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Chapter 25: Rules in Cultivation Community (2)

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Zhu Lee swallowed and felt a stone lodging in his throat.

“Ah, Lee, let’s start the work. We should invite Song to Mountain Viewing Hotel after finishing this,” said Zhou Chang, a buddy of Lee.

“Follow me,” said Song Ning.

He led them for about five hundred meters away and stopped, “Just here. This is a design drawing, and you should build a house in accordance with it.”

Zhu Lee took the picture and said in startle, “Brother Song, this…”

“What?” Song Ning frowned.

“Don’t get me wrong, brother. Does it look so simple and crude? What materials should we use?” Zhu Lee couldn’t believe that what Song Ning wanted to build was a simple room only covering ten square meters.

“According to this picture, build a house. As for material, wood!” said Song Ning.

It was beyond expectation. They originally thought that they must make a huge commitment.

“Ok, we must finish it in three days.” Lee promised.

“Including today?” asked Song Ning.

Lee hesitated, “Yes.”

“Just two days.” After saying that, Song Ning left with his hands on his back.

They were shocked to hear such a command. The deadline was yesterday and it was approaching evening today. If they went all out to do it, they could finish building the house on time. They braced themselves to start working at the thought of Song Ning’s status.

Song Ning left the second-ring area after arranging the project. There would be a challenge match, why did disciples pay no attention to it?

Qiu Yue had informed all disciples of Song Ning’s promotion to chief disciple, so disciples all bowed to him as he walked along the way.

“Good evening, brother Song.”

“Brother Song.”

“Brother Song, you did very well in yesterday’s match, I lost my heart to you at first sight. Will you be free tonight?”

“Brother Song, could you please offer your signature. Eh, I’m an inter court disciple…”

Song Ning stopped and asked, “Is there a challenge match? Why is no one here?”

The female disciple felt flattered by his question, “You may not know that the match of lineal disciples is different from that of chief disciples. If no one applies for the challenge match one day in advance, the match would be cancelled. No disciple of Tianhe City signed up to join in it, so disciples from other two school left in the morning.”

“I see.” Song Ning nodded.

“You gave full play to your remarkable abilities yesterday. Without that matter, you must issue a challenge to the winner of core disciples.” She didn’t know what happened to Song Ning yesterday, so she thought he was unable to challenge the winner of lineal disciples.

Song Ning smiled at her, “Did you see Qiu Yue?”

“Yes, are you looking for her?” When she heard him looking for Qiu Yue, her eyes betrayed her astonishment. But soon, she turned a little and ogled him, “If you need me to do anything, Cai Tian is at your service.”

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