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Her skin was white as snow and her hands were tender as catkins. Even craftsman with divine skills couldn't create such delicate organs and perfect figure.


Suddenly, Leng Yuexiao raised her hands upon the top of Song Ning's head. She put forth her strength abruptly. Darkness came over Song Ning's eyes, and his body seemed to fall apart. Before he fainted, he heard a "Sorry" from Leng Yuexiao.


Song Ning lost consciousness. He seemed to be in a dream.


In his dream, he fell into water, sinking constantly. His was unable to move. The water surface was farther while the light was fainter. Finally, he dropped into limitless darkness.


On the bottom of limitless darkness, several golden rays appeared. Three big characters were shining. They were three characters, Magic Taoist Scripture.


Landing beside the three characters, Song Ning discovered that they were written on a book. However, the book was cut in two and only one part remained.


Half book, even with some immortal training techniques on it, had no use in cultivation.


When Song Ning was in a coma, Leng Yuexiao recovered her memories.


"Master, I remember that my spiritual consciousness had found a half-volume of Magic Taoist Scripture, but it was hunted by a dragon in the heaven. Before dying, it transferred its remained broken parties and the half Magic Taoist Scripture into his body." Leng Yuexiao said truthfully.


"Magic Taoist Scripture is the supreme technique of Taoist. It's normal to be divided into several parts. Now the half book is in his body, how to take it out?" said the master.


Leng Yuexiao hesitated a little, "I don't know."


"Don't you know, really?" said the master.


"I just found the Magic Taoist Scripture accidently due to great luck. How could I know the way to take it out?" Leng Yuexiao nodded with eyes wandering. She seemed to hide something.


The master sighed, "What a mixed blessing. This boy should stay in Tianhe City. I will order people to make an arrangement later. Now you go to cultivate. You must win in the coming competition of Third Level Cultivation Schools."


"Yes, I now leave." Leng Yuexiao bowed to the master and glanced at Song Ning with guilty.


At this point, Song Ning waked up only to find that he couldn't move at all.


"Qiu Yue, come here," said the master.


After a moment, Qiu Yue came, "Master, disciple Qiu Yue here. Do you… " Before Qiu Yue finished saying, she saw Song Ning. She startled. Did the master blame me?


"Qiu Yue, this boy, you arrange accommodation for him in accordance with the level of ordinary disciples."


"In terms of treatment…" Qiu Yue gave a sigh of relief.


"Follow the ordinary standard," said the master.


"Yes, master." Qiu Yue carried Song Ning and left.


Along the way, Song Ning heard several people talking to Qiu Yue. She may be a disciple of high status in the Tianhe City. After a while, Qiu Yue placed him down atop the bed then took a deep breath.


"You can see the master and live to be a disciple of Tianhe City. You are lucky," after saying that, Qiu Yue closed the door and left.


After Qiu Yue left, Song Ning tried to wake up from muddle but he failed. He seemed to be in a state of prostration. He felt that his body was torn up and with great pain.


At this moment, Leng Yuexiao was seated in a cattail hassock in her boudoir beside the center of Tianhe City. She looked a little sad, "I don't know how long will that boy live. My remained spiritual energy was extracted out from him, thus as a mortal, he would suffer great pain and spiritual veins being peeled off. It deprived him of chance to be an immortal…"


The master definitely knew about it. However, neither the master nor Leng Yuexiao expected that several golden veins were regenerated in Song Ning's body after his spiritual veins were ruined.

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