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"I'm ready to promote Zhao Lei to inter court disciple. If he wins big, I will keep my word." Taoist Purity smiled and casted an eye over Red Maple, with a deliberating provocation.


Red Maple hummed. Though they didn't know Song Ning's cultivation level, they had a rough idea of it.


If Song Ning's strength was totally unfolded before their eyes when he competed with Wang Long, he might be defeated as soon as Zhao Lei started fighting.


Zhao Lei hadn't exerted all his strength in previous match, but he tried to win Song Ning with one single strike, because only a clean sweep could save Cloud Mountain's face.


"Boy, I will let you see what I am all about!" As Zhao Lei spoke, his spiritual energy struck Song Ning like a long sword.


It was Song Ning's first time to meet a disciple of his level using such move. He was startled and then backed up a few steps, only to find that the long sword formed by spiritual energy was too fast to avoid.


Everybody was breathless with anxiety. A few official disciples could achieve the fifth level of Energy Gathering Stage, so Zhao Lei must be the undisputed winner. Competing with Zhao Lei, Song Ning had no chance to win.


"Hha, he attacked a disciple of Cloud Mountain before. Confronted with absolute strength, how can he succeed again?" A disciple of Cloud Mountain poured ridicule on Song Ning.


"Zhao, don't show mercy, this guy…" As soon as Wang Long recovered, he warned Zhao Lei immediately.


However, Wang Long found it was too late before he finished his sentence.


Song Ning couldn't avoid, so he had to resist the spiritual energy form from Zhao Lei.


The long sword formed by spiritual energy fractured instantly after being smashed by Song Ning.


The spiritual energy form was bound with Zhao Lei's physical body, so Zhao Lei got hurt when his spiritual energy was shattered. He spit out blood and backed up a few steps.


"You…" Zhao Lei couldn't believe that.


Taoist Purity on the high stage stood up suddenly. Staring at the scene happened in the match stage, her face was deathly pale.


Everyone on the high stage were stricken dumb with amazement. What was the matter with Song Ning? How could a single punch shatter Zhao Lei's spiritual energy form?


The disciples of Cloud Mountain who shouted just now got a nasty shock. Zhao Lei was the unrivaled official disciple, and his spiritual energy form was a matchless move amongst the techniques in the fifth level of Energy Gathering Stage. But why Song Ning…


Was his cultivation over the fifth level of Energy Gathering Stage?


The disciples of Cloud Mountain grounded their teeth out of hatred for Song Ning. They finally understood that Song Ning had hidden his strength and pretended to be weak all the time.


Nevertheless, the disciples of Tianhe City were happy to dance.


Amazement flashed past Qiu Yue's pretty eyes. A disciple achieving the fifth level of Energy Gathering Stage was qualified to be an inter court disciple. She remembered that Song Ning carried no spiritual energy when she met him for the first time. How could he boast a cultivation in the fifth level of Energy Gathering Stage within a few days?


On the match stage, Zhao Lei wiped the blood away from his lips, starting at Song Ning fiercely, "You really hid your strength. Great, great! You are just in the fifth level of Energy Gathering Stage, I will beat you to pieces which could not be recognized by your mother!"


As Zhao Lei finished speaking, he drew his sword. The sword body roared and flashed.




A single strike seemed to split the wind.


Song Ning suddenly tensed up, he must avoid because of no weapon at hand.








Each strike of Zhao Lei was a deadly move. Fortunately, Song Ning dodged every time, or he would get hurt or be hacked to death.


"Just dodge? I was attacked by you just now, so I must see your rest tricks. Come, come, come, don't run. Accept my strike and see whether you mother could recognize you or not." Zhao Lei hit fiercely and shouted arrogantly.


When Song Ning heard that, he stopped and then backhanded a palm along Zhao Lei's long sword.


Zhao Lei was caught unprepared by the sudden counterpunch. His attack was quick and forceful, but his defense was passive. Struck by Song Ning's sudden counterblow, his shoulder was slapped to dislocation.


"I am sick of someone talking about my mother. I have no parent and I never saw my mother. I didn't complained her at all. How dare you?" While Song Ning was speaking, his kicked away Zhao Lei's long sword and gave him another slap.




Zhao Lei's another shoulder was beaten to dislocation.


"My mom, my mom, now I am greeting your mom. After the match, could your mom recognize you when you come back?" Song Ning said with another heavy slap on Zhao Lei.


Zhao Lei's face became swollen.


"My mom is…"




"How dare you! My mom…"






Bang! Bang!


Song Ning finally cooled down after giving Zhao Lei several slaps. "No matter who your mother is, she is also a bitch, otherwise you would not talk about other people's mother all the time."


Song Ning had a quick tongue and always ran off what he thought so that he could feel comfortable. He was relaxed indeed, however, one person on the high stage looked ghastly pale.


Zhao Lei's face was beaten to swell by Song Ning, so he couldn't utter a word. The disciples of Tianhe City applauded, even Sun Mu shouted, "Well done, Song! Well done!"


Li Mu in the midair of match stage winked and made signs to Song Ning but the latter missed it.


On the high stage, the elder of Cloud Mountain pounded the table and stood up, "Bastard, what are you saying? Whose mother is a bitch?"


Faced with the question hurled by the elder of Cloud Mountain, Song Ning was neither humble nor pushy, cupping his hands lightly, "Zhao Lei spoke in a bad manner, talking about my mother all the time. His mother doesn't teach him well, does she?"


People on the high stage felt uneasy with that. Red Maple said in a low voice, "Song Ning, the elder Zhao Xinru is Zhao Lei's mother."


"Song Ning, well done…" the disciples of Tianhe City choked and stopped applauding.


Song Ning seemed to be plugged a stone in his throat. Did he curse the elder of Cloud Mountain for a long time?


Zhao Xinru looked at Red Maple, "The disciple of Tianhe City not only hides his strength well but also has a glib tongue. I've learned it. Boy, is your name Song Ning? I remember you!"


"Well…" Song Ning lowered his head lightly and avoided the eye contact with Zhao Xinru.


Zhao Lei got off the stage in dejection. He wasn't injured seriously, but he brought enough grace on himself.


Originally both Cloud Mountain and Sunset Mountain boasted two winners separately, but an ordinary disciple of Tianhe City expunged Cloud Mountain's winners from the list directly. Such thing was rarely seen. Though the matter of Zhao Xinru served as an episode, the Tianhe City members were cheerful.


"Well, well, Song Ning, apologize to the elder Zhao immediately! She is not narrow-minded. If you apologize, she will forgive you," scolded the Taoist Red Maple.


Song Ning frowned and looked up to the high stage with doubt, "Apologize? Why?"  



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