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On the top of Taihe Mountain with clouds flying around, the setting sun was shining with glorious rays which bled into the skies and burned the clouds.


Atop the mountain, a white-browed old man with big eyes seated in a floating cattail hassock. He was teaching a dozen disciples a lesson of Tao techniques eloquently.


"There are three thousand ways to cultivate the Tao while all ways lead to the same goal. Choose one way to cultivate and you will attain the Tao. You…"


The disciples were sitting up properly with high spirits and listening to their master carefully. Amongst these disciples, the youngest Song Ning also gave his whole mind to the lesson although he couldn't fully understand it.


However, his eyes grew heavy and he fell sleepy as he listened to the master. Finally, he nodded in sleep.


For a moment, a cool breeze awakened him. He opened his eyes only to find that he was on a colorful cloud. Looking around, he was surrounded by immortal energy in a vast clouds ocean which was like a fairyland.


Song Ning flew in the clouds cheerily.




Suddenly, a tremendous noise shocked him into tingling and the surrounding clouds into shattering. The immortal energy backflowed and immediately the fairyland dissipitated.


Song Ning stablized his body and found that a woman in colorful dress was fighting against a dragon which was so ferocious and aggressive.


The dragon opened its large mouth and rushed to bite the woman's waist. The woman was struggling to resist, but a moment later she was lashed by the dragon's tail.


The women's body was thrown into inverted flying like a falling star. In the blink of an eye, she dropped in the front of Song Ning.


Song Ning saw her at a glance only once, however, he was astonished by the woman's extremely charming face. The woman was so pale and the corner of her lips bleed a little. This bleary-eyed woman showed nearly no life breathing.


Song Ning believed that she was dead, but her eyes opened suddenly as she nearly flew past him.


She stared at Song Ning with liquid eyes and lips moving. The words from her lips transmitted into Song Ning's brain and those words seemed to be carved in his heart.


Immediately, a subject like a soul rushed out from the woman's body to Song Ning's body.


Then some force following by the soul pushed Song Ning back. The dragon shooted a glance at him when flying past him. It rolled its eyes and kept chasing the women's body.


Song Ning's eye follwed it but his body couldn't help drawing back. The space around him seemed to be stretched and his vision became blurred…




Song Ning waked up and jumped up from the ground.


It startled the disciples around him and then they burst into laughing.


"Song Ning, I am teaching you the Tao techniques. You fell asleep again, boy." The old taoist on the cattail hassock pretended to be angry。


"Little junior brother, you slept for a long time. When you wake up, our adoptive father finishes teaching."


"Ha ha, little junior brother, what did you do last night?"


Senior brothers and sisters smiled at him. It was not the first time for him to sleep when their adoptive father taught. Today it is so strange that he even stood up from sleeping.


However, the situation in Song Ning's dream still lingered in his mind and several large golden characters shone in his heart. He heard nobody talking.


The Taoist noticed something was wrong with Song Ning's look. He immediatedly flew to Song Ning and asked, "Ning, what happened?".


The old man's sudden coming startled Song Ning and he raised his head in a could sweat, "Father, I made a dream just now that…"


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