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Just when Song Ning was almost unconscious because of pain, a warm cheers echoed the Arena of the Tianyuan School.

"Lin Suifeng, challenges the number 1."

Lin Suifeng was the top disciple of the school, even top ones in the third-level cultivating schools, with much popularity.

He had been in a task and just came back. After the Tianji Stone, he came to the Arena and was surprised to find that his first place was taken away, so he began to challenge.

The voice from the Arena attracted so many disciples to come over. They stood outside the Arena, waiting to celebrate Lin Suifeng's victory against Mie.

"Guess how long Brother Lin can defeat the Mie?" A core disciple claimed.

"That's easy! A minute!" Another disciple looked also excited.

But not as they expected, the Arena was quiet without the sound of Lin Suifeng's successful challenge.

Five minutes…

Ten minutes…

Fifteen minutes…

Thirty minutes!

When it was about to last for an hour, someone began to wonder.

"Why last so long?"

Some disciples had lost expectation for their Big Brother, the chief disciple of the school, who couldn't win a figure after such a long time.

If the challenger couldn't win the game within one hour, he would be considered fail. And now the time was approaching.

Lin Suifeng… really failed?

At this time, the sound came out.

"Lin Suifeng…"

All the disciples were holding their breath, and some female disciples even licking their ears, for fear to hear the sound of Lin Suifeng's failure. He was always the first in their hearts who won't fail.

"Succeeded in challenging the number 1, ranking up to 1!"

Though he did not fail, but everyone still felt a little bit frustrated.

In the Tianyuan School, no one had ever been able to defeat Lin Suifeng, but now, it took him almost one hour to win Mie's figure. What did this mean?

In the Arena, the figure's strength was much lower than the real one. So, did it mean that Lin Suifeng couldn't defeat the real Mie at all.

For more than a decade, there finally was a disciple who held the ability to defeat Lin Suifeng!


Who was him?! 

Was there really such a fierce disciple in a third-level cultivating school?

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