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Song Ning hadn't dealt with such situation. He wanted to look down into       Qiu Yue's neckline in instinct, but he couldn't do that because he had a moral responsibility.


"Qiu Yue, I don't need you to make it up to me. I saw what you and Fang Yu done in his room last night and heard what you said. I know who tried to conspire against me. Now, conspiracy aside. You called me brother Song just now, what do you mean?"


Qiu Yue didn't understand Song Ning at the moment. Without tying her clothes and getting up from the ground, she said, "The master declared you the secondary chief disciple. You are a chief disciple today and the master is waiting for you in her palace hall."


The secondary chief disciple?!


Song Ning took a deep breath. Were it not for the fact that Qiu Yue was here, he thought he was in a dream.


"Really?" asked Song Ning.

"The master told me about it. Song Ning, you'd better come to her. I should arrange to announce your promotion to chief disciple. I will come to your room to serve you at…at night…" Her voice faded out, seemly asking Song Ning for his opinions.


"No." He left such a word and walked towards the palace.


Song Ning would rather meet Red Maple than watch Qiu Yue taking off her clothes. Though he was extremely curious about sex, he didn't want to take advantage. She had hurt him, but Song Ning could distinguish between right and wrong.


Song Ning walked to the center of Tianhe City with mixed feelings.


He arrived out of the door, hesitating whether he should enter the palace. He saw a girl in golden silk standing outside the palace.


In the soft light, her long hair was blowing in the wind. She had white skin as snow and slender fingers.


She put out a finger to flick her hair. As Song Ning came into her sight, a gentle smile came across her face.


"Song Ning, you are here."


"Sister Leng."


Song Ning bowed down to Leng Yuexiao and naturally remembered the intersection of them.


Leng Yuexiao bowed slightly, "The master is waiting for you, come on."


Song Ning had believed that Red Maple would make things difficult for him once again, but it seemed that Qiu Yue told the truth and he wouldn't struck by a disaster.


Song Ning walked up, following Leng Yuexiao to the palace.


In the palace, Red Maple was still seated on a cattail hassock. As Song Ning and Leng Yuexiao entered, she lifted her eyelids and then lowered them.


"Song Ning, today you are the secondary chief disciple of Tianhe City; you will enjoy the treatment of chief disciple," said she with a flick of her finger. A ring flew to Song Ning.


Song Ning stretched his hand to catch the ring, feeling something floating inside it. That would a storage ring.


Things happened in an unexpected manner. It was like a dream. He bowed hurriedly, "Thank you, mas…"


"Leave." Red Maple said with a swing of her arm. Song Ning and Leng Yuexiao were pushed out of the palace by a light force.


"Congratulations, Song Ning." Leng Yuexiao turned back.


His heart was pumping. He never thought that he would be a chief disciple—and even more surprised that she treated him in such a kind manner.


"Thank you, Leng Yuexiao." Song Ning clasped his hands.


Leng Yuexiao was a little bit startled, "Song Ning, you thank me all the time. Don't you hate me?"


"Hate you?" asked Song Ning.


Leng Yuexiao kept silence and looked at him, waiting for his answer.


Song Ning smiled, "If not, that's wrong. My original school suffered from a massacre because of you and I was almost killed…"


However, I remembered you feed me a piece of Life Extending Elixir that day. Without the elixir, I could neither have cultivated nor been a chief disciple.


As regards hatred, I couldn't do that. On the contrary, I felt appreciated.


It might be what my adoptive father had said, "What one lost on the swings, he got back on the roundabouts."


Leng Yuexiao's eyes lighted up when she heard Song Ning's answer especially the last words. Were if not for the fact that she heard herself, she wouldn't believe that he had such powers of perception.


"Your father was right. What one lost on the swings, he got back on the roundabouts." Leng Yuexiao praised. However, Song Ning didn't understand her at the moment.


"Song Ning, I should go. When something worries you, you can go to me." She added.


Song Ning cupped his hands and watched her go.


After Leng Yuexiao left, Song Ning opened the storage ring and looked at the golden Taoist robe in it. With a huge amount of excitement, he put on the robe and walked towards the fourth-ring area.


The fourth-ring area was inhabited by core disciples. Their numbers might be small, but they boasted strong power. He planned to build a house, which required help from disciples in relatively high cultivation, thus the first thing that came to his mind was core disciples.


Within the fourth-ring area.


Senior brother Lee was hobnobbing with several disciples and suddenly saw Qiu Yue coming.


"Senior brothers, the master promotes Song Ning to chief disciple and orders me to inform you," said she.


Lee couldn't help from laughing, "Are you kidding me? If he could be a chief disciple, I must…"


Before he had finished speaking, a golden light came slowly.


Golden Taoist robe?


If it was Leng Yuexiao, she would fly. With a golden flash, he appeared. It was obviously Song Ning who came slowly.


Song Ning was wearing a golden Taoist robe which gave out light in the sun. He approached from far away and the core disciples saw him right away.

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