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Most people believed that it was normal to solve such a problem by making an apology. If you were powerful, you made rules; if you were weak, you should submit to others. That was the way it was.


However, Song Ning queried the validity of the way, which made all people take him as an idiot.


It was very kind for an ordinary disciple to make an apology after speaking ill of an elder. How dare you query that? Were you courting death?


"I command you to apologize! Cut the crap!" Red Maple hummed coldly.


Song Ning raised his head, "I do nothing wrong. Why should I apologize?"


Zhao Xinru sneered, "Ho ho, what a good disciple trained by Tianhe. Well, no more apology. I have learned the virtues of Tianhe City disciples. It's interesting."


Red Maple threw a slap to Song Ning's body cross the air. He sensed a head-on force pressing him heavily, which made his legs too shaky to keep balance.


He exerted himself to resist it and looked up to the high stage.


"Kneel and apologize!" Red Maple said in a horrible voice.


The people were all shocked. Red Maple was face-oriented. She became a taunt to Zhao Xinru at this time, how could she not get angry?


Leng Yuexiao observed her master falling into a rage, so she tipped Song Ning a wink and hoped he can make an apology.


Originally Fang Yu was busy watching what happened, but Leng Yuexiao even shot Song Ning a warning glance. He stared at Song Ning coldly with some murderous intent flashing past his eyes, and he wished Song Ning could be slapped to death by Red Maple.


Song Ning grounded his teeth and resisted the pressure above with his hands, "I'm not wrong, so I never apologize. Besides my adoptive father, I just kneeled to my late brothers and sisters in my life. You command me to kneel, kneel to a dead body?"




The pressure doubled. He couldn't support himself on his legs and his knees were forced to bend. When he nearly dropped to his knees, he stopped.


His veins twitched and his eyes looked bloodshot.


"How dare you!" Red Maple didn't show mercy to Song Ning any more. If he had nothing to do with the Magic Taoist Scripture, she had slapped him to death.


No one expected it would happen like this. Some people were applauding while some were feeling sorry for him. 


Red Maple was on the verge of raising her hand and pressing again, Leng Yuexiao rushed out suddenly, "Master, don't be angry. Song is naughty, please show mercy to him this time."


There was silence. Red Maple even stopped.


Surprisingly, Leng Yuexiao would interceded for him.


She was a chief disciple of high status while Song Ning was just an ordinary disciple of low status. No matter how people thought, no one correlated with them.


Red Maple took her hands back and laughed with rage, "Do you intercede for him?"


"Master, I didn't do right by him before. I beg you to let him go, please." Leng Yuexiao explained in a hurry.


Red Maple drew her hands slowly. The chief disciple of Tianhe City interceded for him at this time, thus Zhao Xinru would better not argue any more. After all, Leng Yuexiao was not merely supported by the position of the chief disciple of Tianhe City. It was better for Zhao Xinru to show mercy rather than keep following them up.


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