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Before Song Ning's voice had died away, the skies changed abruptly. The crimson clouds turned dark, the lightning flashed and the thunder rumbled. A ghost dragon appeared out of the dark clouds with its head as big as a mountain.


The ghost-dragon glowered at Song Ning with a howl.




The disciples were shaken by the tremendous howling with blood oozing from the seven orifices of their heads. Their ears rang and spots danced before their eyes, and they could hardly sit down.


The old Taoist looked at the situation grimly and raised his hands to hit forward.


The dragon rolled its large eyeballs and its eyes finally fell on Song Ning.


"Immortal elder, why did you hurt my disciples?" asked the old Taoist. While he produced a treasure and cast a spell, a light film formed between him and the dragon. The film helped the old man defend against attacks from the dragon.


The dragon snarled angrily and opened its big mouth to bite, "Untouchables, go to hell!"


The light film collapsed instantly under the attack of the dragon. The horrible dragon opened its fierce-looking mouth so wide that it seemed to swallow the whole Taihe Mountain. The old Taoist drew back and slapped himself across the top of his head. A blood fog rushed out. He immediately became weak but he didn't stop casting spells. A magic sign formed. The blood light turned into a one-meter-long bloody sword and rushed to cut the ghost dragon.


The long bloody sword bore through the dragon's head. The dragon howled, "Hand out him, I will spare your lives."


The old Taoist was pale and became weaker. The blood gushed out from his body and infused into the sword. Although he was weak in body, he had a high spirit. "Such a poor Fa Xiang, how dare you hurt my children? You will not take what you want! "


"Puff!" The long bloody sword chopped down the dragon's head, and it exploded suddenly with some force produced.


A fierce gale sprang up and the whole Taihe Mountain was almost devastated.


The ghost dragon dissipated and the dark clouds dispersed. The crimson clouds hung in the sky. It seemed that nothing happened.


Song Ning got up from the ground and looked at the ruins. His adoptive father stooped on the ground like an aged man. Song Ning's eyes shone and he threw himself into his adoptive father.


"Father!" Song Ning wanted to hold the old Taoist up, but he dare not touch him. He was afraid to cause his adoptive father any pain.


The old Taoist looked at Song Ning kindly. As soon as he opened his mouth, blood gushed out.


"Father, you, don't speak."


"Ning, what did you dream about?" The old Taoist's voice became weaker.


"That dragon killed a woman. She told me something before she died. She asked me to go to Tianhe City and deliver a message. Her soul entered into my body ." Song Ning answered quickly.


The old Taoist breathed difficultly and his head trembled softly, "Leave…leave for Tianhe City as soon as possible, the Fa Xiang of that dragon will formed again. I have nothing for you…this…"


Before the old Taoist even finished saying, his hands hung down and he died with a broken ancient mirror in his hand which was a heritage to Song Ning.


Song Ning felt his heart tighten and he kneeled down to make a kowtow to the old man.


The memories flowed as freely as spring waters. He felt as if his heart was cut in many pieces.


He was adopted by the old Taoist when he was three years old. During the past thirteen years old, he hadn't cultivated hard but lived like a freeloader. The old Taoist took him as a biological child,  however, …


"Father…father!" Song Ning punched the rubbles, his fists bleeding.


"Senior brother, senior sister, our adoptive father is gone! Our adoptive father is gone!" Song Ning cried and tears blurred his eyes.


He cried for a long time but no one answered. He looked around only to find that there was no other living creature except himself on the top of Taihe Mountain.




Song Ning cried into the air. His sound echoed in the valley and scared the birds and beasts within it.


The autumn wind was soughing over the ruined Taihe Mountain summit. His hair blew with the wind while his sorrow was never blew away.


One dream caused a massacre to his school…

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