sighed with little disappointment in her heart, "It seems that Song Ning is also lustful. Men are all the same…"


However, what Qiu Yue dared not speak frankly was that she could devote her flesh to please Song Ning anytime. To keep staying at Tianhe City, she must sacrifice something.


"Brother, she comes." Cai Tian said with sullen resentment.


"Ok, thank you." Song Ning didn't even look at her.


"Brother Song," Qiu Yue bowed to him and added, "I planned to look for you later."


Song Ning smiled, "I am free and I have something to talk with you."


Qiu Yue blushed and said, "How about having a talk in a quiet place?"


Song Ning swept the area with his eyes and found some people here, but it wasn't noisy. "It doesn't matter, just here."


"Here?!" Qiu Yue couldn't help raising her voice. The school didn't unequivocally prohibited sexual behaviors, but it was so embarrassed for her to make love in public.


Before she came to herself, Song Ning said, "I have already been promoted to chief disciple, so I will receive some cultivation resources, right? Should I get them from you? "


"Cultivation resources?" Qiu Yue would have slapped herself in the face if she could. "I'm not in charge of cultivation resources of chief disciples. It is beyond my usual role. Have you checked you storage ring?"


Song Ning looked at the ring in his hand. Several female disciples gathered around him immediately, "Brother Song, could you please take out your cultivation resources here"?


Certainly, Cai Tian was most active in the front of their group.


They had never seen cultivation resources of chief disciples, so they were dying for seeing them.


Song Ning had been isolated and bullied for a long time, so he was secretly delighted when they surrounded him and agreed with them.


After opening the storage ring, he wrinkled his brows.


"Brother Song, show us quickly." Cai Tian was very anxious.


Other girls chimed in with her suggestion, hoping to see real cultivation resources of chief disciples. Song Ning didn't show them his resources because the ring was empty.


"It was empty. Who is in charge of my cultivation resources?" asked Song Ning.


They were startled and threw their sights upon Qiu Yue. She answered, "The master."


"Fine, I'll ask her about it." When it came to the master, he was tormented with fear. In spite of fear, he should ask for the cultivation resources.


The female disciples were rather in doubt about his words and felt a sense of loss. Seeing the cultivation resources of chief disciples with their own eyes could be something to be proud of.


As Song Ning turned, a voice sounded from the distance, "Wait, brother Song."


Following the sound, they found it was Fang Yu.


                                                                                                                                                             Translator: YIXiaoLan

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