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"Brother Song, it was my fault to treat you like that yesterday, I'm so sorry, please forgive me. I would like to hold a banquet in Mountain Viewing Hotel to celebrate your promotion, what do you think?" Lee bowed and said in a hurry.


Once he opened his mouth, other people beside him all agreed with him.


Song Ning said, "Well, but you'd better finish your work first."


Lee and other disciples looked at each other speechlessly. Were they commanded to build a house? Under the circumstances, they dare not refuse him because of his status.


In cultivation community, maybe you were just a little guy without strength yesterday, but you might be promoted to chief disciple overnight depending on strength. Such promotion first appeared in the school.


"It's our honor to build a house for you." Lee laughed fatuously.


The disciples beside Lee also showed agreement by nodding.


Song Ning held from laughing. He didn't mean to make things difficult for them, but they had bad luck.                                           


Qiu Yue felt it strange that Song Ning stepped into his character of chief disciple too fast. Did the promotion result meet his expectation?


The thought of it aggravated her regret. Without Fang Yu, she would not have fed Song Ning the elixir. He didn't blame her right now, but how could he let her go when the cold poison worked at one day?


As she wore a dazed expression, Song Ning shot a glance at her and said, "Senior sister, leave us, I take them away now."


Qiu Yue was overwhelmed, "Senior brother, please don't flatter me. You are a chief disciple of high status. I don't deserve the title of senior sister."


He didn't explain more. He called her senior sister because of his personal habit.


Seeing Song Ning leading them away, Qiu Yue took a deep breath with her chest heaving. Her firm gaze showed that she had made a decision.


After they left the forth-ring area for the second-ring area, Lee kept talking along the way, "Brother Song, my name is Zhu Lee, you can call me little Zhu or Lee."


Little Zhu?


Song Ning thought it was pretty and he couldn't help laughing. He understood that these people including Lee respected him for his high status, but their company led him to fall into memories.


Looking at the smiling man, they let out a sigh of relief and introduced themselves to him one by one.


They flattered him shamelessly but declined to work for him by manual labor in their hearts. However, their unwillingness to work completely disappeared as soon as they entered the second-ring area, because a beautiful scenery got their full attention.


More precisely, what attracted them was not natural scenery but a charming woman.


The clear spring was murmuring and a light breeze was stirring. A beauty was sitting quietly with her fair face carrying a dignified air.


Her slender fingers pushed back wisps of her windswept hair. When she heard people talking, her eyes fell upon the coming persons.


She frowned with rage, but she soon smiled gently, "Song Ning, are they going to build a house for you?"


"Yes, sister, are you sitting in meditation?" asked Song Ning.


"Yes." Leng Yuexiao nodded with her cute eyelashes quivering and closed her eyes.


Lee grasped the opportunity to bow to her, "Sister Leng, I'm Zhu Lee, you are so…"


"Song Ning, I got hurt yesterday, so I need to nurse my health and I'd better say no more. If you have any trouble, you can come to me." She seemed to ignore Zhu Lee and continued her meditation.


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